Henry Spencer Warland and Mary Ann Warland and daughter - Migration to Tasmania - 1884

Henry Spencer Warland was the youngest child of James Warland (born 1805), a dairyman originally from Blashford (probably Blandford), Dorset, Hampshire, and Jane Warland (nee Foot) from Grovil, Somerset, Hampshire. He was baptised on 26 March 1843, in Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire. The family (James, Jane, and their children William, Louisa and John only) appear to still be in Dorset in the 1851 census - Henry and Matilda do not appear. Henry appears in Hampshire in the 1861 census with his parents and other siblings.

Henry's sister Matilda Warland died on the Isle of Wight in 1867, according to UK death records.

Henry Spencer Warland married Mary Ann Tanner (born 1842) on 28 April 1870 in Ryde, Isle of Wight. His marriage certificate shows his father as James Warland; Mary Ann Tanner's father was also James Tanner. Henry and Mary Ann Warland appear in the 1871 census along with their 3-month old daughter Ruth Warland. In the 1881 census, Henry Spencer Warland (now aged 38), his wife Mary Ann (aged 39), and daughter Ruth (aged 10), are shown at Swanmore Rd, Landford Cottage, Ryde, Hampshire as shown below:

1882 - William Warland of George's Bay

A William Warland of George's Bay appeared in The Mercury (Hobart) of 31 January 1882 in relation to the mining activities of the Clio Tin Mining Company. It is not yet known who this person is. Could it be Henry's older brother William Warland (1831 - ?), or potentially his cousin Willima Warland (1830 - ), the son of William and Mary Warland (nee Griffen), Henry's uncle? Note that Henry's daughter Ruth appears as a shareholder in a mining company in 1888.

1884 - Henry Spencer Warland arrives in Tasmania

It may never be known why the carpenter Henry Spencer decided to leave for Australia, and Tasmania in particular. According to The Mercury (Hobart) of 9 December 1884 (with additional details from the Victorian death record of Ruth Warland), Henry Warland, a carpenter, and his wife Mary Ann (nee Tanner) and daughter Ruth Matilda Warland, arrived in Hobart around 10 December 1884.

1886 - Henry Spencer Warland noted in local papers

Henry Spencer Warland was noted in The Mercury (Hobart) of 13 April 1886 as nominating two other men to the Augusta Road District.

1888 - Ruth Warland and the Warland Freehold Company

The Launceston Examiner of 14 July 1888 makes reference to R M Warland, spinster, (likely Ruth Warland, daughter of Henry Warland) of Hobart as an apparent shareholder in the Heazelwood Extended Silver-Lead Mining Company.

1892 - Ruth Warland - wins prize

Ruth M Warland of Mount Stewart (or Stuart) Road, Hobart, won 'first award' for 'plain and fancy knitting' according to The Tasmania, Launceston, of 20 February 1892.

1898 - Henry Spencer Warland

Henry Spencer Warland, of Mount Stuart Road was nominated for election to the Town Board of Mount Stuart, according to The Mercury (Hobart) of 26 April 1898.

1898 - Ruth Warland from Tasmania marries John Jones from Victoria

Ruth Matilda Jones, the daughter of Henry Spencer Warland and Mary Ann Tanner, married John Edward Jones and moved to Victoria. A birth notice appeared in The Mercury of 5 February 1898 stating that a woman named Jones (nee Warland), the wife of John E Jones, had given birth to a daughter at 'The Little Farm', Mornington, Victoria. Victorian BDM records show the daughter as Alice Worland [sic] Jones, the mother as Ruth Matilda (Warland), the father as John Edward Jones (Ref 1898/6530). There is no record of any other child being born to this pair.

1920 - Alice Warland Jones marries

Alice Warland Jones, the daughter of Ruth and John Jones, married Frederick Augustus Murray in 1920 (Vic BDM Ref 4644).

1941 - Ruth Matilda Jones (nee Warland) dies

Ruth Matilda Jones died in 1941 (VIC BDM Ref 9487).

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