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Welcome to my collection of web pages about the Warland and Worland (and related) families around the world.

These pages originally started their life as a short book on the Warland family (ISBN 0731680685) collated during the mid 1980s in conjunction with Osie Moss in the UK. I had collected a large volume of information about Warlands in Australia and Osie had done the same for Warlands in the United Kingdom - many of whom had migrated to Australia. When the internet appeared in the mid 1990s it made sense to make this information more publicly available.

The oldest reference to the word 'warland' is in the Domesday book in 1086 (above). People (likely serfs) who lived on the warland later took on the word as a surname in Dorset, Oxfordshire, and with the spelling 'worland' in the Cambridgeshire area. There are other likely variations, including Warlond. Learn more here

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