Warland families in Surrey

Surrey is south of greater London and borders Hampshire, another location with many Warland families.

Census records

Census records provide information about Warland families living in Surrey from 1841.

1841 census

Only two Warlands are mentioned in the 1841 census. There relationship with other Warland families is not known.

1851 census

The 1851 census does not appear to include Henry or Mary Warland mentioned in the 1841 census, but appears to include a couple, Henry and Ann Warland, two related individuals, and an elderly Thomas Warland. It seems possible that Thomas Warland (or his family) came from a different location where they were not recorded.

Henry Warland (born 1798, aged 53) and Ann Warland (born 1801, aged 50). The following individuals are listed as related to Henry and Ann Warland and are likely their children:

Henry Warland (born 1817, aged 34) and Harriet Warland (born 1830, aged 21) are listed as relatives. The nature of the relationship is not known.

Other Warlands listed in Surry in 1851 are as follows. Given his age, Thomas Warland (born 1766) may be the grandfather of other individuals listed in the census:

1861 census

By the date of the 1861 census the only person remaining from the 1851 census appears to be Henry Warland (born 1817). His relation Harriet Warland does not appear anywhere else in the 1861 census.

Isaac Warland (born 1839 aged 22) and Rebecca Warland (born 1842 aged 19). Both Isaac and Rebecca Warland are shown as born in Surrey. The nature of their relationship is not known.

The remaining Warlands are listed below by age. None appear to have been born in Surrey indicating that they moved there from their birthplace.

1871 census

By 1871 there are a lot more Warlands in Surrey, about half of which appear to be born in other locations, indicating movement to that location.


1881 census

The 1881 census shows the actual address for each person and/or family group. The only Warland that can be positively connected with the Warlands in the previous 1871 census is Selina Warland (born 1865, Devon), now recorded as a general servant at 19 Artesian Road, Paddington.

1911 census

By 1911, many Warlands are recorded in the census for Surrey. Some of these can be grouped by families, based on other information.

Henry Thomas Warland (born 1865, Steyning), brother of William Edward Warland (born 1866), and Alice Warland (born 1867). Recorded in the 1871 census in Kent, and the 1881 census at 19 Buckingham St, Brighton. Henry and Alice Warland's children are listed below:

William Edward Warland (born 1866, Steyning), brother of Henry Thomas Warland (born 1865, Steyning), and Fanny Warland (born 1864). Recorded in the 1871 census in Kent, and the 1881 census at 19 Buckingham St, Brighton. William and Fanny Warland's children are listed below:

Other Warlands in Surrey in 1911 are as follows:

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