The 60th wedding anniversary of Richard Clement and Margaret Knight, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

The picture below was taken in July 1924 on the 60th wedding anniversary of Richard and Margaret Clement and shows the Aikmans, Clements, Faggs and Denmead families.

Back left: Gladys Fagg, Jean Denmead

Back row: Tom Fagg, Flo Denmead (nee Clement), Belle Strong (nee Clement, twin sister of Margaret), Bill Strong, Mina (Wilhemina) Clement (Mrs Bert Clement), Randall Clement (standing in front of Mina), Clem Aikman, Rev & Mrs Shaw (Lucy Shaw's parents), Isobel Aikman (standing in front of the Shaws, to the rear of Alexander Aikman snr), Les Clement, Harry Denmead, Jessie Clement, Hadley Fagg, Wal Aikman, Dorothy Robertson (nee Aikman), Edith Vigar (nee Clement)

Middle row: Mabel Fagg (nee Clement), Alex Aikman, Margaret Aikman (nee Clement), Rob Clement, Alexander Aikman (snr), ..., 'Bridesmaid', Gwen Strong

Front row (sitting): Ruth Denmead, Ian Clement, Bill Denmead, Les Strong, Clem Strong, Reg Fagg, Don Clement, Dick Clement

Who is who in the picture above?

The pictures below show the relationships between the individuals in the photograph above.

Alexander and Margaret Knight Clement

Alexander & Margaret Knight Aikman(nee Clement), children: Wal Aikman & Dorothy Aikman (later Robertson), Clem Aikman, Isobel Aikman

Harry and Florence (Flo) Denmead (nee Clement)

Harry and Florence (Flo)(nee Clement), children: Jean Denmead, William (Bill) Denmead, Ruth Denmead

William (Bill) and Isabella (Belle) Strong (nee Clement)

William (Bill) and Isabella (Belle) Strong (nee Clement), children: Gwen Strong, Les Strong

Wilhemina (Mina) Clement

Wilhemina (Mina) Clement (husband Bert had died in 1914), children: Dick Clement, Randall Clement, Edith Vigar

Leslie (Les) and Jessie Ronald Clement (nee Ferguson)

Les and Jessie Ronald Clement (nee Ferguson), children: Ian Clement, Rob Clement, Don Clement

Tom and Mabel Fagg (nee Clement)

Tom and Mabel Fagg (nee Clement), children: Hadley Fagg, Gladys Fagg, Reg Fagg

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