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A source of information about the Warland name, its origins in the UK and Norway, and family migration to Australia, Canada, USA, and South Africa

Acknowledgements to Oswald (Osie) Moss (1914 - 2001)



Where does the Warland name come from?




Welcome to my collection of web pages about the Warland family. These pages, which are made up mostly of oral history passed to me by members of the Warland family around the world, originally started their life as a short book on the Warland family (ISBN 0731680685) collated during the mid 1980s in conjunction with Osie Moss in the UK. I had collected a large volume of information about Warlands in Australia and Osie had done the same for Warlands in the United Kingdom - many of whom had migrated to Australia. When the internet appeared in the mid 1990s it made sense to make this information more publicly available.

As much of the information contained in this site has been kindly provided by various contributors, please contact me at andrewwarland (at) gmail(dot)com if you wish to use any information.

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My great grandfather William Edward Warland (left of photo) with his brothers Albert (middle of photo. Albert was visiting from Australia with his two daughters) and Edward (right of photo) in England in 1923. This was the last time they would see Albert.

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This website only contains information about Warlands up to around 1940. If you wish to find out more about more recent Warlands, or your own origins, please contact me by email - andrewwarland (at) A lot of people have in many ways contributed to this website. If I haven't properly acknowledged you please let me know!

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