Warlands in the United States

The following pages contain information about Warlands in the United States, from Norway and the UK.

From 1662 - Maryland

A John Worland, possibly from Hertfordshire, just south of the area where other Worland families were recorded from the 1500s, arrived in the Colony of Maryland in 1662.

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Late 1600s - Massachusetts

Owen Warland migrated to Massachusetts before 1688.

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Late 1800s - Robert Warland and family arrive in the United States

Robert Warland (1846 - 1932) arrived in the US from Old Woodstock, Oxford in the late 1800s. The family does not appear to be recorded in the Ellis Island arrives so he may have arrived before that date.

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From 1894 - Warland arrivals at Ellis Island

The first Warland to be recorded arriving at Ellis Island was William Warland in 1894. Click the link below to see the full listing.

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1901 - Sam Warland from Norway

According to a descendent, Finn Warland in Chicago, the first Norwegian Warland arrived in the US from Stavanger in 1901. Ellis Island arrival records record the arrival of Sam Warland, from Stavanger, Norway, aged 30.

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1921 - Fred and Queenie Warland

Fred Warland, the son of Charles Warland from Southampton and related to other Dorset Warlands, appears to have migrated to the United States before 1921 although he does not appear in the Ellis Island registers before then. On 11 November 1921, Fred's wife Queenie Warland, an 'Englishwoman', arrived at Ellis Island with her one year old son Edward Warland. Exactly how old Edward was when he arrived is unclear as Fred and Queenie married in 1915, which would mean that Edward was no more than 5 or 6. However, other records of his return to the UK seem to indicate he was possibly older.

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Worland family - Wyoming and other places

The town of Worland in Wyoming was said to be named after a Charlie Worland.

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Other Warlands in the US

A number of other Warlands are recorded in the US, many of them in Minnesota.

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