Arrival in Queensland, 1883: Henry Carroll Warland

Henry Carroll arrived in Queensland in 1883. This page provides details of the Warland and related Smith/Wildsoet, Louis and Johnson families.

1820s - The Louis family of Wejsielburen (Wyrelburen), Holstin, Germany

According to this site, David Adolphus Louis was born in 1826 in Wejsielburen (Wyrelburen), Holstin, Germany to David Louis and Stella Shrouer (record of death, QLD BDM Ref B29162). David A Louis' wife to be, Anna Marie Luise Charlotte Schroder, was born on 5 January 1826 at Übbecke, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. They had the following children (as recorded in the shipping arrivals in 1865 - see below:

The Louis family migrated to Australia in 1865 - see below.

1840s - the Wildsoet family of Denmark

In the early 1940s, Henry Carroll Warland (born 1920), the son of Frederick Samuel and Gazelle Warland (nee Garvis) would meet and then marry Martha Johnson, the daughter of Thomas Alfred and Amelia Laura Johnson (nee Wildsoet). Amelia Laura Johnson (nee Wildsoet) was the granddaughter of Marcus Woldar Wildsoet, from Denmark, and his Scottish-born wife Penuel Smith.

According to the source shown below (dated 2011), Marcus Wolder Vildsøe (later anglicised to Wildsoet) was born in Denmark to Johan Andresen Vildsøe (born around 17 June 1818) and Cathrine Marie Jacobsdatter (Anglicised to Jacobson in her Queensland death certificate)(14 December 1821, Bostrup,Svendborg, Denmark - 1893, Australia) about 9 May 1846. Johan Andreasen Wildsøe and Cathrine Marie Jacobsdatter were married 12 July 1844 (Svendborg, Rudkøbing 1832-1845 opslag 137 no 8). (Source:

Johan and Cathrine Wildsøe had the following children:

The family appear in the Danish 1850 and 1860 censuses (Source: as follows:

1850 - Svendborg, Langelands Nørre, Rudkøbing Købstad, Østergade, Nordre, , No. 74, 320, FT-1850

1860 - Svendborg, Langelands Nørre, Rudkøbing Købstad, Rudkjøbing, , Smedegaden 171, 1 F2, FT-1860

According to the source below, 'either the 1860 census enumerator or the transcriber must have overlooked Marcus, as he was confirmed there on 30 September 1860' (1845-1885 opslag 32 no 16).

1850s - The Smith family of Inverness

John Smith (born around 1823) and Mary Ann Russell (born around 1825 at Pluscarden, Elgin, Moray) married on 6 February 1852 at Elgin, Scotland (Scottish BDM Ref 135/90/319). John Smith was the only son of James Smith from Overtin, Elgin, Moray; John had two sisters to different mothers. Mary Russell was born to Alexander Russell and Penuel Heard. John and Mary Smith had two children (additional details provided by a descendant):

Penuel Smith would migrate to Australia in 1878. Penuel would marry Marcus Wildsoet in 1881 in Queensland, Australia - see below.

Mid 1850s - James Lee and Ann Lyon marry

When he died in 1886 (aged around 56), James Lee's parents were recorded as James Lee and Susan Mortimore (QLD BDM Ref C3401).

A James Lee was recorded in 1850 as a convict with a ticket of leave for Moreton Bay. (Source: The Moreton Bay Courier of 22 June 1850). It is not known if this person is the same James Lee as recorded below, or if this James Lee was one of several men by that name who arrived as convicts prior to that date. A Mary Ann Lyon, also a convict, arrived on the Westmoreland at Van Dieman's Land on 3 December 1836, sentenced to 14 years but this may be a coincidence.

James Lee and Ann Lyon married in Brisbane on 2 February 1852 (QLD BDM Ref 1854/BMA/152). They had three children:

In 1856, a James Lee appeared on a summons charging him with assault on Martha Lyons (possibly a relative of Ann, possibly born in 1832 to John Loder (QLD BDM Ref B/12929)), on the 14th of December that year. The Moreton Bay Courier noted, on 20 December 1856, that 'The complainant did not make her appearance to sustain the charge and Lee was accordingly discharged', not before vowing 'reformation for the future'.

1865 - Bunn family of Dersingham, Norfolk

Mary Ann Bunn married Henry William Johnson (1860, Ingoldesthorpe, Norfork, UK - 10 May 1944, Cairns) in Queensland in 1889. Their granddaughter Martha Johnson would marry a Warland - see below.

The Bunn family were said to have been from Dersingham, Norfolk, UK. See this page for more information.

Hinson Bunn (1845, Dersingham - ) married Mary Ann Skelton (1843, Dersingam) around 1865 and they had several children (details yet to be completely verified):

The Bunn family migrated to Australia on the Duke of Argyll, arriving in Queensland on 11 August 1888 - see below.

1865 - Louis family arrive in Queensland from Germany

According to this site, 'during 1863 the Queensland Government introduced a Lands Order to attract migrants from Germany'. However, there were insufficient medical controls in place. 'According to reports, passengers with potentially contagious diseases were allowed on board simply to retain the numbers. Sufficient medical provisions to cater for the possible outbreak of any contagious diseases should also been catered for'.

According to this site, 'The first really concentrated German group settlement occurred between August 1863 and January 1864 when 23 families from the Uckermark region (northeastern Germany) established a village/farming enclave at Bethania on blocks relinquished by English cotton-growers. This Logan settlement became a focus for a continued stream of later German migration which spread into the regions immediately surrounding the south of Brisbane – Beenleigh, Eagleby (previously called Philadelphia), Mt Cotton, Carbrook, Gramzow, Steigltiz and Pimpama districts.'

The Louis family arrived in Queensland on 10 August 1865 on board the Peter Godeffroy. They were lucky to have survived - the Peter Godeffroy departed Hamburg on 9 April 1865 bound for Moreton Bay with 284 passengers on board. The vessel reached Moreton Bay on 18 August 1865 with 59 passengers passing away on the voyage. The high death rate prompted an enquiry which was reported in the local newspapers and at a Parliamentary enquiry which noted (The Brisbane Courier, 11 September 1865) that most of the patients appear to have died from measles, from which the greater number of deaths arose, which appeared very soon after the vessel left port.

The members of the family who arrived in Australia are listed below (Source:

1869 - Death of Johan Andreasen Wildsøe in Denmark

Johan Andreasen Wildsøe (born around 17 June 1818) died on 7 May 1869, aged 51 (Rudkøbing 1858-1892 opslag 98). It is believed that he committed suicide. Cathrine then appears to have decided to migrate to Australia. Her son Johannes Petersen Wildsøe did not migrate to Australia.

1872 - Arrival of Cathrine Wildsoe?

Katharina Wilse, aged 49, arrived at Port Denison (now Bowen) on 31 July 1872 as a full paying passenger on board the Humboldt which departed Hamburg, Germany, on 5 April 1872. The book 'Poorhouse to Paradise: The Adventures of a Pioneering Family in a North Queensland' by Lyall Ford described the journey from Denmark of two brothers Hans and Ole Hansen (a farmer and miller respectively) from Ringsted, southwest of Copenhagen. The other passengers who paid their own way were a 'young farmer, Anders Hansen, aged 22, who may have been a relation, and one single lady aged 49'. All the other 361 emigrants were either free or assisted and mostly Scandinavian. While the weather was good for most of the voyage, 'many of the passengers were destined to suffer a great deal of hardship as a result of the amount of sickness on board'. There was a general outbreak of measles on 24 May and, as a result of complications and scarlet fever, a total of eleven people died on the journey. There were also complaints about the quality and quantity of food and medical comforts. The passengers disembarked on 1 August and 'hiring of the immigrants proceeded briskly over the next couple of days. Passengers who paid their own way were given a land order for 30 pounds with which they could acquire land.

There is no firm date yet for the arrival of her son Marcus in Australia (first noted in 1879) but perhaps he arrived as a crew member - potentially even on the Humboldt - but was not listed in the passenger manifests.

1873 - Penuel Smith gives birth in Scotland

Penuel Smith (born 1854) had a relationship with James Douglas in 1872 and from that relationship she had a daughter, Jemina Jane Douglas (16 August 1873 - ). They did not marry.

1874 - Thomas Bunn arrives in Australia

A Thomas Bunn, aged 21, arrived in Queensland on 2 JUne 1874 on board the Lady Douglas. It is not know if he was related to the other Bunn family. Other Bunns, all in their 20 except one aged 18, arrived individually from 1883 to 1888.

1875 - David Louis granted land, Henry David Adolph Louis marries Martha Lee

David Louis - believed to be David Alophus Louis (but it could be his son) - was granted 30 acres of pastoral land at Redland in 1874, according to The Queenslander (Brisbane) of 8 August 1874.

Wilhelm Heinrich David Adolphus Louis (shown in the marriage records as William Henry David Adolphus Louis and the newspaper notice as Henry David Adolph Louis), of Logan, and Martha Lee, 'second daughter of Mr James Lee of Moggill' , married in Brisbane on 26 May 1875 (QLD BDM Ref B4778 and The Brisbane Courier of 5 June 1875). It is believed that this was David Adolph Louis' son, Adolph Louis who would have been 25 at the time.

They had the following children:

1875 - George Lee (Martha's brother) dies

The Queenslander of 4 December 1875 reported the death of George Lee as follows:

A fatal accident occurred Tuesday afternoon, about five o'clock, to George Lee, a bushman, living at Moggill. It seems that Lee was riding home on a horse he had recently purchased, in company with a man named Doyle. When a short distance from town, on the Milton-road, Lee's horse became restive, and eventually bolted. After galloping a short distance, it was checked so suddenly that it fell, and Lee was thrown, his head striking the ground violently. Doyle immediately went to assist him, but death must have been instantaneous, as he never moved. The body was brought to the morgue in the police van, and examined by Dr. Bell

James Lee's death notice appeared in The Brisbane Courier of 4 December 1875, noting that he was 'the well beloved and only son of James and Ann Lee, aged 23 years'

1877 - Penuel Smith marries, has another child in Scotland

Penuel Smith (born 1854) married Alexander Mackenzie on 23 March 1877 in Scotland. They had a daughter, Elizabeth Mackenzie who was born in June 1877. According to a descendant, they had parted by legal papers for Elizabeth for Poor Relief.

At some point, Penuel made the decision (or had the option) to travel to Australia. Penuel left both of her children to be raised by her parents, John and Mary Smith.

1878 - Penuel Smith arrives in Queensland?

Penuel Smith (shown as Pinnel Smith), aged 22, travelled alone and arrived in Queensland on board the Rodell Bay which arrived on 27 August 1878. Coincidentally, a John and Mary Smith and family were also on the same ship.

1879 - Marcus Wildsoet/Wildsort - Ship's crew, other Wildsoets arrive

Marcus Wildsoet seems to have arrived in Queensland by 1879. At the age of 33, he is recorded working as an able seaman on steamships between Brisbane and Sydney during 1879. Perhaps this is how he met Penuel.

Marcus Wildsøe's mother Cathrine Wildsøe and his brother Lorens/Lorentz Nielsen Wildsøe (born 1852, twin to Johannes) are understood to have arrived in Australia by 1879. Marcus and Lorens other brother Johannes Petersen Wildsøe (born in 1852) did not migrate to Australia.

1880 - Marcus Wolder Wildsøe/Wildsoet marries Penuel Smith

Marcus Wolder Wildsøe/Wildsoet married Penuel Smith in 1880 (QLD BDM Ref C98). Marcus and Penuel Wildsoet had the following children:

See below from 1908 for details of the marriages of the children.

According to the website 'Far North Queensland Place Names', Marcus Wildsoet arrived in the Cardwell area around 1880. Wildsoet Street in Tully and Mission Beach are named after him. The website notes that 'By 1908 his sons, Jack and Chris Wildsoet were helping their brother in-law, Jack Bunting, collect timber in the South Mission Beach area. Lou Wildsoet and his family settled in Mission Beach in 1911.'

Marcus died in 1894 (see below) and Penuel re-married. She then lived in Tully until her death - see below for more information.

1880 - Lorentz Wildsoet marries Annie Wiggins

Marcus Wildsoet's brother Lorentz Nelsen Wildsoet married Annie Wiggins in 1880 (QLD BDM Rec C838). Lorentz was later naturalized under the name Lorentz Neilsen Wildson. His will is under the same name. Their son Lorentz Johannes Neilsen Wildsoet took the name Lawrence Wilson and his marriage and all his children are under Wilson.

1883 - Henry Carroll Warland migrates Australia

Henry Carroll Warland (1858 - 1937) was the son of George Henry Warland, a master mariner, who died at sea, and Louisa Lambert. He arrived in Sydney in 1883 on board the SS Pathan. Henry Carroll's extended family was from the Bletchingdon area of Oxford. The origin of the name Carroll is not yet known but appears to come from his mother's side.

Henry Carroll Warland made his way to Brisbane some time after arrival. There was an early suggestion that his brother Arthur may also have arrived at the same time, but there is no evidence of this. Henry Carroll's family, who still live in Queensland, have Henry Carroll's original ticket to Australia.

Some time after arrival, Henry Carroll married Ellen Genevieve Morgan (4 September 1856 - 21 February 1932), and from that marriage came four children:

1885/1886 - David A Louis bankrupt

The Queenslander (Brisbane) ran an advertisement on 16 January 1886 'in the insolvent estate of David Adolphus Louis of Nerang, Sugar Planter'. Everything was to be sold, including horses, cattle, implements, waggons, household furniture etc, as well as 'the equity of redemption of 191 acres with sugar mill complete erected thereon'.

The Telegraph (Brisbane) and the Brisbane Courier of 10 March 1886 both ran lengthy articles under the title 'Polynesiams Claims for Compensation'. The Courier noted that David A Louis was 'lately an arrowroot planter residing at Coomera'. Under the heading 'Re DAVID A LOUIS', the Telegraph article referred to a claim for £284 2a., in respect of four runaway islanders. According to the article, 'The case presented some peculiarities. The four islanders were transferred to Louis by one Gilbert Burnett, by an agreement. They worked for 10 days, and then bolted, getting away to Stradbroke Island. They were never brought back again, and the Government returned them to the islands. Mr. Louis went insolvent on November 30th, 1885, and the trustee in his estate claimed on his behalf.'

May 1886 - James Lee goes missing, drowned

The Telegraph (Brisbane) of 24 May 1886 reported 'that a man named James Lee, of Moggill, left his home last Wednesday to searoh for a missing punt, and has has not since returned, while a boat which he had borrowed to assist him in the search was found on Friday floating in the river, with Le's coat in it and only one oar.' His body was found on Friday 21 May 1886, in the river near Goodna, according to the same newspaper on 26 May 1886.

An enquiry was held into the death of James Lee, and reported in the Queensland Times of 27 May 1886. The report noted:

Another inquiry was also held at Goodna on Tuesday, likewise before Major Robinson, J.P., touching the death of James Lee of Moggill. The following deponents gave evidence: Thomas Gibson, a farm labourer, residing at Moggill, stated that on last Sunday, about 12 noon, he was in a boat on the river, at Goodna, looking for the body of James Lee, who, he had heard, was missing, saw the body in the river, attached to the head of a tree, just below the Asylum wharf; gave information at the police station; Senior Constable Sandes, Constable Kiely, and witness brought the body to the Goodna wharf; recognised it as the body of James Lee. Senior-Constable Sandes deposed that, from information received on the 23rd instant, he went in a punt at the Brisbane River at Goodna; opposite the Asylum he saw the body of a man floating, face downwards: had the body removed; saw no marks of violence on it; the body was taken to the Royal Mail Hotel, where Dr. Hogg made a post-mortem examination of it that night. James Ballantine Hogg, a duly-registered medical practitioner in Queensland, deposed that, on the evening of the 23rd instant, he made a post-mortem examination of the body of James Lee, an employee of Mr M.B. Goggs of Wolston; the clothing of deceased was not at all disarranged; apparently, the body had been in the water four or five days; the conditions showed that he was alive when he fell into the water; none of the bones were fractured; the right side of his heart, his lungs, and brain were all intensely congested, and in such a state as (de.sted?) asphyxia; his stomach contained about 4oz. of fluid, which witness found had a spirituous odour; believed the cause of his death to have been asphyxia from drowning. Anne Lee, widow of the deceased, stated that she last saw him on Wednesday, the 19th instant, on the bank of the river, near his house; he said he would go as far as Moggill Ferry; and look for his boot which had been lost; if he did not find it, he would come back; he was quite sober; had not seen him since; identified a watch, knife, and match box belonging to him. This concluded the inquiry.

August 1887 - Finalisation of David Adolphus Louis' bankruptcy

The Telegraph (Brisbane) of 13 August 1887 ran a notice regarding 'the matter of David Adolphus Louis of Nerang, Sugar Planter, and insolvent'. This was the last examination into the case by the Supreme Court.

See also reference to Martha Louis' estate in 1920 - below.

1888 - Hinson Bunn and family migrate to Queensland, Australia

Various people with the surname Bunn arrived in Queensland from 1874 to 1888, as listed in the link in the next paragraph. These may be related to the family listed below.

This Queensland government website details all arrivals in Queensland from 1848 to 1912. It lists Hinson Bunn and family arriving on 11 August 1888 on board the Duke of Argyll:

1889 - Arrival in Queensland - Edward Thomas Garner

According to his obituary published in The Evening Advocate (Innisfail) on 10 July 1945, Edward Garner and his wife arrived in Australia in 1889. He traded between Sydney and Newcastle and also on the Parramatta river, and then later acquired a small steamer, 'The Bee' which provided a passenger service between Townsville and Magnetic Island. In 1902 he went to Cardwell and traded between there and Innisfail (then named Geraldton). He built another boat and traded there, and eventually settled at Murray, north of Cardwell where he had various occupations.

Edward and his wife had several children including Edward Henry Garner and Elizabeth Garner, both of whom would marry Wildsoet siblings in the late 1900's - see below. Edward's wife, Edith Garner, died at Clump Point on 25 August 1935 aged 68. She was 'a native of Staffordshire'. (Source: Cairns Post 26 August 1935)

1889 - Marriage and children of Henry William Johnson and Mary Ann Bunn

It seems that Mary Ann Bunn met Henry William Johnson (1860, Ingoldesthorpe, Norfork, UK - 10 May 1944, Cairns) soon after arrival. They married in Queensland in 1889. According to the QLD BDM record, Mary Ann Bunn was the daughter of Hinson Bunn and Mary Anne Skelton. Hinson and Mary Anne Skelton were from Dersingham, Norfolk, UK. It may be worth noting that other individuals with the surname Bunn were living in Newcastle, NSW around the same time that Mary Ann Bunn was in Queensland.

Henry William and Mary Johnson (nee Bunn) had the following children:

Henry William Johnson worked for the Cairns City Council for 33 years according to his obituary in 1944 - see below.

1893 - Death of Martha Louis (nee Lee)

Martha Louis (nee Lee) (born 1856), the wife of David Adolphus Louis, died in 1893 (QLD BDM Ref C3333).

1893/1894 - Death of Cathrine Wildsøe and Marcus Wildsøe/Wildsoet

Marcus Wildsøe's mother Cathrine Wildsøe died in Australia in 1893. Marcus Wildsøe/Wildsoet died a year later, in 1894 (QLD BDM Ref C723, name recorded as Markswas Wildsoet) leaving his wife Penuel a widow. Marcus' brother Lorentz Wildsøe/Wildsoet took the name Lawrence Wilson when he got married.

1894 - Marriage of William Henry David Adolph Louis to Jemima Hearn ( - 1902)

Jemima Hearn (nee Russell) was previously married to George Hearn (there is no obvious record of this marriage in the QLD BDM) and they lived at Goodna. They had at least one child named George Hearn who died in 1922 (QLD BDM Ref F3861)A court case reported in the Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser of 28 July 1887 noted that Jemima had been the subject of attempted rape by Patrick Conroy (alias Willam Conroy).

William Henry David Adolph Louis married Jemima Hearn, the daughter of John Russell and Ann Swan, in 1894 (QLD BDM Ref C283). Jemima, the former wife of Louis, was noted again in 1916 - see below. William and Jemima Louis had one child:

1895 - Penuel Wildsoet marries Gilbert Hillier

Penuel Wildsoet(nee Smith) married Gilbert John Hillier in 1895 (QLD BDM Ref C1979), a year after her husband Marcus Wildsoet died.

1896 - Death of David Adolphus Louis

David Adolphus Louis died in 1896. The QLD BDM Records show a William Louis who died in 1896 (QLD BDM Ref B29162), the son of David Louis and Stella Schrouer.

1898 - Death of Marcus Walter Wildsoet

Marcus Walter Wildsoet, the son of Marcus Walter Wildsoet and Penuel Smith (recorded as Pennel Smith) died in 1898 (QLD BDM Ref C840).

1900 - Death of George Thomas Warland

The death of George Thomas Warland was carried in The Telegraph (Brisbane) on 8 October 1900:

Boy's Fatal Fall. Lutwyche on Saturday., Forty Feet Down a Quarry. On Saturday afternoon a boy named George Thomas Warland, aged 14, son of Mr. H. Warland, grocer's assistant, residing in Albion road, was nesting along with a younger boy at the top of the quarry by the Bowen Bridge road school, Lutwyche. To reach a bird's nest he lay down and reached over the face of the quarry, which at that spot is about 40 feet in height. The surface gave way beneath him, and he was precipitated headlong, striking a couple of ledges in the rock in his descent to the quarry floor. Mr. Henry, who lives opposite, rendered prompt assistance, and Police-sergeant McLean, of the Lutwyche police station near at hand, was soon on the spot. The ambulance was telephoned for and a messenger despatched for Dr. Clowes, who, however, was not at home. The boy was conveyed to the hospital, where it was found his skull had been very badly fractured, and no hopes were entertained of his recovery. The worst fears were realised, and he died at 9 'o'clock the same evening in the presence of his parents. The Rev. W. Higlott officiated at the funeral, which took place yesterday. It was largely attended, among those present being a large number of tho elder scholars of the Albion Baptist Sunday school.

The funeral notice for Arthur Warland was placed in the Brisbane Courier of 31 December 1901.

1901 - Death of Henry Arthur Warland

The details of Henry Arthur Warland's accidental death were carried in The Brisbane Courier on 7 January 1902:

RECENT DROWNING CASE AT BREAKFAST CREEK. At the City Police Court yesterday, Mr. R. D. Neilson, J.P., presided at an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of a boy named Henry Arthur Warland, who was found drowned in Breakfast Creek on 30th December last. Acting Sergeant Gunn was in charge of the evidence. The evidence of Acting Sergeant McLean, of Lutwyche, showed that at 3.30 p.m. on the date mentioned he went to Swan Island, Breakfast Creek, and a boy named Ashley Perry, after diving in the creek, brought up the body of the deceased. The lad was apparently quite dead, and the body showed no marks of violence. All efforts at resuscitation failed. Fred. S. Warland, aged 9, brother at the deceased, living with his parents at Albion road, Lutwyche, stated that on the 30th he with his deceased brother and the boy William Roberts went to Swan Island to bathe. They all undressed, and went in the shallow part of the water. After a while deceased said, "Watch me show you the depth." He dived in the deeper part, and sank. "When he rose he called out to witness, "Freddy, Freddy, save me!" Witness could not swim, but was going to him, when he was prevented by the lad Roberts. Witness then ran to some boys about 150 yards away, and asked them to save, his brother. A boy named Perry said he could swim and dive, and was going to assist, when another youth said, "Do not go, you will only get into trouble." Perry went to the spot, but did not go in the water. Roberts and witness then dressed, and ran home. Similar evidence was given by the boy Roberts. Ashley Perry, aged 14, living with his parents at Eildon Hill, deposed he was fishing with some other boys, when the previous witnesses came to him, and asked him, to dive in and save deceased. He did not know the name of the youth who advised him not to do so; he was about 19 years of age. Fred. Warland showed him the place where his brother was in the creek, but witness saw only a few bubbles on the water. Later on, about twenty or twenty-five minutes after Fred. Warland came to him first, he dived at the request of Acting Sergeant McLean, and brought the body to the surface. The water was 4ft. or 5ft. deep, and the body was found about 4ft. from the shore. This witness was severely lectured by the presiding magistrate on his failure to respond till too late to such an urgent call for help. Henry Carroll Warland, father of the deceased, also gave evidence. The deceased was 13 years old. His boys had repeatedly been warned not to go into the water. The inquiry was then closed.

1902 - Death of Jemima Louis, Marriage of William Henry David Adolph Louis to Mary Bridget Lawson

Jemima Louis (nee Hearn) 'late of Geraldton, wife of David Adolphus Louis', died on 19 February 1902 (QLD BDM Ref C617), according to a Government notice in the Daily Standard (Brisbane) of 14 August 1916. The article noted that David Adolphus Louis, of Innisfail, was a contractor. The names of the claimants on her property, based on her will and codicil dated 13 April 1901, were Ernest Henry Britten of Sydney (a bank official) and Peter Archibald Margach of Innisfail (a contractor) - as 'devisees in trust'. The property was noted as Allotment 11 of section 6, town of Innisfail.

William Henry David Louis (believed to be David Adolphus Louis' son) married Mary Bridget Lawson in 1902 (QLD BDM Ref C308).

Before 1904 - Henry Adolphus Louis marries Janet Murray

Henry Adolphus Louis married Janet Murray. They had the following children:

1905 - Warland's store in Albion

Henry Carroll Warland ran a shop on Albion Road, Albion (known as 'Warland's store). The Telegraph (Brisbane) of 20 May 1905 includes a notice praising the use of Zam-Buk against dengue fever from Mrs F G Warland of Warland's Cash Store, Albion Road, Albion'.

1905 - Marriage of Johann Wildsoet to Amelia Louis

Johann Andracen Wildsoet married Amelia Martha Laura Louis (7 December 1888, Queensland (QLD BDM Ref C6554) - 22 August 1954) in 1905 (QLD BDM Ref C387). Amelia was the daughter of Wilhelm Heinrich David Adolphus Louis and Martha Lee. Amelia also appears in the records as Emilie Laura Louis.

Johann and Amelia Wildsoet had two children:

It is believed that Amelia left Johann soon after Arthur was born - see below. In the 1913 electoral roll she appears in Innisfail as Amelia Martha Wilson. In the 1915 and 1916 rolls she appears at Wolfram and then no longer appears until 1923 - see below.

Amelia had several children after she left Johann: (a) from a relationship with Gideon/George Potts (1899 - 1963) (whom she was said to have married 'at an early age' - see her obituary in 1954), and (b) from a relationship with James Black Thomson (recorded at Wolfram in 1916 and 1917, then in Mareeba in 1919):

1908 to 1910 - Wildsoet children marry

Several of Marcus Wolder Wildsøe/Wildsoet and Penuel Smith's children married from 1908 to 1916.

Adolph Ludwig Robert Wildsoet (1885 - 1933) married Elizabeth Ann Garner in 1908 (QLD BDM Ref C479) and had one daughter and four sons. Elizabeth was the daughter of Edward Thomas Garner (see above) and sister of Edward Henry Garner who married Adolph's sister Cathrine.

Catherine Mary Jacabine Sophiee Wildsoet (1887 - 1937) married Edward Henry Garner in 1908 (QLD BDM Ref C2801) and had at least one child, Edward Christian Garner who was driving a truck with his uncle Johan when his mother was injured in (and later died after) an vehicle accident in 1937. (Source: Johnstone River Advocate and Innisfail News, 16 February 1937)

Christian Magnus Wildsoet (1883 - ) married Maud Mary Ann Bunting in 1910 (QLD BDM Ref C3234) and had two daughters and two sons. Their daughter Phyllis Margaret Wildsoet married John (Jack) Leinthwaite Beattie on 28 June 1939 in Tully. (QLD BDM REf C2891). Christian joined the AIF (Q221690).

From 1912 - Life of Frederick Samuel Warland (1892 - 1952)

Frederick Samuel Warland married Ida Lillian Milford in 1912 (QLD BDM Ref B11748). Ida was the daughter of George Milford and Angella Mary Murphy. The children of Frederick and Ida Warland are recorded as shown:

Frederick Warland (shown as Fredrick Samuel Warland) and his wife Ida Lillian Warland were recorded in The Telegraph (Brisbane) of 28 October 1914 living in Kob Street, Albion. Frederick was a cinematograph operator.

Frederick and Gazelle Pemberton Garvis had a son in 1914 (see below).

Ida Lillian Warland (nee Milford) died on 27 October 1917 (QLD BDM Ref B26114) 'after a long and painful illness' (The Telegraph (Brisbane), 17 November 1917). Her funeral notice in the Brisbane Courier of 29 October 1917 notes that 'The friends of Mr F S Warland are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of his deceased wife, Ida Lillian, to move from her late residence, Albion Road'.

After Ida died, Frederick Warland married Gazelle Pemberton Garvis, the daughter of W T Garvis of Warwick, Queensland, in 1918 (QLD Ref C665). Gazelle's siblings included E T Garvis, George Garvis, and L Garvis who had married Maud Hale (the second daughter of the by-then-deceased Mr Hale, Railway Department, Brisbane) at Toowong Methodist Church on 8 April 1912. In the Warwick Examiner and Times of 1 June 1912, Maud Hale's uncle was recorded as Mr Lowe. Her cousins were Mr P Scrine and Miss Nellie Scrine. Gazelle Garvis (sister of the groom) acted as a bridesmaid.

Frederick and Gazelle Warland had the following children:

1916 - Thomas Alfred Johnson a volunteer in Cairns

Thomas Alfred Johnson was recorded among a list of volunteers from Cairns in the Cairns Post of 8 January 1916.

1916 - Lorenzine Wildsoet marries John Masters

Lorenzine Penuel Caroline Wildsoet, the daughter of Marcus Wildsoet and Penuel Smith, married John Dudley Masters in 1916 (QLD BDM Ref C173).

Henry Adolphus Louis marries Sybil Macgregor

Henry Adolphus Louis married Sybil Macgregor. They had the following children:

1920 - Finalisation of Martha Louis' estate

The Telegraph (Brisbane) carried a Queensland government notice on 8 November 1920 under the title 'Transmission by Death, Real Property Acts of 1861 and 1877'. It stated that notice was given that applications for the Registration of Transmission of TItle to the Lands included the following: 'Name of Deceased Proprietor - Martha Louis, late of south Brisbane, wife of Adolphus Louis. Date of Death - December 16 1893. Name of Claimant - The Public Curator of Queensland, as Administrator. Description and Situation of Land - Subdivision 7 of portion 127, county of Stanley, parish of Yeerongpilly. Particulars of Will or Otherwise - Certificate of Authority. Date within which caveat may be Lodged - December 13, 1920.'

1922 - Penuel Wildsoet (nee Smith) in Tully

According to her obituary in 1934, Pennuel Wildsoet (nee Smith) lived in Tully from 1922.

1922 - Amelia Laura Wildsoet meets Thomas Alfred Johnson, falls pregnant

Amelia Laura Wildsoet, the then 15 year old daughter of the separated Johann Wildsoet and Amelia Wildsoet (nee Louis) (and probably living with her father and brother), met the 24 year old Thomas Alfred Johnson (1897 (QLD BDM Ref C11227) - ) from Townsville and they married in 1922 (QLD BDM Ref C1997), likely as a result of her falling pregnant. Thomas Alfred Johnson was the son of Henry William Johnson and Mary Ann Bunn who married in 1889 (see above).

Thomas and Amelia Laura Johnson had two children:

1923 - Amelia Martha Wildsoet (nee Louis) marries Patrick Collins

Amelia Martha Wildsoet (as recorded) (the mother of Amelia Laura Wildsoet who married Thomas Johnson) married Patrick Collins in 1923 (QLD Ref C2782). There is no record of her in any electoral roll from 1923 or 1924 or any record of her living with Patrick Collins.

According to her 1954 obituary, there were only two children from Amelia's alleged marriage to Goerge Potts - Jack and Elsie. The obituary notes that Mr Potts died in Cairns in 1922, and then Amelia and her two young children went to live in Rockhampton where she met James Hudson and had another daughter, Joan - see below.

Amelia Martha Potts appears in the 1925 electoral roll in Herberton as a cook.

1927 - Johann Wildsoet in the news

In March 1927, Johann Wildsoet was recorded in The Telegraph on 30 March 1927 as a fisherman of Martyn Street, Cairns, who was fined for failing to furnish a tax return and information.

Around 1928 - Amelia Laura Johnson (nee Wildsoet) separates from Thomas

A newspaper report from 27 October 1954 concerning Alfred Charles Johnson stated that Alfred's parents (Amelia Laura Johnson (nee Wildsoet) and Thomas Alfred Johnson) separated in around 1928 when he was only four and that Alfred - and presumably also his sister Martha - were then sent to an orphanage. Alfred remained there until he was 13 then went to another institution for 12 months. It is not known why Thomas Johnson's family did not help with his children, or perhaps they did not know or did not want to help.

1928 and 1930 - Amelia Martha Hudson (formerly Potts, Wildoet, nee Louis)

Amelia Martha Hudson appears to be living with James Hudson from 1928 until her death in 1954. According to Amelia's obituary in 1954, they had a daughter named Joan Hudson who was born in 1928. They married in 1937 - see below.

1929 - Johann Wildsoet in the news again

Joe (Johann) Wildsoet was recorded as having helped a colleague after he was bitten by a death adder in Cairns in March 1929.

Late 1920s - Frederick Warland and the cinema, Babe Warland

It seems possible that Frederick's involvement in the cinema connected him with the performing arts. He and Ida's children Ellen (Nell) and George Thomas (Tom) Warland were recorded from 1927 to 1932 with Ruby Massey's school. Nell may also have been known as Babe as a 'Babe Warland' appears along with Tom Warland as a student of Ruby Massey in 1927. Both Nell and Tom performed in local Eisteddfods and concerts. Tom Warland of Windsor was noted in The Week (Brisbane) on 17 May 1929 as having competed in the local Eisteddfod. He was again noted, this time as being from Albion, in The Telegraph (Brisbane) on 28 August 1930 as having competed in the Eisteddfod, recitation section, for boys under 17. The Warland children's involvement in the Eisteddfod was clearly something of interest to the family.

Perhaps to confirm that Nell as also known as Babe, both Babe Warland and Tom Warland are noted in an article titled 'Nundah Methodist Church - Elocutionists Entertain' that appeared in the Daily Standard (Brisbane) on 13 July 1931. The article noted that on ... Friday evening, at the Nundah Methodist Sunday School Hall, pupils of Miss Ruby Massey presented a delightful concert programme to a large audience. The entertainment opened with items by four young elocutionists. Tom Warland chose "The Coward" for his number, and had to give an encore, entitled, "Bertram." Two recitations each were given by Saldie Denison, Norman M'Lean, and Joyce Fraser. Miss Lyal Mutch played two delightful numbers on the violin. Miss Dorothy Huxham rendered four soprano solos, a humorous monologue, "A Day at the Art Gallery," was recited bv Miss Babe Warland. ... A scene from "Julius Caesar" showed Tom Warland as Cassius and Norman M'Lean as Brutus. Musical monologues by Miss Hilda Woolmer were thoroughly enjoyed. Later in the entertainment three humorous monologues were presented by Misses Eva Cliffield. Babe Warland, and Elsie Potfell.

1932 - Death of Ellen Genevieve Warland

Ellen Genevieve Warland died age 76 on 21 February 1932. This event was recorded in the Brisbane Courier of 22 February 1932. The notice refers to Mr H C Warland, Miss E L Warland, and Mr and Mrs F S Warland and family of Ipswich. The same newspaper includes a notice that reads 'Warland - Eagle Tent, No 17, I.O.R' (Independent Order of Rechabites). The IOR was 'a friendly society founded in England in 1835 as part of the wider British temperance movement to promote total abstinence from alcoholic beverages.'

1932 - More references to Nell/Babe Warland

Nell Warland was noted in The Telegraph (Brisbane) of 19 April 1932, having reached the finals in recitation (17 years and over, ladies)) in the local Eisteddfod that year. Nell and others performed for the Shakespeare Society in May 1932 (The Telegraph, Brisbane, 11 May 1932). She achieved a similar outcome, recorded in the 1 September 1932 edition of the Daily Standard (Brisbane) for the September Eisteddfod for 'duologue, in costume, over 17 years, own choice'. The paper noted that the winners 'possessed all the art, fire and vivacity, and created the atmosphere necessary for a brilliant portrayal'. The was again noted in the Sunday Mail (Brisbane) in 11 December 1932.

Nell Warland is recorded numerous times in the Queensland newspapers from 1932. For example, she appeared in benefit concerts as noted in The Brisbane Courier of 1 and 25 March 1933, The Daily Standard (Brisbane) of 30 March 1935 (and many others). She even appeared on radio many times, including as an 'elocutioniste' (Queensland Times, 9 December 1931) and giving 'humorous recitations' (Daily Mercury, Mackay of 16 June 1934). Some of these were re-broadcast in Victoria (see Weekly Times, Melbourne of 5 December 1931).

1933 - Death of Charles Hinson Johnson

Charles Hinson Johnson (born 1895) died in November 1933 (QLD BDM Ref C3925). His funeral notice was carried in the Cairns Post of 29 November 1933, which noted that he was the son of Mr and Mrs H W Johnson of 18 Kenny Street, Cairns.

1934 - Death of Penuel Hilliar (nee Smith)

Penuel Hilliar (nee Smith), the former wife of Marcus Wildsøe/Wildsoet, died on 16 December 1934 (QLD BDM Ref C215 says 1935). The Telegraph (Brisbane) reported her death at Tully and noted that the claimant to her estate was Elizabeth Bell 'of the same place', the wife of Arthur Henry Bell.

1937 - Amelia Martha Hudson (formerly Potts, Wildoet, nee Louis) marries

Amelia Martha Hudson (formerly Potts, Wildsoet, nee Louis) married James Hudson at Rockhampton in 1937. Her parents were listed as David Louis and Martha Lee.

1937 - Death of Henry Carroll Warland (born 1858)

Henry Carroll Warland died on 15 December 1937, as recorded in The Courier Mail (Brisbane) of 8 January 1938. His death notice states that he was the beloved father of Fred and Nellie. The Telegraph (Brisbane) recorded his death in its 16 December 1937 edition, noting he was 'of Howie Street, Eagle Junction'.

1938 - Arthur Andracen Wildsoet marries

Arthur Andracen Wildsoet married Alice Burke Harris on 30 July 1938. No children were born from this marriage.

1940 - Death of the mother of Gazelle Warland

A death notice for Mrs G Fitzallen (who died aged 85, born 1855) in the Warwick Daily News of 21 December 1940 suggests that Gazelle Garvis' mother re-married. The death noticed reads 'At the residence of her daughter, Mrs F Warland, Woodend, Ipswich on 10 December'. The notice refers to Mrs and Mrs L Garvis (Kulpi), Mrs and Mrs George Garvis (Warwick), Mr and Mrs E Garvis (Millmerran), and Mrs C C Turner (Warwick).

World War 2 - Warland brothers serve, A A Wildsoet also

Brothers Henry Carroll Warland (1920 - 1981)(QX49725) and James Pemberton Warland (1925 - )(RAAF 150313) served in World War 2.

Henry Carroll Warland (QX49725 and QX500075)) originally signed up for the AIF on 18 December 1941 and has two service numbers (and two files). He was granted leave to marry Martha Johnson in September 1942. (QLD BDM Ref C3391)

Henry Carroll Warland signed up again on 4 March 1943 at Townsville according to his service file and served in Morotai and 'British North Borneo' from April to November 1945. His address at the time was Sixth Avenue, Townsville and his next of kin was listed as his wife Martha Warland (nee Johnson). In November 1943 he was granted leave when his son was born. Some time later his service file shows that he was living at 23 LeGeyte St, Windsor. Henry was assigned to the 3rd Australian Workshop and P'k Company, RAE. In June 1945, Martha Warland was recorded at 23 Balaclava St Woolloongaba. By October 1945 when proceedings for 'compassionate' discharge were commenced, Sapper Henry was recorded at 23 Balaclava St in Woolloongabba, Brisbane.

Henry Carroll again joined the AIF in March 1946 with the number QX500075. He wrote on the attestation form that he had been discharged previously on compassionate grounds and was now separated. His next of kin was shown as his father, Frederick Samuel Warland of 25 Legeyt Street, Windsor. He was discharged in July 1946 (reasons are on his service file).

According to his AIF Service File (which has all his original details handwritten around the original), Arthur Andreacen Wildsoet changed his name by sworn declaration Joseph Wilson (QX15305). In his attestation form he stated that he was born on 19 August 1904 (he was actually born in 1908) and was a single labourer from Innisfail, Queensland. He wrote 'no kin whatsoever' on his attestation form despite having a wife Alice and listing his parents as Joseph Alfred Wildsoet and Millicent Wildsoet [sic]. He was wounded in action on 1 January 1943 but died the day after and was buried in Buna, Papua New Guinea.

1944 - Death of Henry William Johnson

The Cairns Post of 11 May 1944 ran the following death notice for Henry William Johnson.

Mr Henry William Johnson, an old identity of Cairns, having been an employee of the City Council for 33 years, died early yesterday morning. He was 84 years of age and was born at Ingoldesthorpe, Norfolk. England. On account of ill-health he retired from the employment of the Council recently. Besides his wife he is survived by four sons. Messrs. H. W. Johnson. T. A. Johnson, G. R. Johnson and E. J. Johnson, all well-known in this city and one daughter, Mrs. E. Callanan, of Katoomba, Sydney. The funeral took place yesterday afternoon and was largely attended.

From 1945 - Children of Henry Carroll and Martha Warland (nee Johnson)

Altogether, Henry Carroll and Martha Warland had eleven children together, born from 1943 to 1958.

1948 - House owned by Henry William Johnson (jnr) burns down

The house of Henry William Johnson's son, also named Henry William Johnson, on Bunda Street Cairns was burned down on 5 November 1948 when the furniture factory next to the house caught fire. A report into the fire in the Cairns Post on 6 November 1948 stated that two of Henry's daughters, one unnamed and Doris Ireland (along with her husband and two children) lived with their father. An article about the inquest into the fire in the Cairns Post of 17 December 1948 noted that Henry was a waterside worker who returned home after midnight. The fire broke out after 3 AM. Neighbours helped to carry out a 'great deal of the furniture and clothing' but about half the contents were lost ot the fire. Mrs Ireland and her husband and children had planned to move to another house the very next day; instead they were forced to stay with her mother, Mary Johnson, at Kenny Street.

1949 and onwards - Nell Warland

Nell Warland, under the performing name of Babe Warland, appeared many times in the Queensland newspapers in the 1940s. Her last publicly noted performance appears to have been in April 1949. It is believed she married an Albert Thorpe and moved to Melbourne but this detail is yet to be confirmed - although the death notice for her father in 1952 appears to confirm this detail.

1950 - Alfred Charles Johnson in trouble with the law, again

Alfred Charles Johnson was regularly in trouble with the law. The Newcastle Morning Herald and Mining Advocate reported on 13 April 1950 that Alfred, then 26 and a labourer, was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment on each of three charges and was declared 'habitual criminal'. The Judge said (as reported): 'Since 1943 your record of convictions is continuous. In 1946. you were sentenced to three years' imprisonment for breaking, entering and stealing. After serving nine months of that sentence, you were released on a good behaviour bond. No sooner were you released, than you were again convicted of stealing. April seems to have been a fruitful month for you since you were convicted of offences committed in that month during 1947, 1948 and 1949. There is only one thing I can do with you. On each of the three charges you are sentenced to 12 months' Imprisonment to be concurrent, and I declare you an habitual criminal. That will give you a chance to learn somtnething. If you behave yourself, you will be released in due course. The sentences will date from January 27.'

After being released in 1954, Alfred was again in trouble with the law in Newcastle. The Courier Mail of 13 March 1954 noted that Alfred Johnson had been committed to stand trial for theft. The Newcastle Morning Herald and Mining Advocate of 23 September 1954 reported that he had only just arrived in Newcastle when the incident occurred.

1952 - Death of Frederick Samuel Warland

The funeral of Frederick Samuel Warland, late of LeGeyt St, Windsor, was noted in The Courier-Mail (Brisbane) of 12 June 1952. The notice read: 'beloved husband of Gazella, and father of Mrs A Thorpe (Melbourne), Thomas, Arthur, Henry, Leslie, James, Raymond, Frederick, and Graham'.

1954 - Death of Amelia Martha Hudson (formerly Potts, Wildsoet, nee Louis)

Amelia Martha Hudson died in 1954. Her obituary read as follows:

Obituary: Mrs J Hudson. The death occurred on the 22nd August of Mrs J Hudson at the age of 69 years. Mrs Hudson was employed as cook at Rosebank where she had been for the past seven months. For the past 26 years she has been a resident of the Longreach district, occasionally travelling to Muttaburra or other towns nearby. The deceased was born Amelia Martha Lewis in 1874 at Brisbane where, at an early age, she married George Potts. There were two children of the marriage, Jack and Elsie, who were born in Herberton, were the couple were residing at the time. Not long afterwards they travelled to Cairns where Mr Potts died in 1922. The small family of three then went to live in Rockhampton where Mrs Potts was married to Mr James Hudson in 1927. A third child, Joan, was born of this marriage in Rockhampton. She is survived by her husband of Rockhampton and her three children, Mrs D M Baker (Elsie), Mrs Robert Harris (Joan) and Mr Jack Potts of Brisbane.

1962 - Death of Mary Ann Bunn

Mary Ann Johnson (nee Bunn), wife of Henry William Johnson, died in 1962 (QLD BDM Ref C712).

Henry Carroll Warland

According to his service file, Henry Carroll Warland was living in Liverpool and then Wagga Wagga in 1972. Henry died on 28 September 1981.

Additional are available upon request and confirmation of relationship.

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