Warlands from Rogaland, Norway

The Warland name appears to have developed in Norway from the early 1700s. It is unrelated to the English name.

The following information about the Warlands of Norway comes from the following sources: (a) Finn Warland in Chicago, United States, (b) Morten Warland in Stavanger, Norway, (b) information obtained from the online Ellis Island, New York, United States arrivals register, (d) www.geni.com and (e) general research.

The Warland name in Norway is believed to be derived from the name of a location called Varlandsli (also called Vardland), meaning 'lands of cairns' (cairn in Norwegian is 'varde'), a small place in Strand near Stavanger (between Tau and Fiskå/Fiskaa. There are currently two places near Stavanger that still carry the Varland/Vardland name. One is in the township of Strand, the other in Finnøy (Fogn).

Origin of the name - Vatland, Varlandsi, Varland, Warland - Rogaland, Norway

Most Warlands in Norway appear to live in the Rogaland area - Tau and Stavanger in particular. According to Morten Warland in Stavanger, his great great grandfather’s name was originally Svendsen (Ananias Svendsen Tau Brug); we can see however from the details above that the name first appears to be Vatland then Varlandsi. While it was not uncommon practice for Norwegians to take on the name of their town as their surname, there is no actual town or village called Varland or Varlandsi.

The Geni website contains (across a number of pages maintained by different people) details of members of the family which ultimately became Warland.

Ådne Ådneram (abt 1580, Sirdal, Norway - ) had at least one son, Knut Åneson Ådneram i Sirdal (1604, Ådneram - ).

Knut Åneson Ådneram married and had a son, Ånen Knutson Ådneram (abt 1634 - ). Ånen Knutson Ådneram married Helga Eilevsdatter Lyse and they had several children:

Ole Ånensen Ådneram married Gjertrud Olsdotter Ådneram and they had several children (note the appearance of 'Vatland'):

Ånen Olsen Vatland (Ådneram) married Guro Knutsdatter and they had three children:

Knut Ånensen Vatland married Anna Martina Reiersdotter Tauravågen and then Ingelev Danielsdotter Vatland. Two children were born (it is not clear from which mother)

Ådne (Ånon) Knutsen Varlandsli (Vatland) married Eli Karine (Elen) Svendsdotter Varlandsli and they had several children:

Svend Ådnesen Varlandsli married Helga Johannesdatter Helle and they had several children:

Ananias Svendsen Tau Brug married three times: Anne Helene Thorsdotter Øvre Bjørheim; Gurine Nilsdotter Nielsdatter; and Klausine Klausdotter Tau Brug. From these marriages many children were born, some of whom migrated to the United States. It is not known if these children are listed chronologically.

According to Morten Warland (who lives in Stavanger, Norway), the great great grandson of Ananias Svendsen, ten of Ananias Svendsen's children emigrated from Norway to the US (as noted above). Most settled in the Midwest (Iowa mostly) and kept the Warland name, but some took back the Svendsen name.

Jonas Svensen Varland (3 February 1849, Varland - 9 April 1939, US), the brother of Ananias Svendsen Tau Brug (above), married Gunhild Svensen Varland. They had the following children. It is not yet known when they migrated to the United States:

1884 - Varland/Warland from Strand, Rogaland

Nicolay Varland/Warland (aka Knutsen)(12 December 1858, Ardal, Rogaland - 29 July 1938) and Ellen Thomine (Idsøe) married and had the following children from 1885 (Source: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Varland-8):

Further information

For information about the migration of Warlands from Stavanger to the United States, see this page.

Many Warlands still live around the Stavanger area.

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