Warlands in India

There are at least two Warland connections with India.

Florence Alice Warland

Florence Alice Warland (born 1898 to Alfred and Susannah Warland) married the Anglo-Indian doctor William (Bill) Herbert Bailie (with an Indian military background and who had come to England during World War 1) in the UK in 1921. They had one child in 1923 and then left for Malaya (where William worked as a doctor) via India where they were said to have met William's relatives. They had two more children. William and Florence returned to the UK but separated before World War 2. Descendents of the Bailie family now live in New Zealand.

Thomas Graham Warland

Thomas Graham Warland (1876 - 1932) was the son of Thomas Warland. (Captain) Thomas Warland (senior) was the first cousin of Henry Warland who migrated to Australia in 1855, and Philip Christopher Warland, who migrated to Australia in 1867. Philip Christopher's nephew Albert John Warland and daughters visited Thomas Graham Warland in 1923 - see below.

Thomas Graham Warland moved to Bombay, India some time around 1900 where he worked initially as a pilot. He married Ada Florence Dwyer (died 21 October 1954) in around 1903 in Bombay, and they had two children:

From 1915 - Thomas Graham Warland and Edward Warland

According to Edward Graham Warland's daughter Moira Morley, Tom Warland and his brother Edward Warland went to school in Mayfield, Sussex, while their parents were in India and spent their school holidays with their aunt and uncle (Gertrude and Ernest Tull) and their family in Windsor.

1923 - Albert John Warland and family visit Bombay en route to England

The children of Thomas Warland kept contact with their relatives. Albert John Warland visited his second cousin Thomas Warland in Bombay in 1923 en route to the UK.

Thomas Graham Warland (born in 1872) in 1923 in India with his wife Ada, his second cousin Albert Warland and Albert's daughter Lilian.

It is quite possible Philip Christopher Warland also visited his first cousin Thomas in Bombay on his way to or from the UK.

1934 - Tom Warland marries Audrey Forth

Thomas Edward Graham Warland followed the family tradition of being a master mariner and followed his father as the Harbour Master of Bombay. Both his and his father's names are on the list of Harbour Masters at Bombay Harbour Headquarters.

Thomas E G Warland married twice. His first wife was Audrey Maud Forth from Brisbane, Queensland, whom he married in 1934. Audrey was the daughter of Ernest Edward Forth and Margaret Marcella Baker. Audrey appeared multiple times in the Queensland newspapers from September 1934. On 22 September 1934, the Courier Mail ran an article 'Gifts to Future Brides' that stated 'In honour of Miss Audrey Forth who will leave for Colombo on November 1 to be married to Mr Tom Warland, Mrs A B Anderson and Miss Audrey Anderson gave a bridge afternoon at their home at New Farm. On 5 October 1934, the same newspaper ran an article 'Gift for Bride-elect' that noted that 'A shoulder spray of Re Page Roberts roses was presented to Miss Audrey Forth yesterday afternoon, when, in honour of her approaching marriage to Mr Tom Warland, she was entertained at a bridge party given by Miss Dorothy Chapman at her home, Belbowrie, Enderley Road, Ascot'.

On 23 October 1934, the Courier Mail (Brisbane) ran an article titled 'Pre-Wedding at Home' in which it stated that 'Her three sisters - Medsames P Allom, B O'Sullivan, and Miss Herries Forth - were the hostesses at an At Home in honour of Audrey who 'will shortly leave Brisbane for India'. The party took place at 'Clonlara, Adelaide Street, Clayfield, the home of Mr E E Forth'.

Audrey Forth and Tom Warland married on 11 December 1934 in Bombay, according to the Telegraph (Brisbane) of that day. Interestingly, her brother, Mr C E Forth of Eltham, New Zealand, married the same day to Miss Jean Lash in New Plymouth, New Zealand. It is not known if Tom and Audrey Warland had any children.

On 25 April 1935, the Queenslander noted that 'Herries Forth and her father, Mr E E Forth, who are touring the East, are expected to return to Brisbane early in June. Audrey Forth, now Mrs Tom Warland, of Bombay, is thoroughly enjoying life in the East and is quite acclimatised'.

Audrey's father E E Forth re-married in July 1937 to a much younger woman, Hazel Grant, stated to be 'a pretty girl who is said to be 32 - younger than some of her step-daughters to be - but who looks only 24 at most'. (Truth (Brisbane), 11 July 1937)

Life of Edward Warland

According to his daughter Moira Morley, Edward was not allowed to go to sea and became a Chartered Accountant instead in the UK. He married Cynthia Gray (who was also born in India) in 1936. They had one daughter, Moira Alexandra Graeme Warland, who worked in nature conservation in Switzerland and Norfolk and was the Director of the Norfold Naturalists Trust. Moira was married to John Morley.

Edward Warland returned to India in 1942 to prepare for the re-invasion of Burma and became a Major with the Royal Army Service Corps. He spent the rest of the war in India before returning to the UK.

1945 - Audrey Warland (nee Forth) visits Australia

The Sunday Mail (Brisbane) of 21 October 1945 noted that Audrey Warland had returned to Queensland to visit her father at Clayfield.

1947 - Audrey Warland (nee Forth) returns to Australia

Audrey Warland (nee Forth) again returned to Australia in November 1947 for a six month visit, according to the Sunday Mail of 30 November 1947.

1950 - Julia Elsa Marion Bekkers in newspapers

Julia Bekkers 'husband of Harry Bekkers', (and later to marry Tom Warland) appeared in the Courier Mail (Brisbane) of 22 April 1950 in connection with a probate (for Mabel Jessie Imrie Harris).

1954 - Ada Florence Warland dies

Ada Florence Warland (nee Dwyer) died on 21 October 1954 (QLD BDM Ref 1954/B/4748). The Courier Mail (Brisbane) ran a notice on 12 November 1954 titled: 'Re Ada Florence Warland, deceased' and referring to the estate of Ada Florence Warland late of 114 Fullers Road, Windsor, Brisbane, widow.

Mid 1950s - Tom Warland moves to Queensland, re-marries

Thomas Warland is believed to have moved to Queensland, Australia in the 1950s, presumably with his wife Audrey.

Audrey Maud Warland died on 6 March 1958 (QLD BDM Ref 1958/B/24700).

Tom Warland later married Julia Elsa Marion Bekkers - see below. He died in Queensland on 5 June 1971 (QLD BDM Ref 1971/B/24038).

1972 - Death of Edward Warland

Edward Warland, son of Captain Thomas Warland, died on 14 December 1972.

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