Descendants of John Warland of Dorset from 1808 - links to Australia and South Africa

John Warland (1785 - ) was the son of Robert Warland (1759 - 1821) and Sarah (nee Stickland) of Dorset. He married Ann Stiles (possibly 1790 - possibly 1856) on 18 May 1807. John and Ann Warland had had the following children:

John Warland may have died before 1841 (or been away from England) as neither he nor his family is clearly identifiable in the 1841 census. The 1851 census has a Henry Warland (born 1820) in Middlesex with a relation of Sarah (born 1824), who may be the same Henry and Sarah Warland listed above. This would possibly be connected with other family listed in Middlesex below.

An interesting fact about this family is that all the children appear to have died relatively young. A clue to this may be in Eliza's death notice that states she died after 'a short and painful illness'. Did a medical problem run in this family?

Children of John and Ann Warland (without links)

Charles Warland (1808 - 1855) married Mary Jane Ortell (1811 - 1856 in Hackney, London) on 14 February 1835 in Clerkenwell, London. Charles and Mary Warland had the following children:

There appear to be two Charles Warlands in Middlesex in the 1841 census, both born in 1811 (which makes it unlikely it is this Charles unless the year is incorrect). One is a porter, the other a clerk. A Mary Warland (born 1811) is also recorded in Middlesex in the 1841 census, along with a Charles Warland (born 1838).

Charles Warland does not appear in the 1851 census. His wife Mary Warland is also not clearly identifiable. A Mary Ann Warland, aged 12, and living in Middlesex, may be the same person as the Mary Ann Warland above. A Charlotte Warland, aged 6, also in Middlesex may be her sister. The other children are not obviously recorded.

Charles Warland (born 1808) died in 1855. His wife Mary Warland died in 1856 when her youngest daughter was only 10. It is not clear what happened to the children after this date but their older brother Charles Warland married Georgina Stannard in 1856 - see below for further details. Perhaps he helped to look after the children.

Edward Warland is recorded in the 1861 census in Middlesex. Neither George Warland nor his sister Charlotte is clearly identifiable. Both Edward Warland, aged 29, and his sister Charlotte Sarah Warland, aged 25, appear in the 1871 census in London. Neither appears in the 1881 or 1891 census. Perhaps Charlotte Sarah Warland does not appear as she may be the person with the same name who married either Edward Thomas Green or Edmund Martin Southwell in Brighton in 1885.

Edward Warland (19 February 1815 in Wimborne Minster - 1855/1885). It is understood that Edward took responsibility for the young children of his sister Mary Ann Fisher (nee Warland) after her husband died in 1843 and then she died in 1847.

Edward Warland married Mary Cutler (6 March 1817 in Holborn, London, UK - ?) in 1848 at St. Pancras, London, England. They had two children:

Edward and Mary Warland are listed in the 1851 census in Middlesex, along with their son Alfred Warland (therefore, Edward cannot have died in 1855). The family is listed in the 1861 census in Middlesex.

Sarah Ann Warland (1856 - 1927) lived at her parent's house in Camberwell, Surrey, UK until they died. She is recorded in the 1891 census as a bookkeeper. In the 1901 census, Sarah Ann is still in Campberwell. After 1901 she emigrated to Durban, South Africa.

Charles John Warland (28 May 1838, Hoxton, Middlesex, UK - 1902) married Georgina Emma Stannard (1839 - 1883) on 30 June 1856 in Shoreditch, London, UK. Charles and Georgiana Warland and their daughter Mary Ann Warland Warland appear in the 1861 census in Middlesex. Charles and Georgiana Warland had the following children:

Charles' son, Alfred Henry Warland (1873 - 1940) married Edith Grimes (29 August 1877 in Middlesex - 1937 in Hackney, London, UK), on 20 January 1904 in Hackney, London, UK. They had the following children:

Jane Warland (1821 - ?) married (possibly either John Garrett or John Clark in 1839 in Northampton, Northamptonshire). It is understood that they had the following children but as the surnames Garrett and Clark are common it is not possible to confirm the details yet:

Alfred is believed to have had two children, Walter and Alice. Ellen may have had the following children: Elsie, Walter, ?, ?, ?, John, ?. The surnames of these children are not yet known.

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