Worlands in Northern Ireland

Worlands in Ireland from 1831 to 1901

The earliest Worland who appears in available Irish records was William Worland. William was recorded in the 1831 Ireland census at House Number 6, Tully Lower (Townland), Parish of Clondermot, Barony of Tirkeernan, County of Londonderry. An unnamed female, presumably his wife or daughter, was living in the same location, and both were Roman Catholics. He does not appear again in the Irish census up to 1851.

In 1876, a Mary Worland was baptised in Doonass and Truagh, Killaloe, Clare, Ireland.

In 1880, one George Worland was listed in the Ireland Dog Licence Registers, in Donegal, Ireland. George maybe connected in some way with Elizabeth Worland (born 1886, Strabane, Donegal) and Mary Worland (born 1887, Strabane, Donegal).

Worland family in Essex

Clarence Worland was born in Poplar, Middlesex on 6 October 1873 to James Worland and Margaret Ann Cockshott. James Worland, his brother Robert Worland and their parents James Worland (or grandfather? born 1793) and his mother Ann can be seen in the 1851 census for Poplar, Middlesex.

James Worland (born 27 June 1841, Poplar, Middlesex, UK), a 'ship line dealer' in the 1871 census, married Margaret Ann Cockshott (born 1847, Poplar, Middlesex). They had the following children, all born in Plaistow, West Ham, Essex.

The family appears in the 1871 and 1881 England census, although James' whereabouts in 1881 is not known. Raymond was listed as a General Labourer in the 1881 census; his younger siblings were all scholars.

In the 1891 England census, Clarence Percy Worland (aged 17) appears in Canning Town, Essex, as a Dock Labourer. His older brother Raymond is listed with an Edith (believed to be his wife); another brother Albert T Warland (aged 22) is listed in the same location as a 'Manager Cum Chandler'. Augustus and Clifford are not listed.

Clarence Percy Worland - joins Army - Northern Ireland - before 1899

In 1893, Clarence Warland is recorded in the Regimental and service records for the Dorsetshire Regiment - 39th & 54th Foot in West Ham, London, Middlesex, England.

According to this website the Dorsetshire Regiment was formed in 1881 by merging the 39th (Dorsetshire) Regiment of Foot and the 54th (West Norfolk) Regiment of Foot. These became the new unit's 1st and 2nd Battalions respectively. The 1st Battalion returned from India to England in 1882, spending the rest of the decade on Malta. The 2nd Battalion was also in India in 1881 and only returned to Britain in 1886. In 1889, the 1st Battalion moved to Egypt and then to India in 1893. The 2nd Battalion then to Ireland and then on to South Africa for the Boer War (1899-1902), where it fought at Elandslaagte (1899) and took part in the Relief of Ladysmith (1899-1900). This may mean that Clarence servied in both Ireland and then South Africa, and probably then returned to Ireland by 1901.

Clarance may have changed his name to George Worland; one George Worland (born in England) married Josephine (Dolly) Worland (nee Jamison) (23 April 1880 Belfast, Northern Ireland - March 1996) on 2 April 1899, at age 25.

Clarence and Josephine in the 1901 Ireland census.

The 1901 Irish census show Clarence Percy Worland and his wife Josephine at North Queen Street, Duncairn Ward, Antrim. This would appear to confirm that George Worland who married Josephine in 1899 was in fact Clarence Percy Worland from England.

George and Dolly Worland had 2 children, both of whom appear in the Ireland Civil Registration Indexes:

Neither George nor Dolly Worland, or their new-born daughter Kathleen, is listed in the Irish 1910 census or the UK 1901 or 1911 census. The reason for this may have something to do with Clarence's military service. There is no obvious reference to them in the list of Worlands who departed Ireland. However, it is known that Clarance and Josephine Worland remained in Ireland where their descendants still live.

(Clarence Percy) George Worland died in 1948. Josephine (Dolly) Worland died in 1955.

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