Walter Edmund Warland (1856 - 1943)

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Walter Edmund Warland (4 April 1856 - 30 January 1943) was the son of Thomas Alfred Warland (1828 - 1880) and Sarah McLean (1827 - 1859). He married Sarah Jane Newman (21 December 1855 - 3 February 1936), the daughter of Joseph and Mary Ann Newman, in Newcastle on 6 April 1875. They had the following children:

1894/1895 - Arthur S/Edward Warland marries

Arthur S (Edward) Warland (21 September 1875 (NSW BDM Ref 16266/1875) - 29 March 1950). Arthur was said to have married Mary Ellen Baird but there is no obvious record of this in the NSW BDM. Arthur was a postman and builder. He lived at Railway St, Newcastle as well as Cook's Hill, Newcastle. He later lived at Arthur Street, Strathfield (Sydney). Arthur and Mary Warland were said to have had 10 children but only the following children are listed in the NSW BDM records.

1900 - Lily Florence Warland marries

Lily Florence Warland (1879 - 1946) married Thomas H Mathieson in Hamilton in 1900 (NSW BDM Ref 6298/1900). They had two children:

1901 - Death of sisters Ivy Alice and Florence Warland

Ivy Alice Warland (born 1887) died of typhoid fever on 17 January 1901 (NSW BDM Ref 2341/1901). Her death was reported in the Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate on 18 January 1901.

Florence Edith Warland (born 1883) also died of typhoid fever on 20 June 1901 (NSW BDM Ref 6244/1901)).

The Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate of 1 July 1901 carried the following notice in its 'current news' section.

Miss Florence Edith Warland, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Warland, of Railway street, died at the Newcastle Hospital on Friday last, from typhoid fever. The deceased was 18 years of ago. Her funeral, which took place from the hospital yesterday afternoon, was attended by about 300 persons, the hearse being preceded by 105 scholars of St. John's (C. of E.) Sunday School. The services at the grave were conducted by the Rev. Archdeacon Bode and D. Creighton, the hymn "For ever with the Lord" being sung by the choir and scholars of St. John. Only five months ago Mr. Warland buried another daughter, 14 years of age, who died of the same complaint.

1903 - Alfred W H Warland marries

Alfred W H Warland married Ethel Mary Jones in Newcastle in 1903 (NSW BDM Ref 6477/1903). They may have had only one child:

1904 - Ruby A Warland marries - but dies

Ruby A Warland (born 1885) married William Jackson in Hamilton in 1904 (NSW BDM Ref 1274/1904). They had a daughter, Ruby Adell Jackson who was born in 1904 (NSW BDM Ref 23966).

Ruby died (possibly giving birth or afterwards) on 17 July 1904(NSW BDM Ref 10011/1904)). Two in memoriam notices were carried in the Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate on 17 July 1905.

Ruby Adell Jackson married David T Elliott in 1925 (NSW BDM Ref 17200). Possibly the same person, a David Thomas Elliott died in 1962 in Hamilton. Ruby Elliott (nee Jackson) died in 1967 in Newcastle (NSW BDM Ref 40670).

1911 - Edith Alice Warland marries

Edith Alice Warland (born 1889) married Isaiah Williams in Newcastle in 1911 (NSW BDM Ref 10061/1911). They had at three children:

1913 - Stella Ledgerwood Warland marries

Stella Ledgerwood Warland (born 1891) married William L Jones in Newcastle in 1913 (NSW BDM Ref 15103/1913). They had children:

1923 - Hilda Warland marries

Hilda Warland (born 1895/6) married Walter E Campbell in Newcastle in 1923 (NSW BDM Ref 2756/1923).

1936 - Death of Sarah Jane Warland

Sarah Jane Warland, the wife of Walter Edmund Warland (4 April 1856 - 30 January 1943) died in early February 1936. Her obituary was carried in the Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate of 11 February 1936:

MRS. S. J. WARLAND. Mrs. Sarah Jane Warland, wife of Mr. W. E. Warland, died at her home at 176 Darby-street, Newcastle. Mrs. Warland was born, at Newcastle West 80 years ago. She was the daughter of Mr and Mrs. J. Newman, early settlers in Newcastle. She is survived by her widower two sons and five daughters. There are also a number of grandchildren and great grandehildren. The funeral was held on Tuesday, after a short service in the home, conducted by Rev. C. C. Edwards, of St. John's Church of England, Cook's Hill, with which church Mrs. Warland had been associated all her life. The funeral was largely attended by relatives, friends, and representatives of many organisations. The interment was made in the Church of England Cemetery, Sanldgate, where Canon F. V. Drake conducted the service at the graveside.

1943 - Death of Walter Edmund Warland

Walter Edmund Warland was a labourer and master builder who lived before 1936 at 113 Railway Terrace, Newcastle (his address when Ivy died). At the end of his life he lived at 176 Darby Street, Cook's Hill (a suburb of Newcastle). He died on 30 January 1943. His obituary in the Newcastle newspapers of 1 February 1943 stated the following:

Mr Walter Edmund Warland, probably Newcastle's oldest builder-contractor, died on Saturday, at the age of 86. He built his last contract job - a cottage in Parkway Avenue - when he was 81. Born at Stockton, Mr Warland had lived in Newcastle all his life. Among the early buildings on which he worked as a bricklayer are Newcastle Cathedral, St John's Church, Newcastle High School on the Hill, Newcastle Railway Station, Stegga Block, Victoria Theatre, Centennial Hotel, and Frederick Ash's warehouse. When he moved from Stockton to Cook's Hill at the age of six, there was a black's camp near the present site of the Sports Ground, Cook's Hill was thick with ti-tree scrub. Mr Warland's father was the first secretary of the lodge of the Grand United Order of Oddfellows in Newcastle. He is survived by two sons and five daughters: Mr Arthur Edward Warland, Mr Alfred William Warland, Mrs T H Mathieson, Mrs D Williams, Mrs W L Jones, Miss Mons Warland, Mrs W Campbell. His wife died seven years ago.

Walter Edmund Warland was buried at Sandgate Cemetery.

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