Irwin William 'Jack' Warland (1852 - 1916)

Note: Some information on this page was provided by Bob Anderson via his book The Alvonian Andersons' and is reproduced here with his family's permission.

Irwin William (known as 'Jack' or 'John') Warland was the son of Thomas Alfred Warland (1828 - 1880) and Sarah McLean (1827 - 1859). Irwin married Caroline Gray in 1875 (NSW BDM Ref 1207), and moved to Redfern in Sydney (along with all the other Warlands there) where he and Caroline had several children:

Irwin/John Warland was recorded living in Cleveland Street, Redfern from 1879; from 1882 the address is shown as 14 Cleveland Street. It is not clear where he was living from 1894 to 1911 (although a John Warland - his son? - is living at 11 Weston Street East Balmain, for much of this period, the same John is living at that address when John is living in Cleveland Street. He was recorded at Yeend Street, Leichardt from 1912 to 1917.

1901 - Mary Florence Warland marries

Mary Florence Warland married Walter Gibb Trevitt (died 1950, NSW BDM Ref 29956) in 1901 (NSW BDM Ref 529). They had one child:

1908 - Walter John Warland marries

Walter John Warland married Jean Tollerton in Sydney in 1908 (NSW BDM Ref 3737). They had two children:

The family lived at (9) Leichardt Street, Leichardt, from 1910 to 1926.

1916 - Death of Irwin Warland

Irwin Warland died in late July 1916. His funeral left the house of his son at 9 Leichardt Street, Leichardt, on 29 July 1916, according to the Sydney Morning Herald of that date. His wife Caroline died at Kogarah Hospital, Sutherland in May 1924 according to her death notice in the same newspaper on 24 May 1924.

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