Alfred and Victoria Warland - Middlesex

Alfred Warland (9 October 1849 - 1890/91) was the son of Edward Warland (1815 - 1885) and Mary Cutler (1817 - ), and the grandson of Robert Warland (1759 - 1821) and Sarah (nee Stickland) of Dorset.

Alfred Warland is recorded in the 1861 census in Middlesex. According to family history, Alfred Warland had a reputation as a 'stage door Johnny', which referred to the fact that he liked to hang out with show girls after hours.

On 6 July 1869, Alfred Warland married Victoria Susanna Elizabeth Gimbert (25 or 26 January 1846 or 1848 (St Ives, Huntingdonshire) - 1922), a dancer and stage hall girl.

Victoria Gimbert was the daughter of Susannah Gimbert (and a husband whose name is not yet known). Susannah had a twin sister, Elizabeth, hence the two middle names. The only other Gimbert child born in that location in the 20 years either side of Victoria's birth was John William Gimbert, born 1861 in St Ives. However, there are quite a few Gimberts born in Ely, Cambridgshire, the same location that Victoria shows in the 1881 census (below).

The birth certificate for Victoria Susannah Elizabeth Gimbert states that she was baptised at St James, Clapton, in October 1856; this may reflect a second baptism after her mother died of TB and her father re-married.

At this stage the name of Victoria Gimbert's father is not known. The only Gimbert who married in Huntingdonshire in the 5 years either side of 1845 was William Turgoose Gimbert, who married in 1844. Further research is required.

Alfred and Victoria Warland had the following children:

Note that a family bible includes the following details directly below Alfred Warland's name. There has been some suggestion that these may be the children of Edward Warland (see below).

1881 census

The 1881 census records Alfred and Victoria Warland living at 16 Middleton St, Bethnel Green (London):

Their daughter Florence was living with her grandparents. The 1881 census shows Alfred's parents Edward and Mary Warland living at 4 Frederick Place, Camberwell:

1890 - Death of Alfred Warland

Alfred Warland (born 1849), a railway agent or carrier according to the 1881 census, died (possibly of TB) in 1890 in Dartford, Kent. This record needs to be examined further to confirm details.

Alfred's son, also Alfred, was only 16 at the time.

1891 census

The father of Alfred Warland (born 1849), Edward Warland (born 1815), died in 1885 so he is not recorded in the 1891 census. His wife Mary Warland is recorded in Camberwell along with their daughter Sarah D Warland (born 1857, a bookeeper) and granddaughter (Alfred's daughter) Florence E Warland (born 1870/1871). As noted on this page, Sarah Ann Warland emigrated to South Africa after 1901, five or six years after Florence had left (and .

Neither Alfred Warland, who died in Kent in 1890 nor Victoria Warland (born 1847) or their children - except Florence E Warland (1870 - 1906) who was living with her grandparents in Camberwell - appear to be recorded in the 1891 census. It is possible that they were not in England at this time.

Alfred Warland (born 1874) is recorded in 1897 when he married Susannah Brooker. See this page for more information on Alfred and Susannah Warland's life.

Late 1890s - Edward William Warland's life

Edward Warland's life is unknown. However, there may be some clues in the Police Gazette of 1 September 1899, which included the following notice under the heading 'Apprehensions Sought'.

L Division.— For embezzling £30 — EDWARD WILLIAM WARLAND, age 28, height 5 ft. 8 in., complexion, hair, and moustache dark, eyes brown; dress, blue serge jacket suit, black hard felt hat. An Army Reservist of the 4th Hussars, native of Walworth, Surrey. Warrant issued.

Interestingly, the 4th Hussars served in the second Boer War from 1899. Could it be that Edward travelled with the Hussars to South Africa where - coincidentally - his sister had moved a few years earlier? A comprehensive search of South African records (including by a local researcher) has failed to identify him there.

Family records suggest that Edward Warland is believed to have migrated to America in the late 1890s where he married an Irish girl. Unfortunately the arrivals register for Ellis Island, New York, do not record his arrival and so far no record of his presence in the United States has yet been located. Edward and his wife were said to have had two daughters probably born after his arrival in the US: Helen Warland, female Warland.

No record of Edward in the United States has yet been found.

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