Victor Harbour Warlands - Laurence Warland and Albert Warland

Laurence (Laurie) Warland (4 February 1871 - 21 October 1948)

Laurie was the first son of Edward Warland (1839 - 14 August 1922). Laurie was a railway employee and so moved to various parts of the State. Laurie married Lucy Emily Myra Smith (21 October 1885 - 22 December 1966) and they had the following children:

Albert ('Bert') Warland (24 September 1873 - 31 May 1960)

Some of the following is drawn from "Brief Encounter", in a section written by Irma Springbett, who was living 11 Warland Avenue, Victor Harbour when this information was collated in the late 1980's, and is reproduced with her permission.

Albert ('Bert') Warland was the second son of Edward Warland (1839 - 14 August 1922). He was known as a '... tall broad shouldered man with strong features, thick black hair and a moustache .. with a deep bass voice'.

An Albert Warland was recorded in the Northern Territory in 1894. This is understood to be Bert's father Edward's cousin George Warland's son, Albert Warland, who was involved in expeditions to the Northern Territory with his brother George in 1864/5.

1897 - Bert Warland takes up land at Back Valley/Pondiyong

In 1897, Bert Warland took up a partnership with J Grosvenor with 900 acres of land in Back Valley (Sections 376E, 377 and 369). In 1901, Bert bought out Grosvenor and became sole owner, later extending his holdings to 1223 acres. In his retiring years, Bert's father Edward would go out to the farm to do odd jobs. Local aboriginals referred to the area as Pondiyong (also spelt Pondyong). The land was donated to the Back Valley School, which opened in 1935, and for the St Francis' Church, which opened in 1947. The property remained in the family until 1969.

1900 - Bert Warland marries Caroline Cakebread

In 1900, Bert became District Clerk of Encounter Bay Council.

Bert Warland married Caroline Lottie Cakebread (15 January 1875 - 26 November 1945) on 26 September 1900 (SA BDM Ref 204/1047). Both were members of the Congregational Church choir and were both Sunday School teachers. At their wedding, they had eight bridesmaids and were presented with a family Bible (from which some of this information has been extracted, although its actual whereabouts remains unknown). Bert and Caroline had the following children:

Bert was involved in a number of public affairs, becoming Town Clerk of Victor Harbour in 1914.

In mid July 1917, Bert Warland was thrown from a vehicle and a wheel passed over one of his legs, bruising it severely. (Source: The Journal, (Adelaide), 29 July 1917)

1917 - Accidental death of Lonnen Warland

On 18 July 1917, Lonnen Trevor Warland (also known as Billy) was attempted to reach toys from a shelf, overbalanced, and fell directly into a copper of boiling water, severely scalding his upper body. He died the same night. The Journal of 29 July 1917 reported that only a year ago he had had two fingers amputated in a chaff cutter. It was reported that he said 'Never mind, they will soon grow again'.

1919 - Bert Warland's civic activities

Bert Warland was Chairman of Peace Day Celebrations in 1919, Secretary of the War Loan, Secretary of the Australia Day Committee, Secretary of the Repatriation Committee, Secretary of the School Committee and Treasurer of the Encounter Bay race meetings. He was made a Justice of the Peace in 1923.

1925 - Death of Howard Warland (born 1901)

The Chronicle (Adelaide) of 24 January 1925 recorded the death of H H Warland: Mr. H. H. Warland, whose death is reported from Victor Harbor, was the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Warland, of Encounter Bay, and was just on the threshold of manhood, his life full of promise. After leaving school he entered the employ of Messrs. G. & R. Wills & Co., where he remained until his death. Having returned home to spend the holidays, he was taken ill and removed to the Victor Harbor Hospital, where ten days later he died.. It is believed that he had appendicitis.

1927 - Death of Jean Warland (born 1903)

The Victor Harbour Time and Encounter Bay and Lower Murray Pilot of 29 July 1927 reported the death of Jean Warland:

The Late Miss Jean Warland. By the sad death of Miss Jean Warland, which took place at 'Lugano' Private Hospital last evening, a gloom has been cast over the town and district. The deceased who took ill on Tuesday of last week was removed from her home to the hospital, where she was under the constant vigil of Drs. Douglas and Shipway. Later Dr Cudmore, of Adelaide, was summoned, but every effort to combat the ailment failed. Jean was the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Warland of Encounter Bay. She was widely known and highly respected — she had won the esteem of all who had the pleasure of her acquaintance. Of a sweet nature, she was a cheerful worker in all movements — ever ready to lend a helping hand where help was needed. She was on a mission of mercy when she was seized with the illness, which for a week was the cause of profound anxiety and suspense, which was shared by not only her relatives but by the whole populace of the town and district. Miss Warland was a member of the Congregational Church choir. Her absence will be an irreparable loss in many walks of life. The bereaved family and relatives have the heartfelt sympathy of the people throughout the district. They have had more than an ordinary share of losses. Of a family of three sons and three daughters, only one son and two daughters remain. The funeral will take place at 3 p.m. to-day, leaving from Mrs. Cakebread’s residence in Torrens Street. Again, it is believed that Jean died from appendicitis.

1919 - Bert Warland and the South Coast District Hospital

Largely due to Bert's efforts, the South Coast District Hospital was opened in 1929 (one of its wards is named after him). Bert was a member of the hospital board of management until 1959. He arranged patriotic functions, tree planting and commemoration plaques. Through him, the council obtained land for the local oval and the Education Department secured the site for the Victor Harbour High School.

1930 - Lorne Warland marries Kenneth Clarke

Lorne Heyward Warland possibly met Kenneth Norman Clarke (the second son of Albert Clarke and the late Mrs Clarke) at Newland Memorial Congregational Church, Victor Harbour where she was a member of the choir (Source - Lorne's obituary, see below). Lorne and Kenneth married in that church on 14 June 1930 (SA BDM Ref 323/813). Lorne's sister Edna Warland and Jean Battye were the bridesmaids. Harold Graham was the best man and Blythe Warland was the groomsman. The reception was held at Pipiriki, the home of Albert and Caroline Warland. Guests included Jessie Warland, Mrs H C Warland, Mr and Mrs L E Warland (Mount Gambier) and many others (Source: The Mail (Adelaide) of 14 June 1930).

According to her 1997 obituary, Kenneth and Lorne Clarke '... lived on the Clarke family property, Pine Grove near Cradock, attending the local Methodist Church. Having come from a very musical family and possessing a strong contralto voice, Lorne took an active part in concerts and other entertainment organised throughout the district to boost morale through depression, drought and locust plagues. A branch of the Country Women's Association was also formed which brought the women of the district together as they coped with hard times on the land.

1932/33 - Blythe Warland marries Elsie Bolt, dies the next year

Blythe Halley Warland married Elsie Alma Bolt in 1932 in Adelaide. (SA BDM Ref 330/25). They had a son Gordon Leo Warland (whose birth does not appear to be recorded in the SA BDM records).

Blythe Warland died at the Crystal Brooke Hospital on 22 May 1933 (SA BDM Ref 548/258). The Victor Harbour Times of 26 May 1933 reported his death as follows:

After an illness of some months, Mr Blythe Halley (Mick) Warland, second and only surviving son of Mr and Mrs A H Warland of Victor Harbour passed away in the Crystal Brook Hospital on Monday morning last at the early age of 23. Mr. Warland, jun. married Miss Elsie Bolt of Inman Valley who with an infant survives. Mick, as all his intimates knew him. was born at Victor Harbour and received his education at the local primary school and Strathalbyn High School, at both of which he proved very popular. He was well known on the field of sport, living been a regular member of the Encounter Bay football team, and in addition represented this locality and Victor Harbour at cricket. On leaving school Mr Warland spent some time on the land in the north-esat, later returning to this district where he successfully worked at farm at Back Valley, until his health failed. A tribute to bis popularity and respect with which he was held was the long line of cars, numbering nearly 40 which followed the hearse to the local cemetery on Tuesday afternoon, when Rev. Chass. Watts officiated at the funeral. The sympathy of the whole community goes out to those who held him most dearly. Rev. Watts, who was with him when he died, stated, addressing mourners at the graveside that Mick had won the affection and respect of all who had attended him during his illness, by his unflinching courage and continued hopefulness, although called upon to suffer far more than the great majority. He had never grumbled, and scarcely even asked that his pain be alleviated He bore it all without complaint: he died like a man.

Early life of Gordon Leo Warland

Gordon Leo Warland was recorded at various times as a youth in the local newspaper relating to Victor Harbour. For example, he was recorded in the Victor Harbour Times of 14 April 1944 on the local primary school honour list. His coming of age party was recorded in the Victor Harbour Times of 5 March 1954.

1943 - Bert Warland awarded the MBE

Bert was awarded an MBE in 1943 for outstanding services to the town and district. He retired in 1950. Albert Howard Warland, MBE, has a reserve named after him in Victor Harbour, a "house" at the High School, and an Avenue in Victor Harbour.

According to one story, Bert Warland sometimes asked a friend to drive him to the local cemetery, where he would talk to his loved ones as if they were there in person.

From 1945 - Gordon Warland

Gordon Warland, son of Blythe Warland, attended Victor Harbour High School and then went on to Roseworthy College in Adelaide for 12 months where he studied agriculture.

1947 - Lorne and Kenneth Mayfield look after her parents

According to her 1997 obituary (see below): 'Due to her mother's death and father's ill health, Lorne and Ken returned to Victor Harbor in 1947 — he - Lorne Mayfield took over the Warland's Back Valley property, Pondyong, while she cared for her father.

1953 - Death of Kenneth Clarke

Lorne Mayfield's husband Kenneth died in 1953.

1954 - Gordon Warland in newspaper

In 1954, Gordon (noted as a sheetmetal worker from Brayville) was fined for mistakenly shooting a fox terrier dog that he thought was a rabbit (Source: The News (Adelaide) of 1 September 1954).

1958 - Lorne Clarke marries Albert Cakebread in Melbourne

Lorne Heywood Clarke (nee Warland) married her cousin Albert William Cakebread (? - 1979) at the Essendon Presbyterian Church in Victoria on 16 July 1958. Albert may have been living in Melbourne at the time; it is noted that his brother Reginald, of Mornington, attended the wedding. Also of interest, Lorna 'entered the church on the arm of Mr Harold Graham' who had been the best man at her first wedding. Harold's wife was Lorna's attendant. Mr Norman Cakebread acted as MC. Following the wedding, the couple returned to Back Valley, South Australia. (Source: Victor Harbour Times, 25 July 1958). Albert may have been a relative of Lorna's mother.

1960 - Death of Bert Warland

Albert (Bert) Warland died at home on 31 May 1960, aged 87. On his tomb is inscribed the following words:

"Well done good and faithful servant, Enter thou into the joy of the Lord"

1997 - Obituary of Lorne Mayfield

Lorne Mayfield in her later years

The Times (Victor Harbour) of 24 July 1997 ran the following lengthy obituary of Lorne Mayfield, which included a photograph:

Pioneer's daughter' dies aged 92 Lorne Mayfield, daughter of a Victor Harbor pioneering family, died on June 23 at the age of 92. She was one of six children of Albert and Lottie Warland (nee Cakebread), of Encounter Bay. Lorne was married to Kenneth Clarke in 1905 [sic - that is when she was born, she married in 1930] in Newland Church where she was a choir member and they lived on the Clarke family property, Pine Grove near Cradock, attending the local Methodist Church. Having come from a very musical family and possessing a strong contralto voice, Lorne took an active part in concerts and other entertainment organised throughout the district to boost morale through depression, drought and locust plagues. A branch of the Country Women's Association was also formed which brought the women of the district together as they coped with hard times on the land. Lorne enjoyed participating and considered these years a rich and rewarding time of her life. Due to her mother's death and father's ill health, Lorne and Ken returned to Victor Harbor in 1947 — he - Lorne Mayfield took over the Warland's Back Valley property, Pondyong, while she cared for her father. Ken Clarke died in 1953 and about three years later, Lorne married her cousin, Albert Cakebread from Victoria and following the death of her father in 1960 in his 87th year, the couple settled on the Back Valley property. There they endeared themselves to local residents, particularly with their Cakies Christmas party which was the highlight of the year. She also joined the Lower Inman Ladies Guild. As time passed Bert's energy was unable to match the demands of the large property and the land, which had been in the Warland family since 1897, was cut into smaller holdings and sold. The Cakebreads left the Valley in 1970 and moved into their new house in Cakebread Road — Bert died in 1979. In 1980, Oscar Mayfield, a very close friend of her pre-marital days, paid a surprise visit and within a short time they were married. They left on an overseas trip the following year and he took ill in Norway and died there in 1981. Lorne had many friends including members of the Yilki Church and fellowship and on leaving her home and moving into Bay Lodge in 1993 at the age of 87, she presented a precious collection of memorabilia relating to the South Coast to the local branch of National Trust. Lorne Mayfield was a gracious lady in every way, an example to follow, highly esteemed and loved by Lorne Mayfield all who knew her and kind and generous to those in trouble.

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