The Warland Dual Rim Company and its association with Rolls Royce

The Warland behind the Warland Dual Rim Company name is believed to be Henry John Warland, described as a Company Director in the will of his father Henry Warland, of 46 Whitehall Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, UK. Henry’s John’s address was shown in his father’s will as 214 Bradford Road, Castle Bromwich, Warwickshire, while his own will shows his address as 1 Beech Lodge, Woodleigh, The Park, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK. In December 1911, the Warland Dual Rim Company submitted an invention to the British Patent Office which consisted of a type of motor vehicle wheel fitted with a detachable rim “… of the type in which a radially or laterally movable segment is employed for facilitating application and removal of the tyre to and from the rim. According to the patent, the invention “… comprises the securing of the detachable rim on the wheel by flanges or their equivalent (one of which is detachable) adapted to embrace the rim and impose thereon a direct lateral pressure or a radial pressure acting in an inward direction”. The invention was accepted as Patent Number 19,552.

The wheel rims were apparently utilized in Rolls Royce motor vehicles.

Full details of the patent, including a diagram, are available upon request.

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