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Andrew Warland Consulting

I am a freelance, independent consultant not funded or supported by any vendors, including Microsoft.

I can help you with managing records in Microsoft 365 and navigating the complexities of Microsoft 365


Experience and knowledge

I have over four decades of direct 'hands-on' experience in the implementation, administration and management of a range of data, records, information and content management management systems - even the management of physical records!

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I provide a range of specialist advisory services relating to the configuration of Microsoft 365 to manage records.

Ongoing advisory services Support for organisational programs and projects implementing or reviewing Microsoft 365, usually via MS Teams
Review services Documenting and assessing how Microsoft 365 (and SharePoint Online) has been configured to manage records
Workshops (via MS Teams) Workshops, covering all aspects of Microsoft 365 for IT and records managers, usually two hours in duration
SharePoint training (via MS Teams) Site Owner and end-user training, usually one to two hours in duration
On-demand support services Support for anything relating to Microsoft 365 or SharePoint Online. Have a question? Send me an email and ask!


I have successfully delivered advisory services and training workshops to over 100 organisations across the following sectors since 2019:

Sector Type of work
Australian Federal government agencies Ongoing program or project advisory services, workshops, on-demand services
Victorian State and local government agencies Ongoing program or project advisory services, workshops, training, on-demand services
Tasmanian State government agencies Past program or project advisory services
New South Wales (NSW) State and local government agencies Workshops, current program or project advisory services, on-demand services
Australian private sector organisations (construction, fisheries, freight/logistics) Past and ongoing advisory services, ondemand services
Australian aged care services and health care providers Past and ongoing program and project advisory services, ondemand services
The United Nations Past and ongoing program and project advisory services
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) Workshops
Queensland Government Workshops
Government of Scotland Workshops
Government of Abu Dhabi Workshops
Canadian Provincial government Workshops