Thomas Beatson Warland (1851 - 1920)

Note: The sources of the information on this page include: the late Bob Anderson (via his book The Alvonian Andersons', reproduced here with his family's permission), NSW BDM records, digitised newspapers on, and Dorothy Thorpe and Jeffrey Burt, descendants of Hannah Mabel Warland (1880 - 1943) (via their unpublished booklet 'Coming a Long Way' - see below).

Thomas Beatson Warland was the son of Thomas Alfred Warland (1828 - 1880) and Sarah McLean (1827 - 1859). Thomas married Ellen Tongue and they had eight children as follows:

1896 - Edith Warland marries Captain Harris

Edith Jane/June Warland (1875 - 1964) married Captain George R Harris in 1896 (NSW BDM Ref 8211). They had the following children:

1899 - Hannah Mabel Warland marries Charles Burt

Charles Burt's family has been traced by Dorothy Thorpe back to Iron, Acton where a Joseph Birt married Mary Littlejohn and had several children born in Thornbury. One of these children was Joseph Birt (bap 14 February 1819 - 1910). Joseph Birt (junior) along with a friend was charged with stealing a sheep, found guilty at the Gloucester Summer Assizes on 15 August 1835, and transported to Australia for life. Joseph arrived in New South Wales on 15 June 1836 on the Strathfieldsaye. He was eventually granted a pardon in 1847 (when the surname was changed to Burt) and married Elizabeth Clayson (nee Coward) on 21 August 1850 at Hexham. They moved to Stockton and had at least four children; their first son was Henry Joseph Burt (1853 - 1922). Henry Joseph Burt married Mary Lord in 1873 at Patrick's Plains in the Hunter Valley. One of their children was Charles William Burt, born in 1877. Mary Burt (nee Lord) may have died in 1877 when her youngest son Albert was born. Henry Joseph Burt married a second time in 1887, to Mary Smith (nee Pye)(1852 - ), and they had seven children between 1888 and 1906. (Note that Mary's son William George Smith from her marriage to William Henry Smith (who died in a colliery accident at Stockton) changed his surname to Burt.) Further details of the Burt and related families are available upon request.

Hannah Mabel Warland (1880 - 1943) married Charles William Burt (1877, Hamilton - 1934, Stockton), a coal miner and winding engine driver at the Stockton Colliery before it closed, in 1899 (NSW BDM Ref 1870).

Charles William and Hannah Mabel Burt had the following children:

1900 - George Alfred Warland marries, wife dies, re-marries

George Alfred Warland (1878 - 1950) married Ann Turner, the daughter of Christopher and Ann Turner, in 1900 (NSW BDM Ref 9664). George and Ann had two daughters and one son.

George Warland worked as a grocer for the Stockton Co-operative Store, which moved to Union Street, Newcastle.

1901 - Thomas Maclean Warland marries Mary Murray

Thomas Maclean Warland (1876, Newcastle (NSW BDM Ref 16454) - 3/4 July 1904 (NSW BDM Ref 11168) married Ethel Mary Ann Murray (the daughter of Thomas Edward and Emma Murray) in 1901 (NSW BDM Ref 10172). They had no children.

1904 - Death of Thomas Maclean Warland

Thomas Maclean Warland died of pneumonia on 3 July 1904 at the age of 28 (Source: Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate, 14 September 1906). His wife Mary Ann Warland (nee Murray) did not re-marry and died at Newcastle in 1961 (NSW BDM Ref 34857). Both are buried at Stockton Cemetery.

1906 - Death of George Warland's wife Ann Warland (nee Turner)

Ann Warland (nee Turner) died a few days after her son was born in Stockton at the age of 26 on 12 September 1906 (NSW BDM Ref 10639) and was buried at Stockton Cemetery 'beside the grave of her brother-in-law Thomas McLean Warland' who had died in 1904 (Source: Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate, 14 September 1906). After her death, the two daughters were cared for by their grandmother, Ellen.

After the death of Ann, George then re-married Agnes Orr Thompson or Watt in 1907 (both names are recorded (NSW BDM Ref 11803). Agnes Orr Warland (nee Thompson or Watt) died in 1960 in Hamilton (NSW BDM Ref 37150).

1906 - Alice Maud Warland marries Thomas Brady

Alice Maud Warland (1882 - 1964) married Thomas Joseph Brady, a tally clerk, in 1906 (NSW BDM Ref 7744/1906). They had 11 children.

1916 - Arthur Edmund Warland marries

Arthur Edmund Warland (1887 - 1946) married Gabriel Clare Chapman, the daughter of Samuel and Rose Chapman, in 1916 (NSW BDM Ref 2076). They had at least two children:

Gabriel Warland died in 1918 (NSW BDM Ref 16449).

Arthur married Agnes Kari Olsen, the daughter of Alexander and Grace Olsen, in Merewether in 1925 (NSW BDM Ref 11156). Arthur Warland died in 1946. Agnes Kari Warland died in 1980 (NSW BDM Ref 101026). Both are buried at Stockton Cemetery.

1917 - Leslie Leonard Warland, law clerk, marries

The Daily Telegraph of 8 September 1915 carried a notice from Leslie L Warland, a law clerk, stating that he intended to apply to the Supreme Court of NSW for a certificate to authorise him to practise as a conveyancer.

Leslie Leonard Warland (1893 - 1974) married Elsie Catherine Ross, the daughter of John Campbell, at Stockton on 9 April 1917 (NSW BDM Ref 4814) and they had one son, Ross Warland.

Leslie Leonard Warland applied to be admitted as a solicitor, proctor and attorney to the Supreme Court of New South Wales on 17 February 1930. (Source - The Sydney Morning Herald, 18 February 1930).

See also below.

1917 - George Alfred Warland enlists for World War 1

George Alfred Warland (7788) enlisted for World War 1. He departed Australia on 10 August 1917 and returned to Australia on 1 March 1919. On his return he continued to work as a grocer and worked for the Stockton Cooperative Store.

1920 - Death of Thomas Beatson Warland

The Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate ran the following article about Thomas Beatson Warland. Note the apparent error in the article stating tha the was born near Maitland but was brought as an infant to Australia from England.

DEATH OF MR. T. B. WARLAND. Mr. Thomas B. Warland died shortly after midnight on Monday in the Newcastle Hospital, where he had been an inmate for three weeks. The deceased, who. was well-known in waterside and shipping circles in Newcastle, had been for many years engaged in shipbuilding in Stockton, He was 69 years of age, and was born at Oakhampton, Maitland. He was a son of the late Mr. T. A. Warland. When an infant he was brought from England, by his parents. The family settled at Stockton, where Mr. Warland, sen., entered into the lime making business. The deceased started in business with the late Mr. John Hay, who had a small slip on the foreshores at Stockton. Later on he erected a sawmill, and learned his trade as a sawyer and shipwright. After some years he joined Messrs. O'Sullivan and Company's shipbuilding yards, known as O'Sullivan's patent slip, and was associated with the fortunes of the slip during the remainder of his life, in the latter stages becoming its owner. The late Mr. G.M. Chatfield was manager of the slip in the early days and upon his death was succeded by Mr. R. Lynn. The business was for some years carried on by Messrs. Wright, Orr, and Duke, of Melbourne, who purchased, it from Messrs. O'Sullivan and Company. About 13 years ago Mr., Warland bought the concern from the Melbourne firm and retained it until his death. For over ten years Mr. Warland was an alderman, of the Stockton Council, and on two occasions was elected Mayor. His last, Mayoral term was in 1901, at the conclusion of which he retired from municipal life and was presented by the aldermen with a framed photograph of himself. Mr. Warland was one of the founders of the old Stockton Volunteer Fire Brigade, and held the positions of superintendent and secretary until the present system came into force, under the administration of the Board of Fire Commissioners. A large framed memento, containing photographs of the members of' the volunteer brigade, with the recipient in the centre, was presented, to Superintendent Warland on his severing his connection with the brigade, He took an active part in the formation of the Stockton Fire Brigade Band and was its secretary during the term of its existence. He was also a member for many years of the Newcastle Rocket Brigade, and when he resigned, held the position of captain. A gold medal given to him upon retiring marked his service with the brigade. In August last Mr. Warland completed 50 years membership with the Ancient. Order of Foresters. He passed through the whole of the offices in Court Hunter Lodge, and on several occasions was master of the lodge. He was senior trustee of the lodge for over a quarter of a century, and retained position until his death. Upon attainiung his jubilee with the order, he retired from active work, and was presented with a gold watch, chain and sovereign purse, in recognition of his services. He was always keenly interested in aquatic sports, and in his young days was a capable sculler. As a youth, he rowed with Mr. J. Limeburner, as partner, in sculling contests, with success. In those days each man pulled with one long sculling oar, and a coxswain was carried. He also competed in single races with good results. His interest in aquatic events held through his life, and he occupied official positions as judge, etc., at regattas and club races. Mr. Warland was responsible for saving a number, of lives around the water front. He could scarcely swim, but his coolness and resourcefulness were an invaluable aid in the rescues. He is survived by a widow, seven children, and 24 grandchildren. The sons are Messrs George Sydney, Frederick, Arthur, and Leslie and the daughters are, Mrs. E. R. Harris, Mrs. C. Burt, and Mrs T. Brady. Surviving brothers are Mr. W.E. Warland, of Newcastle, Mr, Arthur Warland, of Sydney, and Mr. Alfred Warland, of Queensland, and he leaves one sister, Mrs. G. Buss, of Queensland. The funeral will take place this afternoon.

Thomas Beatson Warland was buried at Stockton Cemetery.

1926 - Death of Thomas Beatson Brady

Thomas Beatson Brady (born 1906), the son of Thomas Brady and Alice Brady (nee Warland) of Little William Street, Stockton, went missing in the surf while attempting to rescue a young woman in trouble in the water at Stockton on 28 February 1926. His death was reported in the local newspapers on 1 March 1926, which stated that Thomas was 'a prominent swimmer and also a member of the Stockton Surf Club'. His body was only recovered some days later.

1927 - George Alfred Warland and Elsie Paviour in the news

On 20 September 1927 George Alfred Warland was recorded in an article in the Newcastle Sun as a 'carpenter of Teralba', who was riding in a sulky with Mrs Ellon Jane Paviour (a married woman of Rhondda), Elsie Hazel Paviour (a shop assistant of Rhondda) and John Fulton (a fitter, of Rhondda), going to Teralba. Note that George married Elsie Paviour in 1933 - see below.

1933 - Marriage of George Alfred Warland (junior)

George Alfred Warland (1906 - ), the son of George Alfred Warland (1878 - 1950), married Elsie Hazel Paviour in 1933 in Wallsend (NSW BDM Ref 14368). They had a son named Brian George Warland who died in Wallsend in January 1943 (NSW BDM Ref 6169).

1937 - Death of Leslie Warland's wife Elsie Warland

Elsie died at her residence, 62 Dunbar Stree, Stockton at the age of 44 on 4 September 1937 (NSW BDM Ref 17895, also Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate of 11 September 1937). Her obituary was carried in the Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate of 8 September 1937:

MRS. E. C. WARLAND. Mrs. Elsie Catherine Warland, wife of Mr. L. L. Warland, of Messrs. Reid and Reid, solicitors, died at her home, 62 Dunbar-street, Stockton, on Saturday. The cortege left her residence on Sunday for the Church of England Cemetery, Sandgate. Rev. W. H. G. Cochrane conducted a service at the house and also officiated at the graveside. Mrs. Warland, who was 44, was born at Wickham. She was a daughter of the late Mr. John Campbell Ross, whose family has lived in Stockton for 30 years. Among Mrs. Warland's interests was her association with the Mothers' Union of St. Paul's Church of England, Stockton; for a period she was Vice-president and Treasuer. Mrs. Warland is survived by her husband and one son, Ross, aged 15. The pall-bearers were the Mayor (Ald. J. Patterson) and Messrs. Claude Dalby, Cliff Jones, and Stan Hocquard, members of the Stockton Bowling Club. Many other members of the club preceded the hearse. Those at the funeral included the Mayor and alderman of Stockton and the Town Clerk (Mr. C. H. Cunningham), members of St. Paul's Vestry, representatives of Stockton Parents and Citizens' Association, Stockton Cricket Club, Burns Club, Hockey Club, Independent Order of Rechabites, Ancient Order of Foresters, Stockton Ferries Pty. Ltd., Stockton Fire Brigade, Stewarts and Lloyds' Recreation Club. Among the legal men present were Mr. J. D. Reid (Messrs. Reid and Reid), Messrs. B. A. Helmore, W. J. Cleaves (Messrs. Sparke and Helmore), Mr. N. T. Cragg (Messrs. Braye, Cragg and Cohen), Mr. J. Dart, Mr. E. S. Smith (Messrs. Reid and Reid), and A. A. Burke. Many business firms were also represented.

1939 - Leslie Warland marries Mary Proud

After the death of his first wife Elsie, Leslie married Mary Dorothea Proud in 1939 (NSW BDM Ref 3083). From this marriage one son was born who followed his father's occupation and became a solicitor.

1940 - George Alfred Warland in court over pension

George Alfred Warland was in court in November 1940 regarding the overpayment of a pension. The outcome of the case (to which Warland pleaded guilty) was that he paid back the money and court costs. (Source: The Newcastle Sun of 19 November 1940.

1943 - Death of Hannah Mabel Burt (nee Warland)

Hannah Mabel Burt (nee Warland) died in 1943. Her death noticed in the Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate of 30 September 1943 read as follows: 'MRS. H. M. BURT. The funeral of Mrs. Hannah Mabel Burt, which moved from St. Paul's Church, Stockton, was largely attended. Mrs. Burt, who was 63, had spent her life at Stockton. She was a daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Warland, Slip proprietor. Her husband predeceased her nine years ago. She is survived by two sons, Messrs. Arthur and Charles Burt, of Stockton, and four daughters, Mesdames W. H. Jones (Stockton), D.R. Jordan (Lane Cove), J. Terry (Junction), and J. Dunn (Waratah)'.

1945 - Death of Hannah Mabel Terry (nee Burt)

Hannah Mabel Terry (nee Burt), the daughter of Charles and Hannah Burt (nee Warland), died on 12 October 1945 at her residence, 19 Farquhar Street, Junction. The death notice in the Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate of 13 October 1945 noted that she was the 'beloved wife of John Frederick Terry and mother of Bert, Barbara and Noel'.

1946 - Death of Arthur Edmund Warland

Arthur Edmund Warland died in 1946. His death notice in the Newcastle Sun of 2 February 1946 stated: 'WARLAND.—The relatives and friends of Mrs. ARTHUR WARLAND, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. DAVIES, LEN, PAULINE and GREG are invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly beloved husband, father, and father-in-law, ARTHUR EDMUND WARLAND, to move from St. Peter's Catholic Church, Stockton, tomorrow afternoon, at 2.30 o'clock for Catholic Cemetery Stockton. JOHAN BEVAN & SON Funeral Directors. WARLAND.—The relatives and friends of the WARLAND and OLSEN FAMILIES are invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved brother and brother-in-law, ARTHUR EDMUND WARLAND. For particulars see Family Notice'. The Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate of 6 February 1946 noted that Arthur Edmund Warland died at Wallsend Hospital and was 'late of 49 Hereford Street, Stockton, beloved husband of Agnes, father of Len, Clare, Pauline.'

1950 - Death of George Alfred Warland

George Alfred Warland died in 1950. His funeral notice in the Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate of 8 April 1950 noted that he was buried at Stockton Church of England cemetery on that day.

1964 - Death of Alice Maud Brady (nee Warland) and Edith Harris (nee Warland)

Alice Maud Brady, the wife of Thomas Joseph Brady, died in 1964. Her sister, Edith Jane/June Warland died on 18 June 1964 in Newcastle.

1966 - Death of Frederick Charles Warland

Frederick Charles Warland died in 1966.

1966 - Death of Frederick Charles Warland

Leslie Leonard Warland died on 14 July 1974.

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