Warlands in Hertfordshire, from the 1580s

1580s - Hitchin

Hitchin is a market town with a population of around 33,300. St Ippolyts (also written as Ippollitts) is a town just south of Hitchine where other Worlands are recorded later - see below. It is located approximately 7 kms south west from the towns of Melbourn and Meldreth in Cambridgeshire where the Worland family was located. It is almost half way between that area and Oxfordshire where the surname is usually spelled as Warland. The relationship of this family and others (Warland or Worland) is not yet known.

According to Hertfordshire records on the website www.findmypast.co.uk, Martin Warland married Fraunce (surname not yet known) by 1584. They had three children:.

Fraunce Warland, the wife of Martin, was buried on 18 March 1599 at Hitchin. Martin Warland then re-married, this time to Alice Barnam, in Hitchin on 31 July 1600. John Warland (born 1584), Martin's son from his marriage to Fraunce, was buried on 15 February 1601, aged 17.

Martin and Alice Warland had the following children:

Martin and Fraunce's son Thomas Warland, aged 20, was buried on 15 February 1606.

From 1620 - Joane Warland marries at Welwyn

Thomas Casse was married to an Alice (surname not yet known, details not yet located) and they had at least two children born at Welwyn, south of Hitchin, Hertfordshire,:

Alice Casse, the wife of Thomas, was buried on 14 June 1620.

Thomas Casse married Joane Warland at Welwyn on 1 November 1620.

1632 - Alice Warland marries at Watton/Watton At Stone

An Alce [sic] Warland, very likely the daughter of Martin Warland and the half-sister of Joane Warland who married Thomas Casse above, married William Bawme on 18 October 1632 at Watton At Stone, Hertfordshire. They appear to have had at least two children:

Thomas Casse married Judith (surname not shown) at Welwyn on 17 January 1641.

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