Warlands in New Zealand - Mary Ann Warland

Some of the information below was provided by Nancy Gray, a descendent of Mary Ann Warland, in New Zealand.

Mary Ann Warland (1812 - 1847) was the daughter of John Warland (1785 - ) and Ann Stiles (1783 - ) who lived around Wimborne Minister in Dorset. Mary's siblings (and Mary) are listed below. Note that two of her siblings migrated to Australia.

By 1839 - Mary Ann Warland marries John Fisher

Mary Ann Warland married John Fisher (21 September 1812, London - 1843) in England. They had two children:

John Fisher died in 1843 (possibly recorded at St Martin-In-The-Fields). Mary Ann Fisher then married William Nunn; this could be the William Nunn and Mary Ann Fisher whose marriage was recorded at St Martin-In-The-Fields in 1843. Mary Ann Nunn (nee Warland, previously Fisher) died in 1847; this is probably the Mary Ann Nunn born 1812 whose death is recorded at St Martin-In-The-Fields in 1847.

Perhaps William Nunn was unable to care for his step-children and her uncle Edward offered to help. It is understood that Ann and Mary's uncle Edward Warland cared for the two children after the death of both parents, as recorded in the 1851 census records.

When did Ann Sophia Fisher arrive in New Zealand?

One story notes that Ann Sophia Fisher travelled to New Zealand at the age of 12 as a nurse maid for a wealthy family (information from Joy Wilson, from Nancy Gray), possibly Dr Baker or Mr Godley. Interestingly, John Robert Godley, a wealthy person, named his first home in New Zealand 'Stickland', which may be a reference to the Stickland family that is linked with the Warland family from Dorset.

Another story states that Ann Fisher may have arrived on the same ship as a Dr Baker, a doctor and photographer, arrived in 1851 on the Charlotte Jane. The problem with this story is that Ann Sophia was recorded at her uncle Edward's house in the 1851 UK census; the census was taken after the Charlotte Jane left England. There were, however, other people on the ship with the surname of Fisher and these may be related or be a coincidence.

Either way, Ann Sophia Fisher was in New Zealand before June 1861.

1861 - Ann Sophia Fisher marries

Ann Sophia met William Gray (2 April 1831, Willoughby-with-Sloothby, Lincolnshire, - 1917), the eldest son of William Teesdale Gray and Eliza Hodgson who married in Huttoft, Lincolnshire on 24 September 1828. (Source https://www.genealogy.com/forum/regional/countries/topics/englandcountry/123097/ which includes a listing of William's siblings)

Ann Sophia Fisher and William Gray married at the home of Mr Smithson in Christchurch, New Zealand, on 13 June 1861 (NZ BDM Ref 1861/3217). The identity of Mr Smithson is not yet known.

Ann Sophia and William Gray had eleven children, all born in the Canterbury District of New Zealand:

Another William and Ann Gray

The following children were born to a William and Ann Gray who should not be confused with William and Ann Sophia Gray:

1888 - Marriage of Sarah Ann Elizabeth Gray

Sarah Ann Elizabeth Gray (1867 - 1956), recorded in BDM records as Elizabeth Sarah Ann or 'Lizzie', married Andrew Ross (1851 - 1935) in 1888 (NZ BDM Ref 1888/1654).

Note, another Andrew Ross married a Sarah Montgomery in 1888 (NZ BDM Ref 1888/1160). Their children are listed with Sarah's name only.

Andrew and Elizabeth Sarah Ann Ross had the following children:

Elizabeth Sarah Ross was the great-grandmother of Joy Wilson.

1891 - Marriage of William Alfred Gray

William Alfred Gray (1862 - 1941) married Helen Hopwood (1865 - 1926) in 1891 (NZ BDM Ref 1891/861). They had the following children:

1892 - Marriage of Edward Arthur Gray

Edward Arthur Gray (1868/9 - 1951), married Maria Thomasina Harland (1867 - 1939) in 1892 (NZ BDM Ref 2221). They had the following children:

Edward Arthur Gray was the grandfather of Nancy Gray.

1897 - Marriage of Frank Baldock Gray

Frank Baldock Gray (1874 - 1961), married Jane Cecilia/Celia Burke (1875 - 1960) in 1897 (NZ BDM Ref 1897/575). They had the following children:

1907 - Death of Ann Sophia Gray (nee Fisher)

Ann Sophia Gray (nee Fisher) died on 17 May 1907 at Ashburton, New Zealand.

1912 - Marriage of Mary Maude Gray

Mary Maude Gray (1880 (NZ BDM Ref 1880/6561) - 1960), married John Edward Moore (1869 - ?) in 1912 (NZ BDM Ref 1912/5115). They had the following child (perhaps more after 1918 but not yet accessible):

1931 - Marriage of William Ernest Gray

William Ernest Gray (1878 - 1955), married Grace Ellen Wellington (1901 - 1992) in 1931 (NZ BDM Ref 1931/4150).

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