Andrew Warland

We offer a range of specialist records and information management and Microsoft 365/SharePoint Online services, drawing on four decades of direct, practical experience and working knowledge across the spectrum of information, records and content management issues in Australia and New Zealand.

Our experience includes the implementation and administration of a range of records, information and content management management systems, with a focus on SharePoint and Microsoft 365.

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Services offered


Overview: Introduction to managing records in Microsoft 365.

Administration: Admin settings and configuration options relating to the management of records in the Microsoft 365 admin portals.

Compliance: Settings, options and functionality relating to the management of records in the Microsoft 365 Compliance portal.

Design: Information architecture design and configuration options to support the management of records in SharePoint Online.

Configuration: Configuring individual SharePoint Online sites and document libraries to manage records.

Governance: Developing a model to govern the management of records in Microsoft 365.

On demand: Customised workshops on any aspect of managing records in Microsoft 365.

Additional consulting and advisory services

Consulting, advisory and support services relating to any of the above services.

How to contact us

We are based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

ABN: 90 858 436 598

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