South Africa - William Warland

The primary Warland family in South Africa is descended from William Warland (1875 - 1969), the son of Mary Emma Warland (1859 - 1887) (Dorset Warlands) and an unknown father. William Warland was reportedly born in Aberdeen, Scotland on 20 July 1875 although on-line Scottish registers do not appear to record any birth by this name.

On 5 April 1894, William, Army No. 4928, was recorded as having been in the 1st Seaforth Highlanders, and was a 'photographer' by trade. As at 1894, William was 'Unmarried. Had not lived as a separate householder. Had never been in prison. Had never previously been in Army. Chose the Seaforth Highlanders to serve. Agreed to sign for 12 years.' He was 18 years old, 5ft 4 5/8", weighed 117 lbs, his chest expansion was 34" - 36", he had fresh complexion, grey eyes, and fair hair. His religion was Baptist. He had tattoos on his left arm, and a heart and arrow and regimental badge on his right arm.

His statement of service read: "Joined Seaforths 1st Battalion, 07 April 1894 at Tipperary as a Private. Lance Corporal 24 December 1896. Paid up 1st April 1897. Reverted to Private at own request 4th Oct 1898. Posted to 2nd Battalion as Private 4th January 1902. Army reserve "B" transferred as a Private. In South Africa the authority was G O C Pretoria district 7018. Df (?) 13th Jan 1903. Army reserve discharged on termination of his first engagement as a Private 4th April 1906."

He served as follows:

He participated in the Nile Expedition of 1898, and the Occupation of Crete 1897. He won the Egyptian Sudan Medal (1898, 2nd Class), the British Sudan Medal (1989), the Queens South Africa Medal (1899 - 1900, 3rd Class) and the King's South African Medal (1902).

(This information was provided by A E Sutherland on 5 July 1984 (Source: The UK National Archives, WO 97/6171 (1900 - 1913), 'Royal Hospital Chelsea: Soldiers Service Documents'.

From January 1902, William Warland served in the tail end of the Boer War (11 October 1899 - 31 May 1902) with the 2nd Battalion of the Seaforth Highlanders, whose 1st Battalion arrived in South Africa in November 1899. The 1st Battalion of the Highlanders returned to the UK in January 1903. William's record of service shows that he was in the Army Reserve from 1903 to 1906, but it is not (yet) clear if this was in the UK or South Africa.

Some records show that William married his wife Ellen Johannah Campbell, from Kroonstad, Orange Free State, in South Africa, in 1900, however it is more likely that this occurred in 1902 or later. Their first child was born in 1905. Again, it is not clear if William's wife accompanied him back to the UK.

A South African newspaper article of 31 May 1962 shows a picture of William Warland (available on request).

The death certificate for William's wife Ellen Johannah shows that he was a 'retired engine driver' in 1935, and was living at Plot Q 13, Klippoort je Agr, Germiston.

The death certificate for William shows that he was a 'retired checker' with the South African Railways, and was living at 6 Ivor Road, Germiston, Transvaal, South Africa. The death certificate states that the cause of death was unknown, but presumed to be 'natural causes' including old age and general weakness. His South African Identity Number was 324826 434.

William Warland and his wife Ellen had the following descendants.

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