Alfred and Susanna Warland (UK, links to India and Canada)

Alfred Warland 15 February 1874 - 27 December 1946) was the son of Alfred Warland (9 October 1849 - ) and Victoria Gimbert (1846 - 1922).

Alfred Warland married Susannah Brooker (1875 - 1947) in 1897 and ran a Tobacco and Sweet Shop in E. Dulwich, London.

Alfred Warland's shop in Dulwich, London.

Alfred Warland and Susannah had the following children:

The lives of the children of Alfred Warland and Susannah Brooker

Florence Alice Warland (1898 - ) lived in Lucknow and New Delhi, India with her husband William (Bill) Herbert Bailie (1890 New Delhi - 1955) who she married in London. They had three children. Bill Bailie came to London from India to study and become a doctor. They lived in Malaysia where Bill worked as a plantation doctor.

Alfred Colenso George Warland (1902 - 1967) lived in London, North Wales and Kent, and married Edna May Edmunds (1901 - 1953). Alfred and Edna had the following children:

Edward Thomas Warland (1902 - c.1967/8) married Doris Pitham (? - 1979), but they had no children.

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