Warlands in the Oxford area (Noke, Fencott, Bletchingdon, Islip, Kidlington, and Buckinghamshire)

While the first reference to 'Warland' (as a type of land) appears just to the south east of Oxford, at Cowley, the first recorded references to the name Warland are in the general area to the north and north-east, including the towns and villages of Noke, Fencott, Bletchingdon, Islip and Kidlington. This page is about Warlands who lived in that area.


From 1565 - Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire

Long Crendon is around 5 kms south east of Oakley and around 10 kms west of the other locations in Oxfordshire where other Warlands were recorded - see map below.

Phillis Warland, the daughter of Edward Warland, was baptised at Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, on 19 August 1565.

Edward Warland married Anne Freeman on 12 November 1573 in Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire on 12 November 1573. It seems likely that Edward's first wife, the mother of Phillis, died and he re-married.

Members of the Warland family are recorded in Buckinghamshire until 1690.

From 1574 - Noke

Noke is a small village, around 13 - 15 kilometres north of Oxford, surrounded by farming land. There was a church at Noke at least by 1191, when a priest was first recorded. By the 1500's the Noke parish was considered quite poor and it was difficult to attract able rectors. In 1574, Robert Warland became rector of Noke. It is not known if Robert came from Noke or another location. He was not a graduate and was only considered 'tollerable' [sic], and yet he remained for 62 years until his death in 1636. 'All that is known of his ministry is that he began the parish register, and that in 1584 he was several times summoned because his chancel was ruinous. He left at his death in 1636 an estate of over £171, but he was a married man with children and his neglect of the church fabric may have been due to his family obligations.' For more information about the Noke Parish, see this page.

As noted, Robert Warland was a married man with children, it is therefore quite likely that Robert Warland is the father (or, more likely, grandfather) of at least two children born in Noke just after 1600 (possibly when the parish register started):

The closeness of the dates suggest that William was the brother of Josias.

A John Warland was buried in Noke in 1617.

Josias Warland (probably the one baptised in 1602) married Avis Page in 1630. Based on the dates, the next two Warlands to appear in the St Giles church records in Noke may be Josias and Avis' children:

A William Warland was buried in 1632 in Noke. This could be either (a) William Warland baptised in 1607, or (b) the possible child of Josias, William, who was born in 1631. He may also be William Warland of Elsfield, a Lease Holder in 1629, recorded in the 'Index of Oxfordshire People in Deeds and Charters' by Hassell (1966) (M.S. Rolls, Oxon 84) (Source: Oxford family, 1700's).

1603 and 1613 - Warland Deaths in Wotton Underwood, Buckinghamshire

Anna Warland, an Anglican and the relative of Thome [sic] Warland (relationship stated to be 'Uxor'), was buried at Wotton Underwood in Buckinghamshire on 28 August 1603.

Isabella Warland, whose marital status was 'vidua' (widow), an Anglican, was buried on 20 September 1613 at Wotton Underwood.

Willa Warland, whose marital status was also 'vidua', also an Anglican, was buried on 29 September 1613 at Wotton Underwood.(Ref PR246/1/1)

Around the same time, an Anne Warland was born to John Warland, baptised 24 January (year not clear).

From 1629 - Various Warlands in the Oxford area

The following information was provided by Gerald J Gracey Cox to Shirley Warland in the early 1990's. The 'Index of Oxfordshire People in Deeds and Charters' by Hassell (1966) has the following entries:

1633 - Birth of Joane Warland, Wotton Underwood

Joane Warland, the daughter of John Warland, was baptised on 13 October 1633 at Wotton Underwood.

From 1640 - Kidlington

Kidlington is about six kilometres to the north west of Noke. It is a much larger town compared with Noke. According to the Kidlington Parish Register, at least two children, probably siblings, were born in and baptised at Kidlington after 1640 to a William Warland, who may be the same person as William Warland born in Noke in 1607:

Two further Warland children were born to (as yet) unknown parents in Kidlington in 1668 and 1670:

Based on the dates they are probably brothers and may, possibly, be the children of William baptised in 1640.

1658 - Death of John Warland in Wotton Underwood, Buckinghamshire

John Warland, no relative shown, was buried in Wotton Underwood on 30 August 1658.

1675 and 1676 - Death of Anne Warland and William Warland in Wotton Underwood, Buckinghamshire

Anne Warland, the daughter of John and Elizabeth Warland, an Anglican, was buried on 23 September 1675 at Wotton Underwood.

William Warland, the son of John Warland, was buried on 27 February 1676 at Wotton Underwood.

1667 - Noke (continued)

Josias Warland, probably Avis Page's husband born in 1602, was buried in Noke in 1667.

From 1676 - Noke (continued)

In 1676, one Robert Warland married Jane Bignell in Noke. Three children born or baptised soon after this date may be the children of Robert and Jane:

Three Warlands were buried in 1685 in Noke:

The following Warland deaths were recorded in Noke from 1691 to 1753:

1683 - Death of Thomas Warland in Wotton Underwood, Buckinghamshire

Thomas Warland, no relative shown, was buried in Wotton Underwood on 1 April 1683.

1690 - Death of John Warland in Wotton Underwood, Buckinghamshire

John Warland, no relative shown, was buried in Wotton Underwood on 15 February 1690. (Ref PR246/1/2)

From 1745 - Fencot

Fencot is small village about five kilometres north east of Noke. Based on names and dates it appears possible that Robert Warland, the son of Robert Warland and Jane Bignell and baptised in Noke on 12 November 1680, may have moved to Fencot in the late 1600s where he married and had a son named Edmund Warland. One Edmund Warland was recorded as an apprentice to John Paxton, Woolmen's Company, in 1710. Edmund Warland married Mary Johnson possibly in Fencot around 1745, based on the birth dates and location of their children. Edmund Warland was certainly living in Fencot before 1746. Edmund and Mary Warland had the following children:

From 1754 - Noke area (continued)

Robert Warland married Jane Andrews in Noke in 1754.

The following Warland deaths were recorded in Noke from 1762 to 1770:

According to the book 'Spotlight on the Agricultural Revolution', by Christopher Martin, "Sometimes (but not often) there was violent opposition to a scheme. Otmoor in Oxfordshire (near Noke) was commonland, used by cottagers to rear large flocks of geese. In 1814, a proposal to drain and cultivate the common was torn from the church door. One of the scheme's advocates criticized local poor: 'In looking after a brood of goslings, a few rotten sheep, a skeleton of a cow ... they acquired habits of idleness and dissipation and dislike to honest labour'. When the enclosure was made, resentment turned to defiance: a thousand men, women and children smashed the new hedges. Troops were called and arrests made. For several years the 'war' continued, moonlit nights being a time for breaking down the fences." (From the book Spotlight on the Agricultural Revolution by Christopher Martin, quote here.)

From 1771 - Children of Edmund Warland and Mary Johnson - Edmund Warland (1746 - 1819)

Edmund and Mary Warland's first child Edmund Warland (1746 - 1819) married Alice Dutton (c1743 - 1821) and they had four children:

By 1796 - Edmund Warland (1771 - 1839) marries

Edmund and Alice (nee Dutton) Warland's eldest son Edmund Warland (1771 - 1839) married Elizabeth Smith (born 1781 according to the 1841 census), but the date they married is not certain as it doesn't appear in the registers from 1790 to 1810. They had at least six children:

Edmund Warland and his wife Elizabeth and their six children listed above are mentioned in a church document dated 10 January 1809, indicating that, as their clearly appear to have fallen on hard times and were considered to be poor, they were to be removed from the 'Parish or Township of Fencott and Mercott' and sent 'to the said Parish of Noke'. The document names their children as follows: 'Mary aged twelve years, George aged ten years, Robert aged eight years, Thomas aged six years, Elizabeth aged four years and Edmund aged six months'. It seems possible, given the family origins in Noke, that they were being sent 'back' to that area.

See below for further information about the children of Edmund and Elizabeth Warland.

Noke - Bletchingdon connection

From 1778 - John Warland (1749 - 1832)

John Warland (1749 - 1832), a carpenter and the son of Edmund Warland (born around 1720s, based on other dates) and Mary Warland, appears to have moved from Fencott to Bletchingdon, about 8 - 10 kms north west of Noke, by the mid 1770s where he married Sarah Jenkins/Jenkyns (c. 1746 - 1793). They had the following children:

John and Sarah Warland's son John Warland married Elizabeth (poss born 1792 based on 1851 census records).

From 1781 - Thomas Warland (1753 - 1831)

John Warland's brother, Thomas Warland (July 1753, bap 15 July 1753 - March 1831 at Bletchingdon) also appears to have moved to Bletchingdon. He married Ann Clark and they had the following children:

Late 1700s - Oxford - Islip

By the late 1700s, one John Warland was living in Islip, a larger town about two kilometres north west of Noke. John Warland could, potentially, be either of two John Warlands born with the same name in Bletchingdon:

According to family history, John Warland married and had two children:

From 1807 - John Warland marries Elizabeth Bazeley

John Warland (1781 - 1866), a carpenter noted in the 1841 census in Oxfordshire (see below), married Hannah Bazeley, a nurse, on 11 June 1807.

From 1811 - Noke (continued)

The following Warland children were born in Noke after 1811, according to church registers.

Noke church registers record that Mary Warland (possibly the same person born in 1787 - see above) married William Jones in 1822. Jacob Warland died in 1836.

1817 - John Cooper of Yarnton marries Ann Creek

The yeoman farmer John Cooper of Yarnton married Ann Creek of Lower Heyford at Lower Heyford church on 8 November 1817. They had several children(source: St Sepulchre cemetery web page for Henry Saunders Warland):

1820 - John Warland of Bletchingdon marries Elizabeth Sellwood

The farmer John Warland of Bletchingdon married Elizabeth Sellwood of Kidlington at Kidlington church on 16 April 1820. The pair appear to have had a child before they married, based on the details for their children listed below (source: St Sepulchre cemetery web page for Henry Saunders Warland):

1838 - Death of Ann Cooper (nee Creek)

Ann Cooper (nee Creek), the wife of John Cooper of Yarnton who married in 1817, was buried at Yarnton on 14 July 1838.

1841 - John Warland (born 1815) marries Arabella Warland

Although no more than speculation, an as-yet-unplaced John Warland (born 1815) in the 1841 census married an Arabella Warland (born 1812) in Oxfordshire and had the following children, as recorded in the 1851 census. Their names (John, Thomas and Edmund) all indicate a potential connection with Noke Warlands:

This family, with children as listed below, appears again in the 1861 census in Warwickshire. John Warland is a wood sawyer (an occupation common to other Warland men in the Oxfordshire area), while his wife Arabella's occupation was recorded as 'tend cramin' (meaning unknown).

Neither John nor Arabella Warland appear again in UK census results, suggesting they either died or left the UK.

1841 census - John and Hannah Warland

John and Hannah Warland (both born 1781, married 1807) are recorded in the 1841 census at Rectory Square, Islip with a William Warland (16), John Warland (4), and a William Beesley aged 90. William Beesley is almost certainly Hannah's father - her maiden name is phonetically the same. Several other people are recorded in this location in the 1841 census:

Hannah is recorded living with her husband John Warland, now a 'pauper carpenter' in the 1851 census.

The 1841 census shows another Hannah Warland (also born 1781) and a possible relative/daughter Mary Warland (born 1811) at Kifford Almshouse, St Margaret, Westminster, London. As there is a Hannah Warland at the same address as John, it is believed that this Hannah is a different person. According to the website of the current managers, Harrison Housing, 'Whicher and Kifford Almshouses were founded in Westminster at the end of the 17th Century. They were moved from Westminster to the present location in Lambeth in 1855. The Almshouses originally belonged to Westminster Abbey and ownership was transferred to Harrison Housing in 2013.'

1841 census - Thomas and Harriet Warland

Thomas Warland (born 1816 according to the 1841 census), a farmer, married Harriet Ward (also born in 1816 according to the 1841 census) in 1837 according to Noke church records. The name of Thomas' father is not yet known but it seems likely he is connected with other Noke Warlands. Thomas and Harriet Warland are recorded in the 1841 census along with their two children and a servant named Ann Beckett:

An unnamed Warland died in 1839 according to Noke church records.

1841 census - John Cooper and family at Yarnton

John Cooper, a farmer, and three children including his daughter Ann Cooper (aged 20 who would married Henry Saunders Warland in 1847) were recorded in the 1841 census living at Yarnton.

1841 - Robert Warland marries Elizabeth Smith

Robert Warland (born abt 1801), the son of Edmund Warland (1771 - 1839) and a sawyer, married Elizabeth Smith (born 1807, poss died 1856) in 1841. They were recorded living in Noke in the 1841 census. They appear to have arrived there by the late 1820s, probably connected with the church notice referred to above. At least six of their seven children were born in Noke:

Noke church registers record that an Alfred Warland died in 1844. This may have been Alfred Warland baptised on 26 May 1816.

1843 - Woodstock - William Warland (born 1824)

William Warland (believed to be the one born 1824 to John Warland from the Islip area - see above, but no further information) was a wheelright by trade. He married Emma Elizabeth Charlwood (also noted as Charwood) on 10 July 1843, at St Peter's Church, Oxford, UK. They then appear to have moved to Woodstock, further west, close to Blenheim Palace.

William and Emma Warland had the following children, all born in Woodstock, about 10 kms west of Islip:

1845 - Death of John Cooper

John Cooper, the farmer from Yarnton and father of Ann Cooper, was buried at Yarnton on 11 December 1845. Ann Cooper had moved to Summertown by 1847.

1846 - Henry Saunders Warland sets up business

Henry Saunders Warland (1820 - 1909) set up business as a grocer at the south end of the Woodstock Road in Oxford in 1846.

1847 - Henry Saunders Warland marries Ann Cooper

Henry Saunders Warland, of St Giles’s parish in Oxford married Ann Cooper of Summertown at the Summertown Church on 13 December 1847. They had the following children:

1851 census (Oxfordshire) - Henry Saunders Warland and family

Henry Saunders Warland (aged 31), a grocer, and his wife Ann Warland (nee Cooper (aged 31) were recorded in the 1851 census living at the south end of the Woodstock Road (then called St Giles’s Road West) with their first three children: Sarah Warland (aged 3), John Warland (aged 2) and Ann Warland (aged six weeks). Henry’s brother Frederick Warland was also living with them, and they had a 20-year-old housemaid and a 16-year-old nursemaid.

1851 census (Oxfordshire) - William and Emma Warland

Emma Warland and her children are recorded in the 1851 census in Oxfordshire, but William appears to be in Suffolk in that year.

1851 census (Noke)

In the 1851 census, Robert's son Edwin was recorded as a 'sawyer' (following his father's occupation perhaps, while Edward and Edmund are recorded as agricultural labourers. Ann Warland (died 1845), Emma and Alice are no longer recorded, but a Rhoda Warland with a birth year of 1843 (aged 8) is listed with a relationship to Robert and Elizabeth Warland.

Also in 1851, a John Warland, a scholar, is recorded as a visitor staying with John Ward, a farmer employing 10 labourers. As Thomas and Harriet Warland and family are not listed separately, it may be that they had left Noke for a period of time, leaving their son John to stay with John Ward.

1856 - Death of Elizabeth Warland

Noke registers record the death of Elizabeth Warland in 1856. This may have been Robert Warland's wife Elizabeth.

1859 - Edward Warland marries Susannah Lapper

In 1859, Edward Warland, presumably Robert and Elizabeth Warland's son born in 1833, married Susannah Lapper.

1861 census (Noke)

By the time of the 1861 census, Thomas and Harriet Warland appear to have returned to Noke with their daughter Sarah Warland (born 1847) and are living at number 8 ('Farm'). Thomas Warland is recorded as a 'farmer of 84 acres employing 2 men and 1 boy'. They have a George Tipping, a 'carter', living with them.

Thomas and Harriet Warland's son and daughter-in-law, Robert and Elizabeth Warland, are recorded living at number 23 with their sons Edwin Warland (a sawyer like his father) and Edmund Warland, a daughter Emma Warland, and their grandson Joseph James Warland (bap 2 January 1853 - ), a scholar.

John Warland, the scholar recorded in 1851, is still living with John Ward ('a farmer of 400 acres employing 10 labourers') at number 29 ('Blewbury Charity Farm') but is now (curiously) recorded as a grandson, and 'farm bailiff'. It is not known how John Warland could be the grandson of John Warland.

1861 census (Oxfordshire) - Emma Warland

By the time of the 1861 census, Emma Warland, now aged 35, appears to have moved to Middlesex (London area) with her children. They are recorded as follows:

William Warland no longer appears in the census, suggesting he may have died by this time. However, there is a new group of Warlands in Suffolk; their relationship with William Warland's presence there in 1851 is not known. Note tht presence of a Thomas Warland, aged 30, at this point; the closest match to this name in 1851 is Thomas Warland, relation of John and Mary Warland, born 1832 (aged 19) in Lancashire. It would make sense that, if Emma Warland's husband William had died, one of his relatives (a brother [possibly?) may have come to live with the family.

1861 census (Oxfordshire) - Henry Saunders Warland and family

According to the previously quoted St Sepulchre cemetery website, at the time of the 1861 census Henry Warland (aged 41) described himself as a farmer as well as a grocer. His farm was in Kidlington (probably the one belonging to his parents who were still alive). Henry and his wife were still living over their Woodstock Road shop with their children Sarah Warland (aged 12), John Warland (aged 11), Ann Elizabeth Warland (aged8), Henry Warland (aged 7), Mary Warland (aged 4), and Frederick Warland (aged 2). Henry’s brother Frederick was still living with them and working as a grocer’s assistant. The family continued to employ a nursemaid and house servant.

1863 - Death of Ann Warland (nee Cooper)

Ann Warland (nee Cooper), the wife of Henry Saunders Warland died at their Woodstock Road home at the age of 44 on 2 July 1863. She was buried at St Sepulchre’s Cemetery on 7 July 1863 (burial recorded in the parish register of St Giles’s Church).

1863 - Baptism of Edith Warland in Noke

An Edith Warland was baptised in Noke on 28 April 1863 according to Noke church records.

1864 - Henry Saunders Warland re-marries

On 29 August 1864 at All Saints Church Birmingham, the widower Henry Saunders Warland married his second wife, the widow Mrs Rebecca Sophia Holland, née Hamlyn, the youngest daughter of H. W. Hamlyn, Esq. of Winson Green near Birmingham. The marriage was announced in Jackson’s Oxford Journal. Details about Rebecca may be found on this page of the St Sepulchre Cemetery website.

According to the St Sepulchre cemetery website, Henry Saunders Warland’s seven surviving children continued to live with him and his new wife. His daughter Mary Esther Warland attended the ladies’ seminary run by the Misses Howe and Beaufoy at 60 St Giles’s Street, and was successful in the junior section of the Oxford Local Examinations in 1870, the first year that girls were admitted; and in 1871 she passed the senior examinations.

1867 - John Warland marries Jane Fanny Mayo

John Warland (born 1841) married Jane Fanny Mayo in 1867. They had five children who do not appear to have been born in Noke:

1869/1871 - Death of John Warland and Ann Warland of Yarnton

John Warland, the previously noted farmer from Yarnton who married Ann Cooper in 1820, died aged 83 in 1869. Ann Warland (nee Creek) died in 1871 aged 79.

1871 census (Noke)

By the time of the 1871 census, Thomas and Harriet Warland appear to have left Noke.

Robert and Elizabeth Warland are still at number 23. Their son Edwin is still a sawyer, and their daughter Emma is now recorded as being blind. They now have two grandsons Joseph James Warland (bap 2 January 1853 - ) (a labourer) and Albert Joseph Warland (bap 30 August 1863 - ) (a scholar), and a granddaughter Alice Warland (bap 1 October 1865 - ).

John Warland, previously recorded as a scholar and then 'farm bailiff' at number 29 (now 'Upper Farm'), is now listed as the head of the household, and a 'farmer of 91 acres employing 2 men and a boy'. His wife is Jane Warland (nee Mayo), and their sons included Mark Henry Warland and John Herbert Warland, neither of whom appear to have been born in Noke.

1871 census - Thomas and William Warland, Surrey, London

The 1871 census shows the family circumstances have changed considerably. The mother, Emma Warland, appears in Surrey. Thomas Warland (born 1831) does not appear. Emma's daughter Emma Warland does not appear but may be married. Robert Warland (now 24) is recorded in London. Neither William Warland nor Walter Warland appear - Walter may have travelled to America in 1867, see Robert's story for more details.

1871 census (Oxfordshire) - Henry Saunders Warland and family

At the time of the 1871 census, Henry Warland (aged 50), still described as a farmer as well as a grocer, was living over the shop at 7 and 8 Woodstock Road with his new wife Rebecca (aged 37) and the seven surviving children from his first marriage:

1871 census (Lancashire)

There are several Warlands living in Lancashire in the 1871 census, including one Thomas Warland aged 33 and born in Dorset. His wife may have been either the Lucy Warland (aged 26) or Mary Ann Warland (aged 35); either of those two but more likely the latter, based on ages, may be the wife of John Warland (aged 35).

A William Warland (aged 49) and a Marka [sic] Warland (aged 50) are also recorded.

1872 - Henry Saunders Warland

In 1872 Henry Warland was noted as the Chairman of the Committee of the Assistants’ Early-Closing Association.

From 1872 - Noke births, deaths, marriages 1872 - 1879

The following Warland births were recorded from 1872 to 1879:

The following Warland deaths were recorded from 1875 to 1880:

1875 - Robert Kenneth Warland marries

Robert Kenneth Warland married Julia Edey (was Petley) (b.1855 Woodstock, UK - d. 1928 Winsted, CT, USA) on 25 December 1875 in Sudbury, Suffolk, UK. They had the following children:

1877 - John Warland marries, Henry Warland's mare wins a prize

John Warland (aged 27), the eldest son of Henry Saunders Warland and a wine merchant of St Giles’s parish married Mary Carter (aged 23)) on 4 October 1877 at St Mary Magdalen Church, Oxford. Mary Carter was the daughter of the fishmonger John William Carter.

In 1877 a mare of Henry Saunders Warland, described as being of Oxford and Kidlington, won the first prize in Class 40 for colts at the Oxfordshire Agricultural Society Show, and second prize in the Bath and West of England Society show.

1879 - Frederick William Warland matriculates, Mary Esther Warland noted

On 11 October 1879, the third son of Henry Saunders Warland, Frederick William Warland, aged 20, was matriculated at the University of Oxford as a non-collegiate student (meaning that he could continue to live at home). He gave his father’s occupation in the matriculation register as 'Gentleman', even though he was still living over the grocer’s shop that he ran.

On 23 October 1879, Henry Saunders Warland's daughter Mary Esther Warland assisted her music teacher Edgar Mills in a piano recital at the Holywell Music Room, and later gave many piano solos.

1879 - John Bannister marries Emma Warland marries

In 1879, John Bannister married Emma Warland, presumed to be the (blind) daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Warland.

1881 census (Sudbury) - Robert and Julia Warland

The 1881 census shows Robert and Julia Warland living at 66 Melford Road, Sudbury St Gregory, Suffolk, with his parents-in-law William and Sarah Petley and their first two children:

Robert and Julia Warland migrated to the United States before 1891 - see below.

1881 census - Suffolk

In addition to Robert and Julia Warland and their two children, the 1881 census records two other Warlands, both young women both shown as boarders at Bungay Holy Trinity in Wharton Street:

1881 Census (Noke) - Robert and Elizabeth Warland

In 1881, Robert and Elizabeth Warland are no longer listed in the census, having probably died in 1876 and 1878 respectively.

A Francis Warland is noted as a servant at number 6 ('The Rectory'), the home of the Rector of Noke, John Thorpe and his wife Elizabeth. Louise Jane Mayo, a surname that appears in relation to Warlands (see below), is noted as their grandaughter'.

Emma Bannister (nee Warland), the daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Warland who previously lived in number 23, is now married to John Bannister, a carpenter and living at number 19. John and Emma Bannister are recorded as having three step children:

Were these children Emma's?. Emma's brother Edwin Warland, a sawyer, is at number 20 ('Noke Lane') living by himself.

John and Jane F Warland remain at 29 ('Upper Farm') and have the following children, all scholars: Mark Henry Warland, John H Warland, Christine A Warland, Fredrick Warland, Ernest Warland.

1881 census - Henry Saunders Warland and family

At the time of the 1881 census Henry Saunders Warland (aged 61) was described as a grocer and wine merchant and a farmer of 125 acres, employing four men, one woman, and one boy. He was living over the shop in the Woodstock Road (with the address now given as 11 St Giles Road West) with his second wife Rebecca and four of his children from his first marriage:

According to the previously quoted St Sepulchre website, Henry Saunders Warland's son Henry Warland (born 1853) was working as a grocer’s assistant and living at 4 Athol Road, Bromley in 1881 with Hannah Biss (30) and her daughter Henrietta Biss (10). He recorded Hannah’s surname as Warland and described her as his wife, but in fact they did not marry until 1897.

1882 - Death of Charles Cooper Warland

Charles Cooper Warland the son of Henry Saunders Warland, died at 11 Woodstock Road at the age of 19 on 11 April 1882. He was buried at St Sepulchre’s Cemetery on 14 April (burial recorded in the parish register of St Giles’s Church). The register notes that the burial certificate was supplied by his father. His death notice in Jackson’s Oxford Journal read: 'April 11, at 11, St Giles’s Road West, Oxford, in his 20th year, Charles Cooper (Charlie), the beloved and youngest son of Henry S. Warland.'

1881 - 1885: Warland births in the Noke area

The following Warland births were recorded from 1881 to 1885:

1881 - 1885: Warland deaths in the Noke area

The following Warland deaths were recorded from 1881 to 1885:

Between 1881 and 1890 - Henry Saunders Warland moves, is bankrupt

According to the previously quoted St Sepulchre web page, at some point between 1881 and 1890, Henry Saunders Warland moved up to 103 Woodstock Road.

The website notes that 'in 1890 Henry Saunders Warland went bankrupt, and there was a full report in Jackson’s Oxford Journal on 8 March that year. He was described as being a grocer of 13 and 103 Woodstock Road, and also a farmer in Kidlington. His gross liabilities amounted to over £4,846, and his deficiency amounted to over £1,997. He alleged that the causes of his failure were “family losses in advances made to his brother and son at different times, and losses incurred in and about his farm”. The Official Receiver’s report stated:

This debtor tells me he started in business as a grocer, without capital, in 1846. He has for many years had a shop at 13, Woodstock-road, and for some years also had farms at Kidlington and Noke. Recently he has resided at 103 Woodstock Road. He has kept the usual business books. When he filed his petition he had two writs out against him for about 40l. and 33l. respectively. His preferential liabilities are—Three sets of rent, 95l. 15s.; rates and taxes, 11l. 16s. 8d.; and 1l. 13s. 1d. for drainage rate, due to the Thames Valley Commissioners, in respect of Kidlington Farm. I note that the debts of two large creditors for 500l. and 240l. respectively for money lent appear to be statute barred. On the other hand one of the mortgage creditors said to be fully secured may turn out not to be so. The deficiency account is made up of 107l. 12s. 3d. admitted excess of liabilities on 7th February 1889; of 210l. household expenses since then (no profit of business appears in such account); of goods supplied to his brother, Mr. John Warland, during the last 12 or 14 years, 700l.; of monies paid to his son, Mr. John Warland, about 12 or 14 years ago, 500l.; of losses incurred in farms during the last 10 or 12 years, 400l.; and of repairs and losses of rent, 80l. As to this account, I do not see that the debts from the brother or the son appear as owing and bad. But taking these as correctly stated they tend to show that debtor was largely insolvent years ago, and that actually in February 1889, his insolvency was nearer 1,700l than 160l. He does not propose to offer any composition. Owing to debtor’s illness, I was only able to obtain statement to-day.

1891 census - Henry Saunders Warland (born 1820) retires, family members

Henry Saunders Warland (now aged 71) is recorded in the 1891 as a retiree living at 31 Polstead Road in the parish of St Margaret with his wife Rebecca and two of his daughters: Elizabeth Ann Warland (aged 38), a governess, and Mary Esther Warland (aged 34), a teacher of music. They employed a servant girl.

Sarah Warland (born 1848) was employed by the Warneford Lunatic Asylum in Headington as a ladies’ companion.

Henry Warland (born 1853) and Hannah Biss were recorded living at 9 Knebworth Road, Stoke Newington with Henrietta Biss (20). He is hard to trace after that date.

Frederick Warland (aged 32) was a clerk in holy orders, lodging at Southfleet, Kent.

1891 Census (Noke)

According to the 1891 census, John and Jane F Warland had moved to number 1 ('Upper Farm') with their children:

Arthur Warland, probably the son of John and Emma Warland (see 1881) was living at number 7 as a boarder and was an agricultural labourer.

The Bannister family had left Noke.

1891 census - Suffolk

The 1891 census records a James J H Warland (born 1866, London) in Suffolk.

Before 1891 - Robert and Julia Warland migrate to America

Robert and Julia Warland migrated to the United States by 1891, and took all their children except William (1877 - ) - see below. Robert was a harness maker by trade, a republican, a member of the Second Congregationalist Church. It is believed that Robert's brothers William and Walter Warland also migrated to the USA (Walter possibly in 1867 - see Robert's story).

1895 - Frederick William Warland marries

Near the beginning of 1895, Frederick Warland (1858/9 - ), the son of Henry Saunders Warland, married Laura Pink ( - 1900) in the Dartford district of Kent. They had three children:

Laura Warland (nee Pink) died just after giving birth to Margaret. At the time of the 1901 census Frederick Warland and the two surviving children were living at Portobello House, Fawkham Road, West Kingsdown with his father-in-law Edward Pink (aged 73), who was a fruit and flower grower.

From 1901 - William John Warland - UK

William John Warland (15 April 1877, Colchester, Suffolk, UK - ?), the eldest son of Robert Kenneth Warland, apppears to have remained or returned to the Suffolk area. He was recorded, aged 23, as working in the 'Laster Boot Trade' in Sudbury, Suffolk.

William Warland married Elizabeth Young on 28 December 1908 in Colchester, Suffolk, UK and they had two children.

William and Elizabeth (aged 32) Warland are recorded with their daughter Muriel Elizabeth Warland (aged 1) living in the Colchester, Essex, in the 1911 census.

1901 Census (Noke)

By the 1901 census, there were no Warlands left in Noke, the end of an almost 425 year connection with that village.

John Herbert Warland (born c. 1870, Noke, the son of John and Fanny Warland) was a baker in Oxford. He married Pollie WILLIAMS in 1901 and had at least five children including:

1901 census - Henry Saunders Warland

At the time of the 1901 census Henry Warland (now aged 81) described himself as a retired farmer and was living at Polstead Road with his wife Rebecca and his two unmarried daughters Elizabeth Warland (aged 48) and Mary Esther Warland (aged 44), who were still working respectively as a governess and a teacher of music.

1901 census - Middlesex (London)

In the 1901 census, a Henry J Warland (born 1886, London) is recorded as a student at Mutford, Kirkley, Middlesex.

1903 - Frederick William Warland remarries

Frederick Wiiliam Warland, the son of Henry Saunders Warland (born 1820) married his second wife, Annie Allen, at St Margaret's Church, Oxford on 14 April 1903 when they were both living at 31 Polstead Road. They had one child, Allan William Warland (born 1905).

1906 - Death of John Warland

John Warland (born 1849), the son of Henry Saunders Warland (born 1820) and husband of Mary Warland (nee Carter)(born 1854) died at the age of 57 on 7 April 1906. He was buried in the same separate grave where his two baby sisters had been buried fifty years earlier.

1909 - Death of Henry Saunders Warland

Henry Saunders Warland (born 1820) died at 31 Polstead Road at the age of 89 on 2 March 1909. He was and was buried at St Sepulchre’s Cemetery on 4 March (burial recorded in the parish register of St Giles’s Church).

1911 census - Suffolk

The 1911 census records a family group. From the ages of the children it would appear that they married around 1907:

1911 census - Rebecca Warland and children

At the time of the 1911 census Rebecca Warland (aged 80), the widow of Henry Saunders Warland, was living at 31 Polstead Road with her unmarried stepdaughters Elizabeth Ann Warland (aged 58) and Mary Esther Warland (aged 54), who were still working as a governess and a teacher of music.

According to the previously quoted St Sepulchre website, 'Ann Elizabeth Warland, later known as Elizabeth Ann (born 1852) is hard to trace after 1911, when at the age of 58 she was still living with her stepmother. She may be the Annie E. Warland who died in Oxford at the age of 85 in 1940, but the age is slightly wrong.'

Rebecca's daughter Sarah Warland (born 1848) was recorded as being a patient in a nursing home in Lewisham. She died in Faversham, Kent at the age of 76 in 1923.

Mary Esther Warland (born 1856) never married. She is probably the Mary E. Warland who died in the Ploughley district of Oxfordshire at the age of 93 in 1950.

At the time of the 1911 census Frederick William Warland was the Rector of Kingsdown, living at the Rectory with his wife Annie and his daughter Margaret Warland from his first marriage and son Allan Warland from his second.

1922 - Death of Rebecca Sophia Warland

Rebecca Sophia Warland, née Hamlyn, formerly Mrs Holland died at 31 Polstead Road at the age of 91 and was buried in the grave of her father on 5 May 1922.

1941 - Death of Frederick William Warland

The Revd Canon Frederick William Warland died at Norton Court, Chart Sutton, Kent on 5 August 1941 at the age of 82. His effects came to £2,443 8s. 1d., and his wife Annie was his executor.

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