Warland families in Poole - 1568 to 1641

Poole was the home to various Warland families from the mid 1500s. The following individuals were married at St James, Poole from 1568:

The following is the baptism record dated 31 August 1617 for a John Warland born in Poole; he was the son of John and Bridget Warland, quite possible the same John and Brodgett listed above. It is not known if this is the same person as the John described above.

John Warland, christened 31 August 1617. Extract of christening provided by Helen Boulton in Australia in 2012.

John Warland married Susan Stroud at St James, Poole, on 26 October 1641.

Ann Warland married William Day on 5 November 1653 in Poole.

George Warland, the son of William and Susanna Warland, was baptised at St James, Poole, on 11 January 1653/54.

William Warland married Alice Linthorne at Poole on 28 May 1661.

An Elizabeth Warland, also the daughter of a William and (unclear name) was baptised on 24 October 1662. In the same year (on 13 May 1662), a Mary Warland was buried.

Mary Warland, 'a child', was buried on 12 July 1668. A Joan Warland was buried on 21 March 1678/79.

John Warland married Margaret (?)(died 18 October 1685) sometime before 1678 and had at least three children baptised at St James, Poole:

An Elizabeth Warland was buried on 16 March 1681/82.

Possibly the same George as above, George Warland and Dimeres (?) married before 1686 and had the following children, baptised on the dates shown at St James, Poole:

A Susanah Warland was buried on 15 June 1685. This may be the wife of William or the daughter of John and Margaret. See also below for another death of Susanna Warland

Several Warlands married at St James Poole from 1685. These people cannot be positively connected with the names above:

A John Warland was buried on 16 July 1700. A Susanna Warland was buried on 17 September 1704.

William Warland (possibly the son of George and Dimeres Warland above) married Elizabeth Walker on 28 November 1710. They had the following children, baptised at St James, Poole, on the dates shown:

It is not clear if this William and Elizabeth is the same who had further children below.

John Warland (who may be the son of John and Margaret Warland or George and Dimeres Warland) married Hester Bennett on 2 December 1711. They had the following children, baptised at St James, Poole:

An Elizabeth Warland was buried on 2 June 1724.

William and Elizabeth Warland, marriage date unknown, had the following two children baptised at St James Poole on the dates shown. This may be the same William and Elizabeth as noted already above:

George Warland, 'a child', was buried on 31 April 1725. A Maudlen Warland was buried on 20 May 1726.

On 19 December 1741, William Warland, a mariner, died on the HMS Prince of Orange. His mother was Elizabeth Warland, 'widow of Poole'.

Robert Warland (1759 - 1821) married Sarah Stickland in 1783 in St James, Poole. They had the following children before the family moved 'back' to Wimborne Minster.

Sarah Jane Warland, aged 30, of Longfleet (part of Poole) died on 14 April 1864. Francis William Warland, aged 31, of Sydenham died on 9 June 1874. Mary Warland, aged 74, of Sydnenham, died on 29 November 1875.

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