The first recorded Worlands

The following births, deaths and marriages are recorded for various Worlands (via

Henry Worland married Catherine Awsthorp in 1545, location 'Faculty Office Marriage Licences'. Tomsin Worland married Edmund Coo at Boxford, Suffolk, in 1560.

From 1591 - Thundridge, Hertfordshire

Elizabeth Worland, the daughter of Richard Worland, was baptised on 25 April 1591 at Thundridge, Hertfordshire.

Richard Worland, possibly the father of Elizabeth who died the year before, was buried on 13 August 1592 at Thundridge, Hertfordshire. Elizabeth Worland, likely connected with Richard, was buried on 5 November 1592 at Thundridge, Hertfordshire.

From 1591 - various

Elizabeth Worland married David Powell on 28 June 1591 in London.

From 1595 - St Ives, Huntingdonshire

William Worland was buried on 25 March 1592 at St Ives, Huntingdonshire.

Elizabeth Worland, likely connected with William above, was buried on 19 April 1595 at St Ives, Huntingdonshire.

Alicia Worland, also likely to be connected with William and Elizabeth above, was buried on 14 May 1600 at St Ives, Huntingdonshire.

From 1604 - Healing, Lincolnshire

Elizabeth Worland was baptised on 12 January 1604 at Healing, Lincolnshire.

From 1605 - Norfolk

Henry Worland married Elizabeth Aldersonn on 13 October 1605 at Heigham, Norfolk. They had children:

From 1609 - Haddenham, Cambridgeshire

Haddenham is a village around 25 kms east of Oxford, in an area where many Warlands were located. This town might possibly mark the 'border' east where the spelling of the surname was Worland instead of Warland.

William Worland married Esbell Booles at Haddenham, Cambridgeshire, in 1609. They had at least two children:

Isbell Worland, the wife of William Worland (above), was buried on 22 September 1630 at Haddenham, Cambridgeshire.

William Worland (bap 5 March 1614, Haddenham - ) married Jhoane/Joan (died 1659 - see below) and they had children:

Robert Worland was buried in Haddenham, Cambridgeshire, on 6 July 1655. He is likely to be the son of William and Jhoane Worland born in 1649.

Joane Worland, likely to have been William Worland's wife rather than their daughter Jone (see above), was buried on 8 July 1659 at Haddenham, Hertfordshire.

Robert Worland (possibly the Robert born in 1649) was buried in June 1663 at Haddenham, Cambridgeshire.

William Worland (likely the William born in 1645) married Mary Morrice (see below for possible death in 1677) on 3 March 1669 at Cambridge, Cambridgeshire. They had children:

Mary Worland, possibly the wife of William above, was buried on 13 July 1677 at Haddenham, Cambridgeshire.

Joan Worland was buried on 19 July 1679 at Haddenham, Hertfordshire.

William Worland of Haddenham married Rebeka and they had children:

From 1610 - Queensborough, Kent

Jane Worland, also recorded as Sara Worland, a widow, married John Reeve/Reve at Queensborough, Kent on 24 November 1610.

Martha Worland, possibly Jane/Sara Worland's daughter (above), married Henry Knight on 13 January 1624 at Queensborough, Kent.

From 1612 - Various

Elizabeth Worland, the daughter of Thomas Worland, was baptised at Marston Moretain, Bedfordshire (south of Bedford), on 12 July 1612.

John G Worland was buried on 24 August 1616 at Old Windsor, Berkshire.

Elizabeth Worland married William Jewell at Marden, Kent, on 28 April 1617.

Henry Worland married Mary Godden on 9 October 1620 at Hunton, Kent.

John Worland, the son of Thomas and Precilla Worland, was baptised on 25 July 1621 at Salisbury, Wiltshire. William Worland, likely related to Thomas Worland was buried at Salisbury, Wiltshire, on 7 May 1622.

William Worland, the son of Richard Worland, was baptised on 12 September 1630 at Aspeden, Hertfordshire. He may be the William Worland who appears in Rickmansworth in 1654 - see below.

Peter Worland married Anne Horwood at Shedwich, Kent, in 1636.

From 1639 - Bedford

Bedford is a large county town in Bedfordshire.

John Worland married Alice Northfielde at Bedford, Bedfordshire, on 20 March 1639. This may be the same John Worland who was married and had children at Bolnhurst, including a daughter Alice? - see below.

From 1641 - Cambridge

William Worland married Jone Beaumont on 27 May 1641 at Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.

The Worland families of Bolnhurst - Little Staughton - Eaton Socon, Bedford

A group of families with the Worland surname was located in the area from Bolnhurst to Eaton Socon.

From 1641 - Bolnhurst, Bedfordshire

Bolnhurst is a small village in the so-called 'Stodden Hundred' which also included Little Staughton.

John Worland of Bolnhurst, Bedfordshire (possibly the one who married Alice Northfielde at Bedford, Bedfordshire, on 20 March 1639 - see above) appears in Bolnhurst from 1641. The following children are recorded under his name:

Robert Worland was buried on 7 December 1654 at Bolnhurst, Bedfordshire.

Jamesing/e [sic] Worland was buried on 13 December 1656 at Bolnhurst, Bedfordshire.

From 1641 - Eaton Socon, Bedfordshire

Eaton Socon is an area about 2.5 kms to the east of Little Staughton.

William Worland was buried on 11 January 1641 at Eaton Socon, Bedfordshire.

Richard Worland married Jane Wolstenholme (baptism details not yet found) on 2 November 1641 at Roxton, Bedfordshire, a few kilometres south of Eaton Scoton. This may be the same man as Rici Worland (see possible death in 1665 below) who married and had at least two children at Eaton Socon:

Note that a Cicely Worland was buried on 30 October 1644 at Eaton Socon.

An unnamed widow Worland (Jane, nee Wolstemholme?) was buried on 30 October 1643 at Eaton Socon, Bedfordshire.

Richard Worland was buried on 24 April 1665 at Eaton Socon.

Richardi [sic] Worland (possibly the Ricus born in 1642) married Susannae (surname not known, likely died in 1705 - see below) by 1668 and they had several children:

An Elizabeth Worland married Solomon Pratt at Ippollitts (St Ipollyts) on 2 October 1677. This person may be connected with (possibly the daughter of) Abraham Worland (possibly born Warland) who died in Ippollitts in July 1661 - see this page for more information.

Jane Worland was buried on 14 December 1677 at Eaton Socon.

Eden Worland was buried in Eaton Socon on 14 March 1683.

Richard Worland was buried on 1 November 1683 at Eaton Socon.

Josephi [sic] Worland (possibly the Joseph born in 1669) married and had at least one child:

Joseph Worland (could be the father or son above) was buried in Eaton Socon on 28 September 1693 - see also below.

Anna Worland married Henricus Boston on 13 November 1694 at Eaton Socon.

Jacobus Worland married Elizabeth Wildbore on 4 October 1699 at Eaton Socon. There are two baptisms for Elizabeth Wildbore in Roxton in 1672 and 1673, either of which seems possible.

Anna Worland married Johannes Page on 11 October 1702 at Eaton Socon.

Amicia Worland married Thomas Church at Eaton Socon on 21 September 1703.

James Worland was buried at Eaton Socon on 12 April 1705.

Susannah Worland, possibly the wife of Richard above, was buried on 22 April 1705 at Eaton Socon.

Thomas Worland (possibly the one born in 1681) married Anne in Eaton Socon and they had children all born in Eaton Socon:

Joseph Worland was buried in Eaton Socon on 31 January 1714.

Mary Worland married Robert Killingworth on 7 February 1723 at Eaton Socon.

William Worland was buried on 4 June 1725 at Eaton Socon.

Another William Worland was buried on 17 April 1732 at Eaton Socon.

1652 - Judeth Worland marries in London

Judeth Worland (further details not yet known) married Thomas Sharpe on 30 June 1652 at London.

1654/1656 - Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire

Rickmansworth is a small town in southwest Hertfordshire, about 25 kilometres northwest of London. A small group of Worlands appear there in the mid 1600s.

Mary Worland was born to William (likely born 1630 - 1635) and Margaret Worland in 1654 at Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire.

Roger Worland married Jane Standford on 2 July 1656 at Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire.

1655 - Kensington, London

Catherine/Katherane Worland married Adriah [sic] Westerbeah in 1655 at Kensington, London.

From 1660 - Little Staughton, Bedfordshire

Little Staughton is midway between Bolnhurst and Eaton Socon, in an area north of the main road between those two villages, and about 7 kilometres north of Bedford. The first recorded Worlands appear in 1660, strengthening the current speculation that they may be the family (and likely the extended family) of John and Alice Worland who married at Bedford in 1639, then moved to Bolnhurst where they had at least four children. This idea is further strengthened by the fact that John and Alice had two sons, Thomas and Edward; and two men with that name appear in Little Staughton. John Worland's family may have originally come from Marston Moretain, Bedfordshire (south of Bedford), where the Worland family is recorded from July 1612.

Agnes Worland, was buried on 13 June 1660 at Little Staughton, Bedfordshire. Marie Worland was buried at Little Staughton on 25 June 1661. These two may have been daughters of John and Alice Worland, or one may have been his mother or sister. Or possibly John's wife who died (perhaps it was not Alice).

John Worland married Elizabeth Write on 2 November 1663 at Little Staughton. This may be a re-marriage.

Additional children were born in Little Staughton after this date:

Elizabeth Worland (was this John's second wife, who died after giving birth?) was buried at Little Staughton on 12 November 1664. William Worland, was buried on 30 July 1667 at Little Staughton.

A Thomas Worland is understood to have been born at Little Staughton in 1670 but no record of this has been found; he may be the person with that name who was born at Bolnhurst to John and Alice Worland - see above.

John Worland (quite possibly the father of the children above), likely in his mid to late 50s, was buried on 28 November 1676 at Little Staughton.

John Worland, likely the son of John Worland who died in 1676, married Mary (surname not known) by 1684/1685 and they had the following children:

Thomas Worland married Elizabeth Gore (possibly the girl with that name born in Yelden in either 1664 or 1668) on 20 February 1687 at Shelton, Bedfordshire, a few kilometres north west of Little Staughton. Thomas and Elizabeth (also 'Elizbet') Worland had the following children, initially at Little Staughton and then at Keysoe just to the west of Little Staughton and north of Bolnhurst.

Edward Worland, likely Thomas Worland's brother and also born in Bolnhurst, married Ann (surname not known) by 1688 and they had children:

John Worland was buried on 19 April 1697 at Little Staughton. It is not known which John this is; it may be Thomas and Elizabeth's son.

Mary Worland married Edward Scarborough on 24 December 1701 at Little Staughton.

An unnamed Worland was buried at Little Staughton on 8 May 1703.

Thomas Worland was buried at Little Staughton on 8 October 1717. Could this have been Thomas Worland who had moved to Meldreth, returning home? It is understood that he died in 1714 at Meldreth, but perhaps these records are not yet online.

Elizabeth Worland was buried on 26 November 1727 at Little Staughton.

Robert Worland married Margaret (possibly the Margaret Worland who was buried on 3 December 1736) and they had children:

Sarah Worland was buried on 14 August 1717 at Little Staughton.

John Worland was buried on 12 September 1718 at Little Staughton.

Mary Worland was buried on 18 April 1736 at Little Staughton.

Robert Worland (possibly Robert and Margaret's son or Margaret's husband) was buried at Little Staughton on 23 August 1736.

Note: Thomas and Elizabeth Worland appear to have arrived in Meldreth during 1737; their son Joseph (born 1703) married Elizabeth Pike there on 9 October 1737.

Another Robert Worland was buried on 13 November 1737 at Little Staughton. Margaret Worland (likely Robert's wife) was buried on 3 December 1736 at Litle Staughton. If correct, this would have meant that their younger daughter Jane was only three.

John Worland was buried on 23 January 1737 at Little Staughton.

There are no Worlands recorded in Little Staughton after this date; it seems the family moved to Meldreth (See this page for more information about Thomas and Elizabeth Worland's life in Meldreth). Three deaths are recorded in Meldreth from 1744 (death of Richard Worland) followed by 1754 (death of Sarah Worland), then 1759 (death of Mary Worland). It is not known if these three were directly connected with Thomas and Elizabeth's family but it is assumed they were as there were no Worlands recorded in Meldreth prior to 1737.

The following is a list of children said to have been born to Thomas and Elizabeth Worland (nee Gore) Meldreth before 1737. These details cannot yet be corroborated against online records found so far:

From 1672 - Various

Mary Worland (possibly the same person who was born in 1654, above) married Daniel Dickinson (also shown as Dimmeche) on 1 January 1672 at Hertford, Hertfordshire.

Various - from 1704

Ann Worland married John Cook at Keysoe, Bedfordshire, on 5 July 1704.

Thomas Worland married Anne Drable on 6 May 1719 at Roxton, Bedfordshire.

Thomas Worland married Mary Mun in 1746 at Kingston, Cambridgeshire.

For details of the Worland family in Cambridgeshire from the mid 1600s, see this page.

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