Warlands in Massachusetts, USA

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Cambridge, Massachusetts

1670s - Owen Warland in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cambridge was originally named New Town. It was first settled in 1630 by Winthrop and a fleet of emigrants.

According to the Cambridge Massachusetts government website:

Newtowne, as Cambridge was called by the colonists until 1638, was laid out in an orderly grid of streets, bounded today by Eliot Square and Linden Street, Massachusetts Avenue and the River. Each family owned a house lot in the village, planting fields outside, and a share in the common land. Boston was eight long miles away: a ferry at the foot of JFK Street carried passengers over the river to a path -- now North Harvard Street -- that led through Brookline and Roxbury, eventually traversing the spit of land that is now Washington Street. Until the Great Bridge was built in 1660-62, this was the only way to Boston, except via the ferry from Charlestown. Soon, Newtowne had a meetinghouse, a school, and a marketplace (site of today's Winthrop Square). Harvard College, one of the first colleges in America, was founded in 1636 to train young men for the ministry and positions of leadership within the godly community.

Owen Warland in Cambridge - 1679

Owen Warland, is very likely linked with the only other Owen Warland in online British historical records, Owen Warland of Headington, Oxfordshire, whose will was dated 1597 (Ref 69/2/66).

John Guy (or Gay) earlier had a relationship (not clear if married) with Hannah and from that a daughter, Mary Guy (or Gay), was born on 17 April 1676; Mary died on 25 July 1676. According to Paige, this may be the same Hannah Guy or Gay who married Owen Warland.

It is not known exactly when Owen Warland arrived in the American colonies but it seems it was in the 1670s. According to Paige's history, Owen Warland was a currier. He married Hannah Gay/Guy on 3 April 1679. Owen and Hannah Warland resided on the north west corner of Holyoke and South streets, Cambridge, which estate he bought from John Shepherd on 18 September 1681.

Owen and Hannah Warland had two children, both born in Cambridge, Massachusetts:

Owin [sic] Warland first appears in Paige's book in the 'List of Persones and Estates taken in the month of August 1688'.

Owen Warland was a Constable in 1697.

1701 - William Warland (1680 - 1727) marries

William Warland (26 March 1680 - 29 September 1727) was a shoemaker. He married Tabitha Hill (1783/4 - 6 January 1717)in Cambridge, Massachusetts on 3 February 1701/2. Tabitha was the daughter of Jacob Hill (the son of Abraham and Sarah Hill (nee Stone)). In 1705, William Warland's parents passed to him the westerly half of their homestead.

William and Tabitha Warland had the following children, all born in Cambridge:

Tabitha Warland died on 6 January 1717. See below around 1718 for additional children after the death of Tabitha.

In 1705, Owen and Hannah Warland conveyed the westerly half of their homestead to William Warland (1680 - ).

1706 - Rebecca Warland marries

William's sister, Rebecca Warland ( - ) married Bartholomew Barrett (the second son with that name, the first was born and died in April/May 1672), the son of William Barrett and Sarah (nee Poole, the daughter of John Pool of Reading, and the widow of Joseph Champney of Billerica), on 23 July 1706. Bartholomew Barrett was a mariner. They had the following children:

By 1716 - Death of Owen Warland

According to Paige, both Owen and Hannah Warland died before 1716, 'when Bartholomew and Rebecca Barrett released to William Warland all their interest in the homestead.

1718 - William Warland re-marries

After the death of Tabitha on 6 January 1717, William Warland (1680 - 1727) married Ann (or Anne) Parker on 3 July 1718. Ann was the daughter of Captain Josiah Parker(1655 - )(the son of Captain James Parker and Elizabeth), an innkeeper in Woburn from 1693 to 1695 and then in Cambridge from 1696 for 'many years'. Ann Parker's mother was Elizabeth Saxon or Sexton of Boston. Ann had many siblings.

William and Ann Warland had the following children:

William Warland died on 29 September 1727. Ann/Anne Warland continued to live in the family house. In 1745, with her son Owen, she bought the estate at the North West corner of Dunster and Winthrop Streets, Cambridge, where she resided until 22 December 1763, when she died 'of being cut for a cancer in her breast', aged 69.

Children of William and Tabitha Warland

1745 - Owen Warland (1723 - 1793) marries

Owen Warland (2 June 1723 - 1 January 1793), a tailor who inherited the homestead and dabbled in real estate, married Sarah Stearns (1725 - 19 February 1800) on 12 October 1745. His place of business was, according to Paige, 'on the easterly side of Brighton Street, near Harvard Square. Owen and Sarah Warland had the following children, several of whom graduated from Harvard College (HC):

1747 - William Warland (1717 - 1775?) marries

William Warland (12 January 1717/18 - ), the eldest son of William and Ann Warland, married Mary Mann on 11 June 1747 and, according to Paige, 'was probably the mason of that name in Boston whose will dated 9 December 1771 and proved 24 February 1775 mentions a wife and names children', as follows:

William Warland's will also refers to a Mary Giles, his granddaughter, the daughter of Hannah Giles, deceased. It is believed that William died in Middlesex County, 'having left Boston during the siege'.

1754 - John Warland (1726 - 1762) marries

John Warland (bap 11 December 1726 - 6 October 1762), the son of William Warland (1680 - 1727, was a barber. He married Mary Manning (19 February 1732/3 - ) on 26 September 1754. Mary was the daughter of William Manning (1700 - 15 May 1774), a cordwainer, and Mary. On 19 December 1758, John Warland bought a house and a small lot of land at the junction of Brighton and Brattle Streets from Cutting Bean. John and Mary Warland had two sons born in Cambridge, Massachusetts:

John Warland died on 6 October 1762. Mary Warland (nee Manning) re-married William Darling on 19 May 1763. Mary Darling died on 22 May 1817.

John Warland (16 July 1755 - 20 November 1809) was a mason 'and possessed the (family) homestead'. According to Cutter, John 'farmed the homestead which he exchanged in 1784 (reserving his mother's dower therein) for an estate on the easterly site of Brattle Square, near Mount Auburn (where he died). John Warland married Hannah Prentice on 12 March 1776. John and Hannah Warland had the following children, all born in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Hannah Warland (nee Prentice) died in 1803 - see below.

1775 - 1783 - Revolution

According to the Cambridge Massachusetts government website:

By the time of the American Revolution (1775), Cambridge was a quiet New England farming village clustered near the Common and the College. The majority of residents were descendants of the original Puritans -- farmers, artisans, and tradesmen, whose lives focused on Cambridge. Distinctly different were a small group of Anglicans -- barely a dozen households -- who lived apart from village affairs, relied on outside incomes, and entertained lavishly in grand homes along Tory Row (now Brattle Street). The Tories' houses and their church, Christ Church, still survive.

1776 - Sarah Warland marries

Abel Moore (1755 - 2 January 1794), an innholder at Boston at one point, married Sarah Warland, the daughter of Owen Warland, on 16 October 1776. After his death in 1794, Sarah Moore (nee Warland) married Israel Porter, on 10 March 1796.

1782 - Nancy Warland marries

Josiah Moore (1747 - 1 May 1814), a carpenter, was the son of John Moore/More, a sworn freeman. Josiah Moore had first married Mary Hastings (the daughter of Seth Hastings) on 19 September 1768; Mary died on 9 May 1781. Josiah then married Nancy Warland (1752 - June 1835), the daughter of Owen Warland on 22 August 1782. (Note, Josiah's brother, Abel Moore, married Sarah Warland). They had several children:

By 1783 - Thomas Warland marries

Thomas Warland (17 July 1757 - ), the son of Owen Warland (2 June 1723 - 1 January 1793), was also a tailor and lived on Brighton Street, near Harvard Square. According to Paige, Thomas 'accumulated a large property, partly by speculations in real estate'. He married Elizabeth (surname not known) and had the following children, also born in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

1784 - John Warland (16 July 1755 - 20 November 1809) sells the homestead

In 1784, John Warland (16 July 1755 - 20 November 1809)(the husband of Hannah Warland (nee Prentice)) exchanged the homestead he had inherited '(reserving his mother's dower therin) for an estate on the easterly side of Brattle Square, near Mount Auburn Street'.

1803 - Death of Hannah Warland

Hannah Warland (nee Prentice), the wife of John Warland (16 July 1755 - 20 Novemer 1809), died on 12 August 1803.

1805 - John Warland (1779 - 1852) marries

John Warland (28 Secember 1779 - 15 February 1852), a mason, was the son of John Warland (1755 - 1809) and Hannah (nee Prentice). John inherited the homestead (which he sold to James Winthrop in 1810). In 1802 he bought an estate on Appian Way 'to which he subsequently added several adjoining estates, on one of which, fronting on Brattle Street, he resided. He accumulated a very considerable property, consisting chiefly in houses and lands, on both sides of Appian Way' (Paige & Cutter).

John Warland (1779 - 1852) first married Sarah Bates, the daughter of Joseph Bates (1783 - 1824), on 20 June 1805. John's father John Warland re-married Sarah Palmer on 5 February 1806 at Plymouth. Sarah was the daughter of Stephen Palmer (1718 - 30 March 1806) (the son of Stephen Palmer and Sarah Gamage), a tanner and Sarah (1721 - 15 March 1794).

John Warland (1779 - 1852) and Sarah Warland (nee Bates) had the following children all born in Cambridge, Massachusetts:

John Warland's wife Sarah (born 1783), the mother of the children above, died of apoplexy on 23 August 1824 aged 42/3. See below for John's next marriage and further children born to John Warland.

1810 - William Warland marries

William Warland (8 March 1782 - 3 March 1871), a mason, was the son of John Warland (1755 - 1809) and Hannah (nee Prentice). He married Mary Cutter Thompson (1787 - 23 March 1866) by 1810 and they lived on the northerly side of Brattle Street near Brattle Square. They had three children:

1822 - Elizabeth Bell Warland marries

Elizabeth Bell Warland (15 June 1785 - ) married Samuel Manning ( - October 1822) on 20 March 1822. Samuel Manning was the son of Samuel Manning. Samuel was first married to Lucy Cogswell ( - 16 May 1857). Elizabeth Manning was still alive when Paige's book was published.

1825 - John Warland (1779 - 1852) re-marries

After the death of his wife Sarah (nee Bates), John Warland (1779 - 1852) re-married, this time to Priscilla Hall (8 June 1796 - 16 May 1830) on 8 September 1825. Priscilla Hill's parents were Joseph Hill, a tailor, and Persis Munroe who married on 18 November 1788. Priscilla had several siblings - Sally, Joseph, Mary, Martha. It is understood (from Paige) that John and Priscilla Warland had several children, all born in Cambridge:

John Warland's second wife, Priscilla Warland (nee Hill), died on 16 May 1830, aged 34.

1833 - John Warland (1779 - 1852) re-marries

The widower (for the second time), John Warland (1779 - 1852), married Mary Ann Phelps of Marlborough on 6 April 1833. They had the following children:

Some sources shown Robert Henry Warland (28 February 1833, Medfield, Massachusetts - ) as the son of John and Mary Ann Warland. This name is not listed in Paige or Cutter and may be incorrectly placed here.

1847 - Caroline Warland marries

Caroline Priscilla Warland (bap 17 September 1826 - 1870), the daughter of John Warland (1779 - 1852) and Priscilla Hall (1796 - 1830) married Marshall T Bigelow, a printer, on 21 October 1847.

Events after 1850

Some of the following detail is found in this website: http://dunhamwilcox.net.


William Warland (1850, Bridgewater, Massachusetts (Ref Vol 43, page 233) - ).


John Warland (born 1779) died in 1852.


Susan E. Warland of Woburn married Caleb F. Winchester of Lynn on 14 September 1854. Paschal M. Warland of Woburn married Harriet A. Manson on 24 December 1854.


Abel Moore (born 1780 - 7 February 1855), the eccentric son of Josiah Moore (1747 - 1 May 1814) and Nancy Warland (1752 - June 1835), died on 7 February 1855.

1855/56 - Charles Alfred Warland of Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Charles Alfred Warland (11 April 1830 - 27 August 1899, Pawtucket, Rhode Island) was the son of John Warland (1779 - 1852) and his second wife Priscilla Warland (nee Hall (1796 - 1830). According to Cutter:

'... after attending the public schools of his native place he entered at an early age the commission house of Charles Wilkins & Company, dealers in cotton, coffee, tea and other commodities, remaining there until he reached the age of 21 years. After severing his connection with that concern he entered into the shipping business and travelled extensively through the western states.

Charles Alfred Warland married Mary Dana Brown, the daughter of Captain James S Brown, on 18 October 1855. They had one daughter:

Continuing the details from Cutter:

He came to Pawtucket, Rhode Island, in 1856, and after being employed in the counting room of the James F Brown Machine Ship for some time, he finally became a member of the firm, the name being changed to James S Brown & Sons.

Sarah J Warland studied at the Friends School in Providence and later studied art under Miss Coleman of Providence, 'making a speciality of watercolours and china painting'.

See below for further details from 1868.


Abby C. Warland married Jeremiah C. Batchelder, both of Lynn on 17 June 1858.

Ida May Warland was born in 1858 in Woburn, Massachusetts (Ref Vol 115, Page 240).


Cathrine Thedorete Warland was born in 1859 in Woburn, Massachusetts (Ref Vol 124, Page 203).


Cathrine Warland (nee Remmic?) died in 1860 in Woburn, Massachusetts (Ref Vol 139, page 202).

Maria C Warland married in 1860 in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Ref Vol 136, Page 48).


Lucy J. Warland of Woburn married Jeremiah Batchelder of Lynn on 22 January 1861 in Woburn. (Ref Vol 145, page 166).

Thomas Warland of Woburn married Mehetabel Cousens of Biddeford, Me. on 21 November 1861 in Woburn, Massachusetts (Ref Vol 145, page 165).

Sarah James Warland was born at Pawtucket, Rhode Island, in 1861. Sarah died on 5 April 1890, Pawtucket, Rhode Island.


Theodore Warland (born 1812, the son of John Warland (1779 - 1852) and Sarah Warland (nee Bates)), died on 14 July 1864.


Olive C. Warland of Woburn married Simpson D. Butler of Lynn, on 5 June 1866 in Woburn, Massachusetts, in 1866. (Rev Vol 190, page 267).

Mary T Warland died in 1866 in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Ref Vol 193, Page 88).

1868 - Charles Alfred Warland (1830 - 1899) of Pawtucket, Rhode Island

According to Cutter (continuing the details from above):

Mr Warland opened the first office in Pawtucket devoted solely to the purchase and sale of real estate, he having retired from the firm of James S Brown & Sons in 1868 and interested himself in the real estate business at that time. He first located in the Almy Block (now the Smith Building) on Main Street, and remained there until 1874, when he removed to No. 48 East avenue, at which place he conducted the business up to the time of his death.

(Continues below in 1872)


Paschal Warland married Priscilla Faulkner, both of Woburn, on 6 February 1868 in Woburn or Stoneham, Massachusetts (Ref Vol 209 page 240). He may have remarried in 1872. Paschal died in 1903.

Owen Warland married in 1868 in Stoneham, Massachusetts (Ref Vol 46, page 145).


Isabella May Warland died in 1869 in Woburn, Massachusetts (Ref Vol 221, page 227).


Priscilla (also shown as Precilla) W Warland died in Woburn, Massachusetts, in 1870. (Ref Vol 230, Vol 238.).

Andrew L Warland married Bertha Larson on 8 August 1870 in La Salle County, Illinois.

George Hill Warland died in 1870 in Woburn, Massachusetts (Ref Vol 224, page 289) - ). He may be the same person as Gee H Warland who died the same year, 1870, in Woburn, Massachusetts (Ref Vol 230, P 238).


William Warland died in 1871 in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Ref Vol 239, page 105).

Mary Ann Warland, possibly John H Warland's wife, died in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1871.

1872 - Charles Alfred Warland (1830 - 1899) of Pawtucket, Rhode Island

According to Cutter (continuing the details from above):

He was both a broker and auctioneer, made purchases, and sold and managed estates. In the latter line he had charge of numerous properties of considerable extent, including the Jenks, Goff and Weedon possessions. His wisdom and experience in this capacity were frequently recognised by the courts, and he had been commissioned at various times to apportion estates among heirs. The city of Pawtucket, also appreciating his ability in this line, employed him to value property condemned for public purposes. In 1872, he was appointed by the governor and council of Massachusetts, a commissioner in Rhode Island for the 'administering of oaths, taking deposition affidavits, acknowledgments of deeds and other instruments' to be used in the state of Massachusetts. He held the office until December 1893 when he resigned after a period of twenty-one years. He was a member the town council of the town of Pawtucket and with others who held office at that time was instrumental in instituting a correct system of accounts in the police department. In 1874 he was tax assessor.

Charles Alfred Warland's wife, Mary Warland (nee Dana)(born 1832), died on 18 July 1915 at Pawtucket, Rhode Island).


Paschal M. Warland married Lavinia Richardson, both of Woburn, on 7 March 1872 in Woburn in 1872. (Ref Vol 245, page 334).

John Henry Warland (born 1807, the son of John Warland (1779 - 1852) and Sarah Warland (nee Bates)), the husband of Mary Ann and father of Robert Henry Warland, died on 7 July 1872 at Taunton, Massachusett (Ref Vol 247, Page 184). His sister, Mary Madelia Warland (born 1809) died 28 November 1872).


Roxana S Warland died in 1879 in Cambridge Massachusetts (Ref Vol 311, page 55).

Carrie Warland died in 1879 in New Marlborough, Massachusetts (Ref Vol 304 p 50) - )


Catherine T. Warland, of Woburn married Jonathan H. Buck, of Wilmington on 21 December 1880.

William Warland died in 1880 in Boston, Massachusetts (Ref Vol 321, page 119).

William Warland died in 1880 in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Ref Vol 320, page 57).

Catherine Warland married in Wilmington, Massachusetts, in 1880. (Ref Vol 317, page 228).

Catherine T Warland maried in Woburn, Massachusetts, in 1880. (Ref Vol 317, page 237)


Sarah J Warland, (1861 - 5 April 1890), the daughter of Charles Alfred Warland (1830 - 1899), married Horace William Davenport by 1886. Horace and Sarah Davenport had one child:


Marion Warland was born on 21 June 1887. She died in November 1979 in Massachusetts.


William Warland died in 1888 in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Ref Vol 392, page 84).

Emily P Warland died in 1888 in Cambridge, Massachusets (Ref Vol 392, Page 84). Emily may be Emily Phelps Warland, the daughter of John and Mary Ann Warland.


Sarah J Davenport (nee Warland) (1861 - 5 April 1890), the daughter of Charles Alfred Warland (1830 - 1899), died on 5 April 1890. Her son Horace Warland Davenport 'received his preliminary education at Pawtucket, and at St Paul's Episcopal School, Concord, New Hampshire and later attended Williston Academy at Easthampton, Massachusetts. He later married Alice G Fuller of Pawtucket.' (Cutter)


Mehitable Warland (nee Cousins) died in 1895, Woburn, Massachusetts (Ref Vol 455, Page 446).

Idella M Warland married in 1895 in Boston.(Ref Vol 539, page 108). See also Idylla M Warland below.

1896 - Altamont Warland buried

The Annual Report of the City of Cambridge in 1896, in the section on cemeteries, noted 'It is now an unusual event to chronicle the fact of an interment in this Ground, and so the past season witnessed a rare occurrence in the burial of the remains of Altamont Warland in the Warland Tomb.

1899 - Death of Charles Alfred Warland (1830 - 1899) of Pawtucket, Rhode Island

According to Cutter (continuing the details from above):

Mr Warland was a thiry-second degree Mason, and was a member of Barney Merry Lodge No 29, Free and Accepted Masons; Pawtucket Chapter, No 4, Royal Arch Masons; Pawtucket Council, No 2, Royal and Select Masters; Holy Sepulchre Commandery, No. 8, Knights Templar, all of Pawtucket. He was also a member of the Rhode Island Consistory, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, and Palestine Temple, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, of Providence. He was a member of the building committee during the erection of the Masonic Templte at Pawtucket.

Charles Alfred Warland died on 27 August 1899 at his home on Walcott Street, Pawtucket, of Brights disesase 'after a lingering illness of two months or more'. His funeral was held on the Wednesday afternoon following his death, at his late residence.


Idylla M Warland married in 1903 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Ref Vol 539, page 108). Possibly the same person as Idella M Warland who married in 1895.

Paschal M Warland (presumed to be the relative of Owen Warland), died in 1903 in Woburn or Danvers Massachusetts. (Ref Danvers, Vol 540, page 246; Ref Woburn, Vol 57, Page 337).

Mary Warland died in 1904 in Cambridge, Massachusetts).

Helen Warland married in Malden, Massachusetts, in 1908. (Ref Vol 579, Page 526).

William Seaver Warland married in 1910 in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Ref Vol 595, page 415).

Lavinia Warland (nee Richardson) died in 1910 in Woburn, Massachusetts (Ref Vol 110, Page 43).

Mary Warland (born 1832) died on 18 July 1915 at Pawtucket, Rhode Island).

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