Norwegian Warlands in the United States

The following information is about the migration of Warlands from Norway to the United States. It comes from the following sources: (a) Finn Warland in Chicago, United States, (b) Morten Warland in Stavanger, Norway, (b) information obtained from the online Ellis Island, New York, United States arrivals register, (d) and (e) general research.

The Warland name in Norway is believed to be derived from the name of a location called Varlandsli (also called Vardland), meaning 'lands of cairns' (cairn in Norwegian is 'varde'), a small place in Strand near Stavanger (between Tau and Fiskå/Fiskaa. There are currently two places near Stavanger that still carry the Varland/Vardland name. One is in the township of Strand, the other in Finnøy (Fogn). The Warland name in Norway has no connection whatsoever with the English name. For more information about the origin of the Warland name in Norway, including the family of those individuals below who migrated to the US, click here.

Migrations to the United States

Ananias Svendsen Tau Brug married three times: Anne Helene Thorsdotter Øvre Bjørheim; Gurine Nilsdotter Nielsdatter; and Klausine Klausdotter Tau Brug. From these marriages many children were born, some of whom migrated to the United States.

The following records the Warlands who are recorded in mostly Iowa from 1888.

From 1888 - Warland marriages and children

The following Norwegian Warlands married in the United States and had children. The actual dates of the marriages is yet to be confirmed however it is assumed that most married between 1888 and 1900.

Tobias H Varland (1855 - 1931)

Tobias Halvorson Varland (also known as Thomas Warland) was born to Halvor Varland and Siri Torbjorunstdatter Eie in Varland sogn, near Stavanger, Norway on 10 January 1855. Tobias Varland arrived in Leland, Illinois, on 14 June 1873 on the Bark Hebe from Stavanger (with his cousins). He went to his uncle, Ole Thompson, a farmer, where he worked for six months. He then married Malinda Johnson of Plattville, Illinois, on 24 February 1880. Melinda was the daughter of Andrew H and Sarah Johnson (nee Baker). He then moved to a farm at Miller township, La Salle county. Tobias and Melinda Varland had 13 children:

Source of the above: 'History of the Norwegians of Illinois' by A E Strand (1905). Also see this more recent series of books by the same author ''

Jonas Svensen Varland

Jonas Svensen Varland (3 February 1849, Varland - 9 April 1939, US), the brother of Ananias Svendsen Tau Brug (whose children are listed below), married Gunhild Svensen Varland. They had the following children. It is not yet known when they migrated to the United States but it is believed it was after mid 1880s based on the children's birth dates:

Children of Ananias Svendsen Tau Brug

Sven ('Sam') Annaniasen Varland (10 December 1870, Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway - May 1914, USA) migrated to the US in 1901, as recorded in the Ellis Island register. He married Karen (Sarah) Nelson Risdal (possibly of Norwegian origin) in 1893 in Linn County Iowa and then moved to Webster County. They had one daughter:

Sam (Sven/Swan) Warland was living by himself in Badger Township in 1900.

Anne Helene Varland (24 May 1868, Strand, Rogaland, Norway - 19 February 1931, Badger, Iowa, USA) married Jacob Resdal and had several children:

Nikoline (Lena) Annaniasen Varland (4 January 1874, Avaldsnes, Rogaland, Norway - 23 May 1904, Amstrong, Iowa, USA) married Andrew Thompson and had several children:

Nels/Niels Warland married Matilda Parnillie Friesth (Eilert Rasmus)(18 October 1877, Badger, Iowa - 29 April 1958, Badger, Iowa) on 15 February 1900 in Badger, Iowa. They had the following children. Note that Badger and Humboldt are about 10 kms apart. (Source:

Bertel ('Bert') Annaniassen Varland (11 April 1882, Tau, Rogaland, Norway - 3 July 1955, Fort Dodge, Webster, Iowa, USA). He married Annie Thompson. In 1940 they were living at 220 N Wash, Eagle Grove, Wright, Iowa. They had several children:

Olava Warland (3 February 1884, Tau, Rogaland, Norway - 4 October 1979, Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA) married Theodore R Thompson and had three children:

Gustav Adolf Annaniassen Varland (21 January 1875, Tau, Rogaland, Norway - 1/6 May 1967, Barron, Wisconsin, USA) married Anna S and had several children:

Svend (Sam/Sven/Swan) Warland (3 February 1891, Strand, Rogaland, Norway - 1 April 1975, Jewell, Iowa, USA) married Amanda (surname)(March 1892 - 1949). They had three children:

A woman with the maiden named Knudson (suggesting the Norwegian connection) married and had a child with the surname Warland:

It is not known if any of the following children migrated.

1909 - Migration of Ttryzea Warland

The next arrival to the United States from Stavanger, in 1909, appears to be 'Ttryzea' [sic] Warland, aged 17 (probable date of birth 1892). This appears to be a mistake and could, potentially, be the same person as Tore Warland, Knut's brother. Both Knut and Tore are believed to be the children of Ananias Svendsen but have not yet been positively linked with the (very large) family.

1912 - Migration of Hans Thomas Warland

In 1912, Hans Thomas Warland, aged 47 (probably date of birth 1865), arrived at Ellis Island from 'Finnaas', Norway. Hans may be a cousin of the other Warlands.

1910s - Gerhardt Warland marries

Gerhardt Johan (Svenson?) Warland (31 October 1877, Tau, Rogaland - 24 May 1967/1957?) married Barbara M Heggen (1879, Norway - 1962, Badger, Webster County, Iowa). Gerhardt may be the son of Jonas Svensen Varland and Gunhild Svensen Varland who had a son named Gerhardt Johan Svensen Varland with the same dates (31 October 1877, Tau, Rogaland - 24 May 1967/1957?) according to the Geni website. However, THAT Gerhard Varland married a woman named Isabelle Heggen (22 December 1879 - 22 July 1962) - again the same dates as Barbara Heggen.

Barbara was, according to one source, the daughter of Ole O Heggen (1848 - 1944) and Martha Bergesdatter (1847 - 1911). Gerhardt and Barbara Warland had four children (as recorded for both Barbara and Isabella, strongly indicating that they are the same person):

Before 1922 - Knut Warland marries

According to Finn Warland, his father Knut Warland (junior)(born 1890 but not yet identified) went to Iceland in 1902 as a cabin boy (or something similar) on board a ship. In 1907, he went with a ship to St Petersberg, Russia, China, Africa, and Europe.

Knut Warland married Aasta (or Astra) Eidsvig in 1920. Knut Warland (aged 32), Aasta/Astra Warland (aged 26), and their son Knute Nicholas Warland (aged 1) arrived at Ellis Island from Stavanger in 1922. Perhaps this was only a visit, or his obituary is incorrect; according to his obituary, Knute Nicholas Warland 'was born Feb. 25, 1921, in Stavanger, Norway, to Knut and Aasta (Eidsvig) Warland. Raised in Norway, he came to the United States in the mid 1930s [sic this possibly should read mid 1920s] with his family, settling in Chicago'. Knute's brother, Finn Warland, was born 2 August 1928.

1923 - John Warland arrives from Norway

John Warland, aged 24, arrived in 1923 at Ellis Island from Stavanger.

1932 - Birth of Dale Warland

Eminent American conductor and composer Dale Warland was born in Fort Dodge, Iowa on April 14, 1932. Warland grew up in a very small town in Iowa. His father, a farmer, was a self-taught trombone player, marching band enthusiast, and dedicated choir singer, and his grandfather had been a lifelong member of the local church choir. Warland followed his church’s conductor’s lead and enrolled at St. Olaf College, a lynchpin in the Midwest’s ages-old choral tradition that can be traced back to Scandinavian Lutheran churches. Warland’s leadership and conducting skills quickly earned him his own choir there, which he soon used to commission the Berget piece. Warland went on to join the Air Force, stationed in Belleville, Illinois at Scott Air Force Base. There, he formed a choir that quickly grew in reputation, once performing for then-Vice President Richard Nixon. He earned his master’s degree at the University of Minnesota and his doctorate at the University of Southern California, going on to teach at Humboldt State College in Arcata, California and at New York’s Keuka College. He settled in as director of choral activities at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. (Sources and further info:,

mid 1930s - Cyrus and Mildred Warland

Cyrus Edward Warland (20 September 1908 - December 1986) the son of Gerhardt J Warland and Barbara Heggen (22 December 1879, Norway - 22 July 1962, Bagder, Webster County, Iowa)) married Mildred Ruth 'Billie' Hovey (17 March 1909, Bagder, Webster County - 1 May 1995, Fort Dodge) in the mid 1930s in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Mildred was the daughter of Severin Ericson Hovey and Betsy Hovey. They had several children:

Betsy Warland - writer

Betsy Warland is a well-known poet, nonfiction writer, teacher and editor. She obtained her B.A. in Art and Education at Luther College, Decorah, Iowa in 1970. Betsy Warland emigrated to Saskatoon, Canada in 1973, becoming a citizen in 1980. She is one of Canada's leading feminist writers as well as influential innovative writers. (Source:

1950 - Garwin Dale Warland marries

Garwin Dale Warland (20 October 1924 - 30 July 2003, poss Iowa), the son of Svend (Same) Olai Klausen (see above), married Audrey Jean Harridge (7 December 1927, Polk County - 4 January 2014, Webster City), the daughter of William and Clarice Smith Harridge, on 12 November 1950 at the former English Lutheran Church in Webster City, Iowa. They had the following children (according to Audrey's published death record):

From 1976 - Other Warlands in or from Iowa

Fern Warland (born 17 October 1916) died in October 1976 in possibly Iowa).

Joseph Warland (born 26 May 1903) died in April 1985 in possibly Iowa).

Edith Warland (born 29 May 1908) died in May 1987 in possibly Iowa).

Cyrus Warland (born 20 September 1908) died in December 1986 in possibly Iowa).

Mildred Warland (born 17 March 1909) died on 10 May 1995 in possibly Iowa).

Gertrude Warland (born 17 December 1905) died on 20 October 1996 in possibly Iowa).

Marjory N Warland (born 9 December 1911) died on 17 November 1997 in possibly Iowa).

Knute N Warland (born 25 February 1921), the son of Knut Warland, died on 21 January 2010, in possibly Illinois. His obituary at reads 'Knute Nicholas Warland, age 88, of Woodstock and Johnsburg, formerly of San Francisco. Veteran of the U.S. Navy. A 50 year Merchant Marine, marine engineer. Beloved father of Susan (Fred) Schultz of Johnsburg; loving grandfather of Gregory (Galia) Schultz of Chicago, Christopher (Theresa) Schultz of Ft. Worth, TX.; and dear brother of Finn Warland. ... He is survived by a daughter, Susan (Fred) Schultz of Johnsburg; two grandsons, Gregory (Galia) Schultz of Chicago, Christopher (Theresa) Schultz of Fort Worth, Texas; and a brother, Finn (Rosemary) Warland.'

Finn Warland (born 2 August 1928) died on 25 October 2012 in Chicago, Illinois.

According to the North Iowa Today website, in 2016, Logan Warland of Fort Dodge, Iowa, was involved in a burglary.

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