Places named after Warlands and Worlands

United Kingdom

Warland Reservoir, Todmorden, Calderdale, UK (Latitude: 53°41'5"N Longitude: 2°3'51"W). There is evidence that Warland reservoir dates back to at least 1827, and was built by the Rochdale Canal Company. (Source: Warland Reservoir has three World War 2 barges sunken in it; they are on view from time to time, when the water level is low. They were joined together with cables to prevent seaplanes landing in the event of an invasion.

Warland Street, Totnes


Warland Ranges and Warland Creek, in the New England area of New South Wales. Named after, William Henry Warland, who set up the small hamlet of Blandford nearby and had a farm called Harben Vale, named after his mother Ann Harbin. See also Warlands Creek Road.

Warlands Creek Road, near Murrurundi and Blandford, NSW, Australia.

Warland Place in Charnwood, a suburb in the Australian Capital Territory (Canberra), the capital of Australia. Named after, William Henry Warland.

Warland Reef, off Mackay, in Queensland was named posthumously after my grandfather Herbert Warland.

Warland Street, Mackay, named posthumously after my grandfather Herbert Warland.

Warland Street, Kirwin, Queensland

Warland Street and Warland Reserve, in Victor Harbour, south of Adelaide was named after Albert Howard Warland.

United States

The town of Warland, located on the Kootenai River and the Great Northern branch line northeast of Libby, Lincoln County, Montana (Latitude: 48°30'2.84" Longitude: -115°17'14.61"), was flooded when the new Libby Dam was created in 1975, creating (behind it) Lake Kookanusa. A sawmill operated in the town for many years in the early 1900's. The town later provided services for the many independent loggers in the area. A post office operated at Warland from 1907 to 1957. Present day Koocanusa Resort and Marina is located just south of the former Warland townsite.

In 2011, Lake Koocanusa was very low, almost exposing the former town of Warland.

Peter Warland near Warland, Montana, before the town was flooded in 1975. (Photo credit: Jill Warland, Canada)

See Dead and buried: Reflections on life before the Libby Dam for some great local information about life in the area before the dam.

The town of Worland, Wyoming, was 'named for Charlie Worland who started a saloon, hotel, and little store just south of where the present town now lies. The upstairs of the hotel where the travelers slept was all in one big room. Men, women and children were all put up there together. One night a man and his wife set up their tent in the room and slept in that. Occasionally one traveler would have to wait for someone to get up before he could go to bed and usually he tumbled in without waiting for the bed to be remade. (WPA) Worland Post Office was established on May 22, 1902 with Charles H. Worland as postmaster. (Wyoming Post Offices)' (Source:

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