Pictures of Warlands in the UK

Alfred Warland (1874 - 1946), with his wife Susannah (nee BROOKER)(front left), their children Edward (Ted) Thomas Warland (1902 - 1967), his brother Alfred Colenso George Warland (1900 - 1967), and their sister Florence Alice Warland (1898 - 1980). Taken around 1914. (Photo courtesy Jill Warland).

Alfred Warland (1874 - 1946), outside his London shop. Possibly taken pre-World War 2. (Photo courtesy Jill Warland).

A group of Warlands in the UK in 1923. The men are brothers, and are, left to right, William Edward Warland (1865 - 1955), Albert John Warland (1869 - 1936), and Henry Thomas Warland (1864 - 1944). Albert John's two daughters, Lilian (Lil) and Elizabeth (Bess) are on the far right next to their uncle. The two women, fourth and fifth from the left, are presumed to be the wives of William and Henry. The two women on the far left may be the daughters of either Henry or William. (Photo - Andrew Warland family collection).

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