The family of Thomas Warland (1794, Bletchingdon - 12 May 1845) and Elizabeth Duvall (1797 - 1877), Bletchingdon, UK

Thomas Warland (1794 - 12 May 1845) was the son of Thomas Warland (1753 - 1831) and Ann Clark. He married Elizabeth Duvall (daughter of William Duvall, who died 16 October 1843, the sister of Susan Duvall and Benjamin Duvall) sometime before 1819 (based on the birth date of their first child) and then moved to Cambridgeshire.

Thomas and Elizabeth Warland had the following children:

The family, less William, are recorded in the 1841 census in Cambridgeshire.

Life of Henry Warland (1821 - 1901)

Thomas and Elizabeth Warland's son Henry Warland (1821 - 1901), a Cabinet Maker, is recorded in the 1841 census.

Henry Warland married three times. His first wife was Susanna Baldrey (1818 - 1868) who he married on 19 August 1847 at Christ Church, Cambridge. Henry and Susanna's children were as follows:

Both Henry and Susanna Warland are recorded in the 1851 census along with their first child Martha S Warland.

Susanna Warland died in 1868 when her children were still relatively young. Henry then married Emily Jane (?) (1823 - March 1884) on 18 January 1870 at St Andrews the Less, Cambridge. It is not clear what happened to this marriage or Emily. He then married Harriet Goode, Cambridge on a date that is yet unknown.

Henry Warland in the 1871 Census

The 1871 UK census includes Henry's mother Elizabeth and his uncle George.

The census also includes Henry Warland (born 1821, aged 50), his second wife, Emily I Warland (born 1822, aged 49), and his four children listed as follows:

Marriage of George Henry Warland - 1879

Henry and Emily's son George Henry Warland married Helen Thompson on 18 September 1879. George Henry Warland was also recorded as a Cabinet Maker, Undertaker and House Furnisher. George Henry and Helen Warland had the following children:

Henry Warland and son George Henry Warland in the 1881 Census

The 1881 UK census shows Henry as 'George Henry Warland' (date of birth shown as 1822, 'Cabinet Maker'), Emily J Warland (date of birth shown as 1821, 'wife'), and their youngest daughter Emily G Warland (date of birth 1860) at Victoria Cottage, Cambridge. Despite the different dates for the parents, this is believed to be the same as Henry and Emily recorded in 1871, mostly because of the daughter's name and date

The 1881 census includes Henry's son George Henry Warland at 91 Fitzroy Street, Cambridge:

George Henry and Helen's other children, not born when the census took place, were:

1911 Census

George H Warland does not appear in the 1911 census, but his wife Helen (nee Thompson, born 1859) does, along with George's sister, Emily F Warland (born 1860/1). The following individuals were also present:

William Henry Warland (1883 - ) married Ellen Hedge on 18 February 1909 in St Barnabas, Cambridge, UK, and they had one son, Leslie John Warland.

Leslie Guy Warland (March 1889 - March 1966, Worthing, UK), married Kathleen Grace Coulson in September 1919 in Cambridge, UK, and they had one daughter, Joan Hilda Warland (20 December 1924, Luton, UK - August 1996, Worthing, UK).

Family of Thomas and Elizabeth Warland's son Thomas George Warland (1829 - 1864)

Thomas George Warland (1829 - June 1864 at Thetford) married Susan Hammond (1816 - March 1895) probably before January 1861 and they had two children:

Susan and the two children were recorded in the 1881 census at St Pancras, 61 St Pauls Road; Susan was a 'Daily Governess', Millicent a 'Governess', and Thomas Henry a Solicitors General Clerk.

Thomas Henry Warland (1863 - 1938) married Beatrice Louise Thompson (1863 - 1938) before 1898 and had the following children:

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