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Captain Henry Warland (1820 - 1893) - Maritime Record

The following information was provided by David Warren in February 2011.

Henry Warland was born in 1820 to Mary Ann Warland and George Rogers (based on Henry's marriage certificate). Henry went to sea as a boy in 1837 from Poole but was not registered as a seaman until 1845.

Henry's first voyage as a seaman was in December 1843 aboard the schooner Harmony out of Weymouth. Prior to registration, he was unemployed for some time and during this time he met Sarah Otter Hawkins. Both were living at Chickerell, a few miles from Weymouth.

From Jan 1845 until December 1846, he was employed in the Home and Foreign Trade at Weymouth. He married Sarah Otter Hawkins in Weymouth on 23 March 1846. (It was Henry's marriage certificate the recorded the fact that his father was George Rogers).

He was then serving as 1st Mate on Ship 42 (apparently no name) and plied the route between Weymouth and London between 1847 and 1850. Henry Warland was granted his Mates Certificate No. 68490 and Pilots Certificate No 110368 at Weymouth in 1851 at the age of 30.

Henry served as Master (unofficial) from 1857 – 1877 on Harmony No. 13217 and on the Waterford No. 101, from 1861 – 1877. The ports of call included; Hartlepool, Guernsey, London, Swansea, Lowestoft, Liverpool, Whitby and in Holland, Zierikzee.

Among the records of the Waterford his address was given as 43 High Street, Weymouth. The crew notice read as follows;


Record of Lloyds list

1859, 25TH January - entry for 23rd January Port : Whitby.

Warland arrived from Hartlepool headed for Weymouth and was towed in with stern frame all knocked away having been driven foul of same morning whilst at anchor in the roads by the Barque George of this place.

Lloyds Loss & Casualty Book (Guildhall) Ref.14932.

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