Joseph Worland (1824 - 1898) - Convict

Joseph Worland was tried at Cambridge, UK, in 1847 to a period of 7 years. He was transported on the ship 'Adelaide', which departed 8 August 1849 and arrived at Van Diemen's Land and Port Phillip on 8 April 1850. (Source: Other references suggest he arrived in New South Wales on 24 December 1849.

According to Maree Worland ( Joseph WORLAND was tried at Cambridge Assizes on 19 March 1847 for burglary at 23 years of age. He received a sentence of 7 years transportation to Australia. He may have spent some time on board a prison “hulk” before being departed from the Port of London per the convict ship "Adelaide" on 17 August 1849. The “Adelaide” was carrying 303 Male Convicts. The route was from Portland. She arrived in Hobert, Van Dieman’s Land after a journey of 104 days on 29 November 1849. 40 men landed here.

The next stop was Port Phillip, Victoria, Australia but the “Adelaide” was refused entry and so they continued on. Their journey ended at Port Jackson, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on 24 December 1849. The City of Sydney didn’t want to accept these exiles either, but all convicts on board disembarked here. The “Adelaide” was the last convict ship to New South Wales. Their journey had taken them 129 days.

Joseph received a ticket of leave on 30 December 1849, (six days after landing in Australia), which allowed him to remain in the district of Broulee. In November 1850, this ticket was cancelled when Joseph was discovered to be “illegally at large”. Several months later in February 1851, Joseph’s absence was explained and his ticket reissued.

He married Ann Brabner CRAWFORD on 22 Feb 1852 at Bombalo, District of Maneroo, New South Wales. Ann CRAWFORD migrated to Australia from Coupar Country, Fife Dairsey, Scotland aboard the vessell the “Bermondsey” arriving at Twofold Bay, New South Wales on 7 December 1848. Also on board was her brother David CRAWFORD (32 years) and his wife Jane (34 years) and their four children John (8 years), Janet (6 years), David (2) and infant Robert. Another brother Patrick CRAWFORD (20 years) and sister Livia CRAWFORD (34 year) were also on board. All the adults could both read and write. They had no relatives living in Australia.

Ann and Joseph Worland had the following children, all born at Cooma, NSW:

Joseph found work on the sheep property of 'Bibbenluke' owned by Benjamin BOYD in 1853. His occupation is listed as Shepherd, Shearer and Shearer’s Cook. On his children’s birth certificates, Ann (b. 1858) and Arthur (b. 1860), his occupation is also listed as Shearer. His address as “Myalla” district of Cooma.

Joseph’s brother William WORLAND aged 23 years and his wife Mary Ann (nee CANHAM) aged 23 years and their infant son William arrived in Australia on board the ship “Kate” in 1852.

Maree has no further records of Joseph and Ann’s life together, other then their death certificates. Joseph died on 18 August 1898 at Numeralla, aged 75 years. He was buried at Cooma, New South Wales, Australia. Ann died on 4 November 1906 at her son’s residence Yowrie and is buried at Cobargo, New South Wales, Australia.

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