The family of Robert Kenneth Warland (1846 - 1932) - Migrant to the United States

Some of the information on this page came from Bill Warland, the grandson of Robert Warland.

Robert Kenneth Warland (1846 - 1932) was the son of William Warland and Emma Charlwood who lived in Woodstock, UK, just to the west of where many of Warlands were recorded living in the Oxfordshire area from the late 1500s.

Walter Warland (Robert's younger brother)

Robert's younger brother, Walter Warland, is believed to have migrated or been taken (employed by someone) to the United States. He may be the Walter Warland, aged 16 with the occupation of 'Boy', who arrived in New York on board the Rhine (2nd Cabin, not steerage, suggesting his ticket was paid by others) on 4 November 1867. There were no other passengers on the ship named Warland so it is assumed he may have been employed by someone. The name and age match Emma's youngest son and, as it is understood he also went to the United States, this may be him. (Source

A Walter Warland (1851-1943), possibly the same man, married Mary Elizabeth Jones (1857-1909) on 1 February 1877 in Norfolk, Litchfield, Connecticut, United States. They had the following children:

By 1891 - Robert and Julia Warland migrate to the United States

Robert Kenneth Warland (Source: Bill Warland)

Robert and Julia Warland migrated to the United States before 1891 with the following children:

Note, it is presumed they left the UK before 1891 as they are not recorded in the UK census for 1891, and do not appear in the Ellis Island records which start from 1894. Their son William John Warland is not obviously recorded in the 1891 census.

Ruth Warland (19 December 189? - 23 April 189?, of water on the heart) migrated with her parents but died at a young age.

1901 - Emily Elizabeth Warland marries

Emma Elizabeth Warland (28 July 1880, Sudbury, Suffolk, UK - ?) married George Warren DeWolfe and they had a daughter, Florence Elizabeth DeWolfe (18 July 1905, Winsted, Connecticut, USA - 1992).

Note, George Warren DeWolfe should not be confused with the same person born 1914 to Marshall Eugene DeWolfe (the son of the famous Florence Kling (later Harding, wife of the US President)) and Henry Athenton DeWolfe. That George W DeWolfe died on 9 February 1968.

It is not clear why, but Emma DeWolfe then re-married, this time to Donald Grahame.

Emily and George DeWolfe's daughter, Florence Elizabeth DeWolfe, married John Oscar Hanson on 27 December 1924 at Middlebury, Connecticut, USA. They had two children:

By 1905 - Julia Warland marries

Julia Warland (19 March 1883 - ?) married Edgar Samuel Snyder, a Lutheran and had three children:

1905 - Death of Elizabeth Warland (born 1884)

Elizabeth Warland (born 1884, Sudbury, Suffolk, UK), the third child of Robert and Julia Warland, died on 8 August 1905 of heart disease.

1915 - Robert Kenneth Warland (born 1887) marries

Robert Kenneth Warland (12 March 1887, Sudbury, Suffolk, UK - 6 June 1952) was a clockmaker. He married Susan Kane on 29 July 1915. They had one son, Robert Kenneth Warland (2 June 1917 - ). Robert married Doris Marie Lanouette on 7 September 1940, and they had three children:

1917 - John Edger Warland (born 1894) marries

John Edger Warland (born 30 March 1894) was a bullet inspector. He married Sarah Oliver Gowan on 12 February 1917. They had one child also named John Edger Warland (23 August 1917 - ). John Edger Warland junior married Betty Sherwood on 3 October 1940 and they had one child:

John Warland died on 31 August 1966 at Winsted, Litchfield County, Connecticut.

About 1922 - Walter Burgoyne Warland (born 1892) marries

Walter Burgoyne Warland (born 9 April 1892) married Marion Ann Platt and they had one child Edward Graham Warland (10 February 1923 - ?). Edward Graham Warland married Janet Lois Ryan on 13 March 1944 and they had two children:

Walter Burgoyne Warland died in 1958.

1928 and 1932 - Deaths of Julia Edey and Robert Warland

Julia Edey Warland died in 1928 in Winsted, Litchfield County, Connecticut, USA and was buried there. Her husband Robert Warland died in 1932 and was buried with Julia.

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