Warland families in Hampshire

Hampshire is south-west of greater London and borders both Surry and Dorset, locations where many Warland families are found.

Warlands were present in Romsey, Hampshire from the late 1500s. See this page for more detail. It is not yet known if this family can be linked to the ones below.

Census records

Census records provide information about Warland families living in Hampshire from 1841.

1841 census

A number of Warlands are present in Hampshire in 1841. The eldest family members appear to be John Warland (born 1790/1, aged 50) and his likely wife Sarah Warland (born 1791, aged 50). Based on their ages, their children appear to be the following.

Three young children are also present in 1841. Based on their ages and the name of one, they may be the children of James Warland (born 1816) and his possible wife Sarah:

1851 census

By 1851, John Warland (born 1790/1) is still present. His wife Sarah no longer appears and may have died. Another couple appears - Robert Warland (born 1824, aged 27) and (probably) his wife Mary (born 1821, aged 30); Robert and Mary are shown as relatives. Robert could (possibly) be the son of John and Mary Warland, but who was not present in 1841.

Two other Warlands, Eliza Warland (born 1826, aged 25) and Mary Ann Warland (born 1835, aged 16 and recorded in the 1841 census), show John Warland as their relative. James Warland (born 1840, aged 11), the possible son of James and Sarah Warland recorded in 1841, is present.

Only one other Warland, Amelia Warland (born 1830 in Essex, aged 21) is present. Amelia Warland is not present in 1841, suggesting she is the wife of a Warland whose name is not known.

1861 census

By 1861, only one of the Warlands listed in 1851, Matilda Warland (born 1842, aged 19), appears to be present. A previously unrecorded (in 1841 or 1851 census) Hampshire-born Warland, Beal Warland (born 1824, aged 37), appears to have married a Dorset-born person named May (born 1820 in Dorset, aged 41), based on both stating a relationship to each other. A Henry Warland (born 1842 in Hampshire, aged 19) is also present.

Other Warlands from Dorset appear in Hampshire in 1861. The oldest (probable Dorset) couple present are James Warland (born 1805 in Dorset, aged 56) and Jane Warland (born 1807 in Somerset, aged 54). James is recorded in both the 1841 and 1851 census. James and Jane appear to have a son, William Warland (born 1833 in Dorset, aged 28); they are named as his relatives. William may be the same William Warland, born 1831, recorded in Dorset in the 1841 and 1851 census.

The other Dorset-born Warlands listed in 1861 are as follows. Their relationship with other Warlands is not known.

1871 census

The 1871 census continues to show the movement of people from their birthplace to other locations including Hampshire.

1881 census

The 1881 census is based on suburbs and street locations and as a result it is difficult to identify without further research which Warlands were born or living in Hampshire. Known Hampshire locations and individuals in those locations are listed below:

Alverstoke 40 Upper Sth St

It appears likely that Robert and Hilda had at least one child, Robert Henry Warland (born 1879, Alverstoke) who married a Mary (born 1879 in Alverstoke) and had three children all recorded in the 1911 census, all born in Alverstoke.

Southampton All Sts, 73 Maryland Place

Southampton St Mary, 7 Nelson Street. None of the children born to John and Susan born after 1871 appear to be listed in the 1871 census

Southampton St Mary, 7 Lower Marsh Lane. Martin and Lenard are the sons of 'Em Warland' and Mary F Warland from Southampton. It is not known who Belle is, yet.

Southampton St Mary, 1 Broad Street. John Warland was Martin and Leonard Warlands brother.

1911 census

By 1911 census has a very long list of Warlands living in Hampshire, listed below by place of birth (or other known connection).




New Forest


South Stoneham. Charles Warland was the brother of Martin, Leonard and John Warland, above.


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