Robert Warland (1694 - 26 September 1758) - Canford Magna/Wimborne Minster

Robert Warland (1694 - 1758) was the fourth son of John Warland (1650 - 1730) and Mary Henslow (1660 - 1753) who married in Portsmouth, Hampshire in 1679.

On 12 February 1722, Robert Warland married Joan Hancock at Canford Magna (quite possibly the Joane Hancock, a 'base child' (i.e., illegitimate) daughter of Dorcas (?), who was baptised on 20 August 1699 at St Mary Thorncombe). It is not known if this Robert is the same person as the following Robert.

On 7 February 1724, Robert Warland 'of Merly' (originally called Myrle, a manor in the tithing of Great Canford) married Ann King (1701 - 17 April 1784), the daughter of Christopher King. Robert and Ann had the following children, all born in the Canford Magna area:

See below for further details of the children listed above.

On 1 January 1739, Robert Warland (1694 - 26 September 1758) entered into a 99-year leasehold contract with Sir Thomas Webb Baronet, then Lord of the Manor of Great Canford in the County of Dorset, taking over the following land that had previously been '... in the tenure of Giles Smith Gentleman' and then Winifred Smith, his wife. The land included in the contract was described in the re-negotiated 1808 version as follows:

All that Messuage ['A dwelling house together with its outbuildings, curtilage, and the adjacent land appropriated to its use'] or Tenement commonly called or known by the name of Gillinghams and one parrock ['A croft, or small field'] thereto adjoining containing one acre, a Close adjoining containing six acres, another Close adjoining containing (four) acres, a Close called Hunny Mead containing two acres, a Close called Wounton (?) containing by estimation five acres, a Close called Coppice Close containing by estimation two acres and three roads, a Close called Barrows Hows containing by estimation ten acres in the meadow called Metterwood (?) four acres and in Simons Mead one acre with the rights members and appurtenances whatsoever to the said Messuage or Tenement Lands Hereditaments and premises belonging or in any wise appurtences which said Messuage or Tenements Hereditaments and Premises are situate at or near Lake in the said Parish of Great Canford.

It is worth noting that the 99 years expired in 1838, when a large number of Warlands left the Canford Magna area and migrated to Australia.

1758 - Death of Robert Warland

Robert Warland (born 1694) died in 1758. In 1760, Robert Warland's sons Robert Warland (1731 - 1782), William Warland (1733 - 1794), Christopher Warland (1736 - 1816), and Henry Warland (1742 - 1819) - but not their brother John Warland (1726 - 1794) - took possession of the land, partitioning and dividing it among themselves. John Warland was a maltster in Wimborne and it is not known why he was excluded from the deal.

From 1758 - John Warland (1726 - 1794) marries Elizabeth Batt

Robert and Ann Warland's second son, the Maltster John Warland (1726 - 1794) married Elizabeth Batt (1734 - 9 August 1790) on 14 November 1758 in Wimborne Minster. See this page for the transcript of John and Elizabeth's marriage settlement. John and Elizabeth Warland had the following children:

From 1763 - Robert Warland (1731 - 1782) marries Mary Dean

Robert and Ann Warland's fourth son Robert Warland (1731 - 1782) married Mary Dean (1728 - 1770) on 2 June 1763 in Canford Magna, Dorset. They had the following daughters:

1766 - Penelope Warland (1738 - ) marries John Place

Penelope Warland was the daughter of Robert Warland (1694 - 1758) and Ann King (1701 - 1784). She married John Place (1730 - 1800) on 1 or 7 November 1766 at St Andrews, Kinson, Bournemouth, Dorset and they had one son:

Click the link above for details of the Place family.

Note that, when Penelope's brother Henry Warland died in 1819, his will gave money to Matthew Wasse Place and Matthew's son Henry Place. See below for more details.

1782 - Death of Robert Warland (born 1731)

Robert Warland (born 1731), the husband of Mary (nee Dean) died in 1782. In his will he appointed his brothers John Warland [1726 - 1794] and Christopher Warland [1736 - 1816] to be trustees in his affairs. However, Robert Warland did not '... make any particular disposition of the said Leasehold premises'. Robert Warland's brothers then arranged for the leasehold to be transferred to them via the prerogative Court of the Archbishop of Canterbury 'in trust for them the said Mary (Warland)(,) the wife of the said Edward Tory(,) and Jane (nee Warland) the wife of the said William Mackrell', and possessed it.

From 1782 - William Warland (1733 - 1794) marries Dorothy Eyers

Robert and Ann Warland's fifth son William Warland (1733 - 1794) married Dorothy Eyers (or Ayers) (1758 - 22 March 1830, Canford Magna) in 1782. They and had the following children, all born in the Canford Magna area:

1783 - Robert Warland (1759 - 1821) marries Sarah Stickland

The second son of the Maltster, John Warland (1726 - 1794) and Elizabeth Batt (1734 - 1790), Robert Warland, (1759 - 1821) married Sarah Stickland in 1783 in St James, Poole, Dorset, England. They had the following children. It appears from the place of births that the first three children were born in St James, Poole, before the family moved 'back' to Wimborne Minster.

Note - The Warland and Stickland families were connected for several generations - see this page in relation to the 'Almer' Warlands.

1784 - Mary Warland (born 1766) marries Edward Tory

On 4 August 1784, the daughter of Robert Warland (1731 - 1782), Mary Warland (born 1766), married Edward Tory. A few days later, on 9 August 1784, an indenture was created between Edward Tory, Mary Tory (nee Warland), and John and Christopher Warland 'being the settlement executed previously to the marriage' of Edward and Mary Tory.

1786 - John Webb - Lord of the Manor

In 1786 Thomas' son, John Webb, became the Lord of the Manor and had one daughter, Barbara Webb (1762 - 1819). Barbara Webb married Anthony Ashley [Cooper], 5th Earl of Shaftesbury. Barbara's father, John Webb, died in 1797. Barbara and Anthony Cooper's daughter, Lady Barbara Cooper (1788 - 1844), married William Francis Spencer [Ponsonby] (1761 - 1811), 1st Baron De Mauley, and had issue. Lady Cooper died in 1844 and was buried at Wimborne St Giles, Dorset.

From 1792 - Christopher Warland marries Sarah Willis/Welles

Christopher Warland (born 25 June 1736) was the son of Robert Warland (1694 - 1758) and Ann King (1701 - 1784). He married Sarah Willis/Welles (c. 1750 - 11 May 1812) in Hampreston on 10 July 1792. For details of his life, click the story of Nanny/Nancy Ann Warland, Elias Barnes and the Barnes family'.

1794 - Death of John Warland (born 1726)

After the death of John Warland (born 19 December 1726) in 1794, the indenture became the sole responsibility of Christopher Warland. Perhaps, with his advancing age, Christopher then decided in 1808 to draw up a new contract to ensure that his niece Mary Tory would continue to receive 'the said rents and profits for her own separate use and not to be subject to the debts or engagements of the said Edward Tory her then intended Husband but her receipt alone notwithstanding her intended Coverture to be a sufficient discharge for the same and from and after her decease'.

See also this page for a possible link with another Henry Warland, mariner, who had a son George Henry Warland, who in turn had two children, one named Henry Carroll Warland who migrated to Australia.

1796 - Robert Warland (1761 - 1821) - Militiaman and Maltster

In the Wimbourne Militia Lists for 1796, men who are 'liable to serve as Militia Men for the Borough of Wimbourn in the County of Dorset', Robert Warland is listed as a Malster with 6 children.

Robert Warland was buried at Canford Magna on 25 June 1821.

Late 1790s - Henry Warland (1742 - 1819)

Robert Warland's last child, Henry Warland (1742 - 1819) was said to have married Ann Eyers/Ayers (likely to have been a sister or relative of his brother William's wife, Dorothy). After Henry died in 1819 (or maybe before), it is believed that Ann Ayers went to live with her nephew Christopher, the son of her brother-in-law Christopher (1736 - 1816, see above).

1819 - Death of Henry Warland (1742 - 1819)

Henry Warland died in 1819. Although he was believed to be married to Ann Eyers/Ayers, his will makes no mention of a wife or children. His beneficiaries are listed as follows:

Witnesses to his will were: John Eaton (bricklayer); John Abbott (yeoman); William Freeman (Attorney's Clerk of Blandford Forum).

1821 - Death of Robert Warland (born 1759)

Robert Warland died in 1821 at the age of 62. It is not yet known when his wife Sarah died.

1844 - Sale of Canford Magna

By the time Lady Cooper died in 1844, there were very few if any Warlands living on the Canford Magna estate - most of the farming Warlands had moved to other parts of England or to Australia. The Canford Magna estate was sold to Sir Josiah John Guest, a South Wales iron-master, and his wife Lady Charlotte Guest. Their son, Ivor Bertie Guest, was created 1st Baron Wimborne of Canford Magna and married Lady Cornelia Spencer-Churchill, eldest daughter of the Seventh Duke of Marlborough and the aunt of Winston Churchill. The great staircase at Canford Magna, elaborately carved in walnut by a Venetian craftsman, was installed towards the end of the 19th century in memory of Sir Henry Layard who married a daughter of the Guests and often stayed at the house. Canford House was sold in 1922 and it became a school. (Source:

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