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SharePoint Site Owner Training

We offer a two-hour training course specifically designed for SharePoint site owners. Site owners are typically people working in business areas (rather than IT) who have day-to-day responsibility for managing SharePoint sites that are accessed from a browser or mobile device, rather than the 'Files' tab of Teams.

SharePoint Site Owner Training

The training covers the following points:
- Site Owner responsibilities and capabilities.
- Understanding how records are managed in SharePoint.
- What is SharePoint Site ownership, relationship with a Team Ownership.
- Understanding of different site types.
- The elements of a standard SharePoint site, including from MS Teams.
- What is the ‘gear icon’ and what does it do or give access to.
- How to edit and modify pages, and create new ones, including news pages.
- Understanding Site Information and Site Settings.
- Understanding access controls and permissions.
- How to create and manage document libraries and lists.
- The relationship between a Teams ‘Files’ tab and SharePoint.
- Document library functionality including versioning.
- How to access SharePoint from File Explorer and a mobile device.
- How to search SharePoint.
- Site Contents and Site Usage.
- How to access and use the recycle bin.

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