Piddlehinton and Winterborne Warlands

Piddlehinton and Winterborne (variations) are located to the west of the primary area where Warlands are found in Dorset.

John Warland was buried in Winterborne Anderson on 30 January 1715/16.

Elizabeth Warland, 'certified to be buried in woollen only', was buried in Winterborne Anderson on 16 December 1721.

Sarah Warland of Bathwick, City of Bath, married James Bishop in Piddlehinton on 2 April 1818.

Thomas Warland, a 'mariner' and 'master of a vessel' of Piddlehinton, married Mary Adams of Piddlehinton on 22 July 1828. They had the following children:

Elizabeth Warland, aged 77, of Winterborne Stickland, was buried on 29 March 1834 at the same location.

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