Arthur McLean Warland (1854 - 1939) and Elizabeth Dagg

Some information on this page was provided by Bob Anderson via his book The Alvonian Andersons' and is reproduced here with his family's permission.

The Dagg Family

George Dagg ( - 17 April 1882) was born at Modreeny, Ireland, on 10 November 1827. He married Elizabeth Stanley (1817 - 18 October 1890) at Burris-O-Kane, Tipperary in 1851. They then left Ireland, arriving in Sydney on 18 February 1852 on board the Neptune, ex Falmouth. Initially they lived at 20 Stephen Street, Camperdown, just south of the Missenden Road and King Street intersection. George established a carrying business with his livery stables and horse drawn vehicles. George's parents, William Dagg (1803 - ) and Catherine Hayes (1801 - ) also migrated to Australia with another son and three daughters, arriving on 13 October 1854 on board the Caroline. Their eldest son, Thomas Dagg, migrated to Canada. William and Catherine Dagg lived at Glebe Street, Glebe where William worked as a drayman. George Dagg's brother Richard Dagg married at Newtown and had a large family.

George and Elizabeth Dagg had the following children:

1875 - Arthur McLean Warland marries Elizabeth Dagg

Arthur McLean Warland (6 July 1854 - 31 August 1939) was the third son of Thomas Alfred Warland (1828 - 1880). He married Elizabeth Dagg (1855 - 28 September 1911) on 2 November 1875 at St Phillip's in Sydney. Bob Anderson noted: 'It is interesting that St Philip's Church was chosen for the wedding. The Daggs were close to their family church of St Stephen's, Newtown while the Warlands were close by St Paul's in Redfern. Perhaps St Philips then, as it was for a long time, carried prestige as being the more fashionable venue.

Arthur and Elizabeth Warland initially lived at George Street, Redfern (possibly Arthur's mother's home) and then made their first home at Missenden Road, Camperdown. Arthur and Eliabeth Warland had the following children (see below for further details of each):

From 1901 to 1919, Arthur McLean and Elizabeth Warland lived at 2 Raper Street, Newtown (Sydney), not far from where Elizabeth's parents lived. Arthur was a storekeeper. They then moved to 50 Rutland Street, Carlton, where Arthur lived until at least 1930.

Elizabeth Warland (nee Dagg), died of pulmonary tuberculosis and heart failure on 28 September 1911 at her residence, 'Stockton' (a reference back to the Warlands in Newcastle) 2 Raper Street, Newtown. She was buried at Rookwood Cemetery (Source: Death Notice and Bob Anderson)

Arthur McLean Warland was employed by Sam Hoffnung, a large firm of importers and merchants in Sydney. The family history notes that at one time he saved the life of Hoffnung, who showed his appreciation by stipulating in his will that Arthur McLean could never be dismissed - he worked there until he was 84, and died soon after, on 30 September 1939.

Children of Arthur McLean and Elizabeth Warland

George Thomas Warland (1877 - 1925)

George Thomas Warland married Emily Watson in 1900 and had children:

George and Emily first lived at Victoria Avenue, Chatswood in 1902, then moved to Chapman Street, Concord, before moving to 'Glenalva', 14 Fleet Street Carlton, the street where his brother Alfred Walter Warland had already moved in 1906. George Warland died on 30 November 1925 at Katoomba. Emily Warland lived at 16 Fleet Street, Carlton from 1929 to 1931.

Arthur Irwin Warland (1878 - 1939)

Arthur Irwin Warland married Elizabeth Maria Turner in 1898. Elizabeth may be the person of that name born in 1876 to John and Maria Turner (NSW BDM Ref 967/1876). If this is correct, Elizabeth may have had a brother, John W Turner, born to John W and Maria K Turner in 1873 (NSW BDM Ref 2394/1873)).

Arthur and Elizabeth Warland appear to have had only one child:

The family possibly lived at Cooper Street, Concord, from 1902 to 1907, and then at Adelaide Road, Meadowbank from 1908 to 1920. They may also have lived in Marrickville, Sydney.

Their son, John, married Rita Miriam Shepherd, the only daughter of Mr and Mrs A E Shepherd of Brundie, Nowra on 3 August 1928 (Source: The Sun, 1 September 1928). At the time of the wedding, Arthur and Elizabeth Warland lived at Kirribilli in Sydney.

Arthur Irwin Warland died on 22 November 1939.

John Durban Warland died on 3 February 1956. His death notice was carired in the Sydney Morning Herald a couple of days later. He was 56 and 'late of Earlwood'.

Arthur's wife, Elizabeth Warland, died on 25 November 1967 (Source: Sydney Morning Herald, 28 November 1967).

Rita Miriam Warland, also 'late of Earlwood' died on 18 December 1983; her death notice was carried in the Sydney Morning Herald of 20 December 1983.

Alfred Walter Warland (1880 - 1952)

Alfred Walter Warland married Isabella Magee in 1903. Note that a different Alfred Walter H Warland (1881 - 1952) married an Ethel Jones in the same year. Alfred Walter H Warland was the son of Walter Edmund Warland (1846 - 1943) and Alfred Walter Warland's cousin. Alfred and Isabella Warland had the following children:

Alfred W Warland first appears in Sands Directories in 1905, probably at 37 Fleet Street Carlton (the first of his family to live there). Alfred played full back for Newtown when Rugby League was established as a professional game. Family members recall that he established a small shoe factory near Erskenville, specialising in ladies shoes, marketed under his own trade name. However, his factory was badly affected by the depression and the factory was closed. It is believed that his son Ronald (Ron) Warland worked at or owned a service station in Forest Road, Bexley. Ron's sister May may also have worked there. She married the brother of Cliffe Sproule, a noted tennis referee.

Alfred Walter Warland's death notice in 1952 said he was formerly of 37 Fleet Street, Carton (Sydney) and was the loved father of May (Mrs Sproule) and Len Warland.

Edith Kate Warland

Edith Kate Warland (1882 - 1964) appears at Glebe, New South Wales, on 28 May 1898. The Sydney Morning Herald of 3 June 1898 states that Edith Kate Warland was a 'pupil teacher appointed on probation'. Edith married her second cousin, Walter Edmund Anderson, in 1911 at Suva, Fiji. They had the following children (Source - Bob Anderson), which show that they moved between Fiji and Sydney:

Unfortunately, after experiencing back pains, Walter Edmund Anderson was diagnosed in Sydney with spondylitis deformans. He was only 35 and he had little choice but to retire in Sydney. May Anderson lent her son in law money to buy a property which they named 'Cintra', at 101 Kuroki Street Penshurst. Walter, however, missed Fiji and according to Bob Anderson, it had an affect on his character and personality. He briefly returned to Fiji but was unable to find success there. So he returned to Sydney and followed a career as an insurance agent, travelling around New South Wales. He then worked in other professions including in a gold mine, delivering honey, real estate, and as a tally clerk on the wharves. In the late 1940s he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and was sent for isolation and rest to the Blue Mountains. He died at the Red Cross Hospital in Pennant Hills on 5 July 1952. Edith Kate Warland died on 26 February 1964.

Elizabeth Sarah Warland (1884 - 1969)

Elizabeth Sarah Warland (known as 'Aunty Lil' to the family) never married, devoting her life to caring for her parents and her nephews and nieces (who remembered her with considerable respect). The Church of St Stephen in Church Street, Newtown, played an important influence on her life. To quote Elizabeth's nephew, the late Bob Anderson: 'Elizabeth carried much of the earlier century into the new with devotion to family and church as the ultimate goals of life. FOr her, she had left a fulfilling life'. Elizabeth died in 1969

Ernest Stanley Warland (1887 - 1955)

Ernest Stanley Warland married Lillian Fowler in Newtown in 1914 (NSW BDM Ref 10107) and they had two sons:

Ernest Stanley Warland (and therefore his family) appears in the directory for Summer Hill. From 1922 the family lived at 24 Haig Street, Bexley.

Neville Warland, 21 of Haig Street Bexley, was involved in a motor cycle accident in September 1938, as reported in the Propeller (Hurstville) of 15 September 1938. A couple of weeks later he was the groomsman at the wedding of his friend Ray Carden who married Alice Bollard in Kogarah on 1 October 1938 (Sydney Morning Herald, 20 October 1938).

Lillian Warland died on 15 August 1947, according to a probate notice in the Sydney Morning Herald of 13 February 1948.

In his later years Ernest Warland worked on the wharves where he died on 6 December 1955 after an accident.

Ronald Fowler Warland worked as a Liquidator from at least 1973 to 1981, and appears in the newspapers as such, 'of 8 Crofts Avenue, Hurstville'.

Ronald Fowler Warland of 76 Tara Street, Sylvania, NSW, received the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in 2001 'For service to the foundry industry, particularly in New South Wales' (Source: Commonwealth of Australia Gazette, 26 January 2001).

William McLean Warland (20 May 1889 - 1930)

William McLean Warland married Hilda Muriel Beileiter (1896 - 1981) on 17 September 1910 at Balmain. They had the following children:

It is believed that the family first lived with William's family at 2 Raper Street Newtown after his marriage. They then moved with their father's family (a total of 14 people) to 'Beverley', 50 Rutland Street, Allawah, a three bedroom house. Family members recall that activity in the kitchen was continuous. The largest room was the dining room and the massive dining room table found room for all, even a small cousin (Bob Anderson) who visited overnight sometimes. The backyard was 'an enchanting place for children to play because it was so spacious'. Several of William and Hilda's children were accomplished tennis players.

William McLean Warland died while undergoing an operation in 1930, aged only 40. (Source: Death notice). William's wife Hilda, who lived for another 51 years, was remembered very affectionately by family members: 'Her pleasant, unruffled, cheery personality made you feel her warmth and caring concern'.

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