Alfred and Susanna Warland (UK, links to India and Canada)

Alfred Warland 15 February 1874 - 27 December 1946) was the son of Alfred Warland (9 October 1849 - 1890/91) and Victoria Gimbert (1846 - 1922).

Alfred Warland ran a tobacco and sweet shop on Lordship Lane in East Dulwich, London.

Alfred Warland outside his shop

1895 - Alfred Warland's aunt leaves for South Africa

Alfred's aunt, Florence Elizabeth Warland (born 1870), who had lived with her grandparents in Camberwell, departed for South Africa in 1895. There she married John D'Arcy Cockerell on 31 October 1897. They had two children, only one of whom, Enid Cockerell, survived.

1891 census

Neither Alfred Warland nor his mother or brother Edward are recorded in the 1891 census, suggesting that they may have been away from the UK at that time.

1897 - Alfred Warland marries

Alfred Warland married Susannah Brooker (6 April 1875, Rotherhithe, London - 1947) in 1897.

Alfred and Susannah Warland had the following children:

1899 - Disappearance of Edward Warland

Edward Warland, Alfred Warland's uncle and the brother of Florence Elizabeth Warland who moved to South Africa and married John Cockerell in 1897, disappeared from public view in 1899. See the linked page for further details.

1911 census

Alfred Albert Warland (born 1874), Susannah Warland and family were recorded in the 1911 census at St Mary Newington, Southwark, London.

1914-1918 War

Alfred Colenso George Warland, a clerk, is recorded as having joined the Royal Air Force during World War 1.

1921 - Florence Alice Warland marries William Bailie

It is believed that William Bailie (born India, 21 April 1890 - 1955) was the descendent of a Scottish soldier who had served in India, married an Indian and remained there. Some of his descendents were recorded living in Bangalore in the 1920s.

The National Archives of India holds a military file from the General Orders Minutes of Council Branch, dated 1795, titled 'Vacancy vacated for a Full Surgeon by the death of Mr William Bailie'. It is not yet known if that person is related.

An Arthur William Bailie, born in 1889, was recorded in the 1911 census 'Overseas military, ships and overseas establishments'. Another William J Bailie was born in 1881 in Poona, India (British Armed Forces and Overseas Births and Baptisms). It is not known if these two individuals are connected.

William Bailie's personal file in the Indian military dates from 1890 to 1904. From 1914 to 1920, William Bailie was recorded as an Assistant Surgeon with the British Army, with first with the Royal Field Artillery, 19th Battalion, Royal Field Artillery Brigade, and then with the Indian Medical Department, Indian Subordinate Medical Department. (Source:

Additional details about William Bailie in India may be added once his Indian military file has been accessed (on order from mid April 2020).

William Bailie travelled to England before or during World War 1. He married Florence Alice Warland in Camberwell, London, in 1921. They had one child in 1923 and then left for Malaya (where William worked as a doctor) via India where they were said to have met William's relatives. They had two more children. William and Florence returned to the UK but separated before World War 2. Descendents of the Bailie family now live in New Zealand.

1926 - Alfred Colenso George Warland marries

Alfred Colenso George Warland (1902 - 1968) lived in London, North Wales and Kent. He married Edna May Edmunds (1901 - 1953) in 1926 in Camberwell, London. Alfred worked for a peanut supply company.

Alfred and Edna Warland had the following children:

Alfred Colenso George Warland joined the military in World War 2, working in logistics.

1931 - Edward Thomas Warland marries

Edward Thomas Warland (1902 - c.1967/8) married Doris Pittam (? - 1979) in Camberwell in 1931. They had no children.

1936 - Death of Annie Mary Warland

Annie Mary Warland, born 8 November 1872, died on 6 December 1936. Her brother Alfred, who reported her death, was at the time living at 298 Albany Road, Camberwell, London.

It is understand that she never married as her only true love was killed in the first world war'.

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