The Robertson - Croll family connection

John Robertson married Isabella Burns Croll. This page outlines the Croll family origins.

From 1705 - John Croll and Jean Machan of Dundee (assumed connection)

John Croll married Jean Machan (possibly the daughter of David Machan and Bessie Knight, baptised on 22 June 1684 in Dundee (Ref 282 30/31)) and they had the following children:

From 1730 - Crolls of Glamis (assumed connection)

According to one Croll family chart, the earliest Croll known was James Croll or Crole (probably born around 1710) who married (unknown) and had the following children registered in Glamis (as recorded in Scotland's People). Could this be the James Croll, born in 1707, above?

From 1736 - Davie family of Glamis (assumed connection)

Given information passed down through the family it seems possible that the Agnes Davie who married Andrew Croll in Dundee in 1769 (see below) was the daughter of Alexander Davie (also David), also from Glamis. Alexander had three children:

From 1757 - William and Jean Hutcheson - Blairgowrie (assumed connection)

William Hutcheson married Jean Whitson in Blairgowrie on 30 December 1757 (Ref 335 10/411) and they had the following children, all registered in Blairgowrie:

From 1767 - James and Ann Barclay - Newburgh (assumed connection)

James Barclay and Ann Henderson married and had the following children in Newburgh:

From 1764 - Andrew Croll and Agnes Davie - Dundee

Andrew Croll (believed 1735, Glamis - ) married Agnes Davie (believed 1741, Glamis - ?) on 22 June 1769 in Dundee (Ref 282 120/165) after contracting to marry on 2 June 1769. They appear to have had two children before marrying, suggesting that both were living in Dundee by 1764:

From 1785 - George Croll - Dundee

Family history relates that one George Croll (born from 1785) was the earliest known Croll connected with the Robertson family. George's parents are not known but, again, he is recorded as coming from Dundee, Scotland. He could, potentially, be the cousin of the Crolls listed here. George Croll was listed as a weaver by trade and was a member of the Dundee Militia. He married Elspet Smith (25 Dec 1789 - 1861) on 5 February 1810 in Dundee Scotland. Elspet was the daughter of William Smith and Elspet Dick. George and Elspet had the following children, all born in Dundee:

The source of this line states that William Croll (1811 - 1861), son of Andrew and Isabella Croll (above), was the son of George and Elspet Croll, but the birth years between William (1811) and their next child Margaret (1823) seem too long. Accordingly, it seems unlikely that William's father was George.

From 1801 - Andrew Croll and Isabel Burns - Dundee

Andrew Croll, a weaver, married Isabel Burns (believed (1779 - 1836)), both of the same Parish, on 21 January 1807 after registering their contract to marry on 2 January 1807, in Dundee (Ref 282 140/58). They had the following children:

From 1801 - Charles Hutchison and Ann Barclay - Dundee

Charles Hutchison and Ann Barclay registered their banns on 4 July 1801 in Longforgan, just west of Dundee (Ref 377 30/278) and married on 23 July 1801 (Ref 450 10/379) in Newburgh, about 20 kms south west, south of the River Tay. Their banns record states that Charles Hutchison was a mason in the Parish of Longforgan, while Ann was from the Newburgh Parish. They had the following children, all registered in Dundee (suggesting they moved there):

From 1834 - William Croll and Jean Hutcheson

William Croll (1811 - 1861) married Jean (later Jane) Hutcheson (1811 - 8 January 1858, Geelong, Australia) on 14 December 1832 in Dundee, Scotland (Ref 282 220/97). Jean was the daughter of Charles Hutchinson and Ann Barclay.

The family were recorded at Blackness Road in Dundee/Angus in the 1841 census (Ref 282 42/19), by the look of it living with William's father, Andrew Croll:

The family travelled to Geelong, Victoria, Australia, as assisted passengers on board the William Nicholl which left Leith, Scotland, on 4 September 1841, arriving in Melbourne on 9 February 1842. Jean was listed as Jane on the shipping list. They then add the following children, but note that the last two children listed below (information about which came from family records) are not recorded in the Victorian Births Deaths and Marriages, suggesting that they were not born in Victoria:

Croll - Worland links

It is noted, however, that one Christina Croll (6 July 1851 in Edinburgh, Scotland - 1942), married Richard Worland (1849 - 1939) in 1878 in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia. The names of Christina's parents are not yet known but, potentially, she could have been connected with the other Crolls who travelled to Victoria.

Family of George Croll (1837 - 1919)and Anna Maria Grundy

George and Anna Maria Croll had the following children:

Family of Andrew Hutchinson Croll (1839 - 1897) and Mary Ann Poole (1840 - 1896)

Andrew and Mary Ann Croll had the following children:

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