Acknowledgements and special thanks to Osie Moss (1914 - 2001)

A lot of the information in this web site could not have been compiled without the invaluable assistance and input from a number of sources, most of whom are in some way connected with, or have had some connection to, the Warland family. I started compiling this history in the mid 1980's and, as a result, the exact source of some of the information is not always identifiable. In some cases, two or three separate individuals or families contributed small elements here and there to make up the jigsaw.

A very special thanks is due to Osie Moss, without whose painstaking research from the 1960s into the Warland family in England we may not have been able to know all that we now do. Osie's legacy of research remains a unique and valuable source of information on the Warland family. Osie's legacy is now maintained by Keith and Lyn Radford.

Ossie Moss (1914 - 2001)

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