Worland family in the United States

Various sources have been used to compile the information in this page including the following. PLEASE NOTE - This page is a work in progress and there may be errors or mistakes.

Worlands from Hertfordshire

According to a geni.com page, John Worland was born at Standon, Hertfordshire, in 1639 to Richard Worland (born 1613 in Standon, Hertfordshire) and Alice (surname not known).

Standon is just south of the area of Cambridgeshire, specifically Melbourn and Meldreth and nearby towns where other Worlands are recorded. The earliest reference to the Worland family anywhere in the UK is in Thundridge, Hertfordshire a bit further south down the road; Elizabeth Worland, the daughter of Richard Worland, was baptised in Thundridge in 1591.

Perhaps the family then moved a few miles north in search of work. A William Worland, the son of Richard Worland, was baptised in 1630 only a few miles north in Aspeden, Hertfordshire (preset day Puckeridge area). He may be the William Worland who appears in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire in 1654. See this page on this site for early Worlands in the UK for more details on the earliest recorded Worlands in the UK.

Why did this branch of the Worland family leave the UK?

Keith Worland of Missouri has suggested that John Worland may have left England when the Penal Laws were enacted in the 1600s. These laws made it difficult for Catholics, many of whom left England. However, many other Worlands remained in the UK and some ended up a few miles further north in the Melbourn/Meldreth areas. DNA testing will confirm if there is a relationship or if the same surname is coincidental as it is with the Dorset and Oxfordshire Warlands.

1662 - John Worland (1) (1639 - 1701) leaves for the American colonies

As there are several men in sequence with the name John Worland, each is shown below with a number to indicate which one it is. We start with John Worland (1), then John Worland (2) and (3), then John Robey Worland (4) and his son John Robey Worland (5).

According to the book 'One Man's Family' and the 'Wild Rhododendrons' family history site, John Worland (1) arrived in the Colony of Maryland in 1662.

It is not known why John Worland (1) took so long to claim free land in the new colony. Keith Worland speculated that perhaps John came to the colony as an indentured servant.

According to the 'Wild Rhododendrons' site, the Rent Rolls of Charles County MD Hundred - Piccawaxen includes the following note: 'surveyed 25 Jan 1670 for John Worland at a bounded hiccory the bounded tree of Thomas Wakefield's land'.

John Worland (1) claimed his free land on 10 December 1672. According to the book 'One Man's Family', John Worland, gentleman, received a warrant for two hundred acres of land on 14 December 1670. The warrant was signed by Charles Calvert, Captain General and Chief Governor of the Province of Maryland.

John Worland (1) Plantation in Maryland. Image from 'One Man's Family'

By the time he died on 13 February 1701, John Worland (1) owned two plantations, one near Dockers Delight. John Worland (2) inherited the two plantations and added a new one.

1685 - Birth of John Worland (2)

It is believed that John married a woman named Mary and they had one son, John Worland (2), who was born 2 January 1685 at Dockers Delight on the Potomac River in Charles County, Maryland.

1701 - Death of John Worland (1)

John Worland (1) died on 13 February 1701 in Charles County, Maryland. Mary Worland died on 12 October 1711. His will makes a mention of Christ Church at Wayside, built in 1692 and also the Charles County Courthouse at Port Tobacco on 12 November 1701.

From 1705 - John Worland (2) (1685 - 1754) marries

Note that the information on John Worland (2) and (3) is primarily sourced from information on geni.com compiled by several individuals. It is not known how correct this information is.

John Worland (2)(born 1685) married twice. His first wife was likely a woman named Mary (? - 12 October 1709, Charles County, Maryland). John Warland (2) appears in a deed dated September 1709 with a wife named Mary, and again in an indenture dated 12 October 1709 also with 'Mary his wife'.

John then appears an indenture dated 12 June 1711 as 'John Worland, planter, and Stasey his wife', suggesting that his second wife was Anastasia (aka Stacey/Stasey) nee Robey (1687, Charles Co, Maryland - 1709, Charles Co, Maryland), the daughter of John Robey III and Sarah Robey, who he married in Charles County, Maryland on 12 June 1709. From this marriage it is believed that they had only one son:

Very little is recorded of John Worland's life but it assumed that he continued to work on the plantation.

By 1745 - John Worland (3) marries Rebecca (surname not known)

John Worland (3)(1720 - 1790), the son of John Worland (2) and Anastasia nee Robey, married twice. By the look of the dates of his children he first married Rebecca (surname not known) (abt 1720 - 13 November 1754) by 1745 in Maryland. They had children:

Rebecca died on 13 November 1754.

Rebecca is noted in following records from the mid 1700s, apparently referring to John Worland (3) and his wife Rebecca. It is copied from this page on the Wild Rhododendrons site:

Charles County Land Record Book A#2, 1752-1756; Page (178). Apr 27, 1754 from Benjamin Compton of CC, planter, to the Revd Samuel Clegett (Clagett) of CC, Clerk, for 10,000 lbs of tobacco and 5 £ all that tract of land called New Alford, lying in CC, and bounded by Thomas Wakefield's land called Wakefield, Mr. James Walker's land called Dockers Delight, Mr. Robert Henley's land, containing and now laid out for about 86 acres. Signed - Benjamin (uu his mark) Compton. Wit - Robt Yates, Dan: of St Thos Jenifer. Recorded Apr 30, 1754.

Charles County Land Record Book A#2, 1752-1756; Page (242). Nov 13, 1754 from John Warland of CC, planter, to the Revd Samuel Clagett of CC. John Warland, late of CC, decd, and father to John Warland, party to these presents, was seized of a tract of land in William & Mary Parish in Cc called New Alford, containing about 86 acres, by patent, which sd tract the sd John Warland the younger has sufficient reason to believe was sold by his father to George Thomas, sometime since of CC, now dead, and for which sd George Thomas paid a valuable consideration whereby he possessed sd tract many years, and by his will, devised the tract to his grandson, Benjamin Compton of CC, who has since sold conveyed the premises to the afd Claget, and for which he has received 10,000 lbs of tobacco. Now as the deed from John Warland the Elder to George Thomas afd, though neglect or misconduct, cannot readily be found upon record. Sd John Warland the younger being satisfied of the justness of this matter, and for 1000 lbs of tobacco to him paid by sd Clagett, Warland sells Clagett the tract of land called New Alford_ Signed - John Warland. Wit - Robt Yates, Charles Blanford, Dan. of St_ Thos Jenifer. Rebecca, wife of sd John Warland, relinquished her right of dower to the lands within mentioned, Recorded Nov 13, 1754.

1761 to 1763 - children of John Worland (3) and unknown mother

According to a chart in the book 'One Man's Family', John Worland (3) had two children that were not listed against Rebecca or his second wife Mary Brady (see below). These two children were:

By 1773 - John Worland (3) marries Mary Brady

John Worland (3) (1720 - 18 February 1790) then married Mary Brady (born 1737, Charles Co, Maryland - 13 November 1807) by 1773. They had children:

1795 to 1812 - The Worland family move to Kentucky

The Worland family apparently encountered hard times on the land. According to 'One Man's Family', all the Worland descendants left Maryland between 1795 and 1812 for Kentucky where they grew (or continued to grow) tobacco. It has been suggested that John Worland (3) may have lived in Kansas at some point before returning to Maryland.

From 1800 - John Robey Worland marries Susan (surname)

John Robey Worland (5) (9 September 1778 - 17 August 1820) was the son of Charles Worland (1747 - 18 April 1801). John Robey Worland married Susan by 1800 and they had three children:

From 1800 - Thomas O Worland marries Verlinda Hardy

Thomas O Worland (11 June 1774, Maryland - 13 July 1850, Shelby, Indiana), the half-brother of Charles Worland (born 1847) married Verlinda Hardy (6 June 1780, Maryland - 16 May 1861, Indiana) by 1800. They had the following children.

1807 - Death of Mary Worland (nee Brady)

Mary Worland (nee Brady), the wife of John Worland (3), died on 13 November 1807 in Scott County, Kentucky.

1806 - Charles Brooks Worland of Maryland and Missouri (1781 - 1863) marries

Charles Brooks Worland (2 June 1781 - 17 August 1863) was born to 'William R and R' in 1781. His connection with the people noted above is not yet known, but he is believed to be connected with other Worlands on this page and so may be recorded in the book 'One Man's Family'. He may be the son of William Worland (1761 - ) as the dates fit, but this is just speculation as so far no other detail about William is known, including his mother's name - the chart in 'One Man's Family' shows both William (1781 - ) and James (1763 - ) with no mother's name.

In 2009, Betty Darnell posted the following: on Genealogy.com, but no response is evident:

I've been researching Charles Brooks Worland, b. 1781 in MD, d. 1863 in Montgomery Co. MO. Is he son of Henry Worland, b. by 1765, d. 26 Feb 1832 Washington Co. KY, buried at St. Rose Cemetery? Henry's children, according to One Man's Family, the Worland Family in America: (1)James, d. by 1837 Washington Co. KY; (2)Elizabeth, m. 1810 Henry Clarkson; (3)Charity Ann, m. 1818 Charles Fennel Edelen; and (4)Mary, m. 1813 Richard Snowden Wight. Is Henry son of William, d. by 1803 in Washington Co. KY, whose wife Ruth was in Warren Co. OH in 1816?

See also this brief detail on the geni site: https://www.geni.com/people/Charles-Worland/6000000037431945126

Charles Brooks Worland married Martha Ann Wightt/Wight (14 July 1784, Charles County, Maryland - 2 September 1845, Montgomery County, Missouri) on 22 January 1806. Martha Wight was the daughter of William Wightt/Wight and Rebecca Blanford/Blandford. Charles and Martha Worland were said to have had eleven children; those known - perhaps the children who survived only - are listed below:

From 1818 to 1831 - Barnaby Worland marries several times and has children

Barnaby Worland (5 January 1777, Maryland - 20 June 1842, Missouri), the third son of John Worland (3) (1720 - 18 February 1790) and Mary Brady (born 1737, Charles Co, Maryland - 13 November 1807) married several times.

Barnaby first married Cecilia ('Cecily') Gough (19 July 1801 - 1 December 1828) by 1818 and they had the following children:

Following the death of Cecilia in 1828, Barnaby then married Theresa Hardy (31 May 1785, Maryland - 14 October 1816, Scott, KY), date unknown. The following children were born of that marriage:

It is not known what happened to Theresa, but Barnaby then married Catherine S Deering (16 April 1797 - 12 December 1865, Missouri) in 1831 and had further children:

From 1825 - Worlands in Shelby County, Indiana

The following text is from the book 'Shelby County, Indiana History & Families', Volume 1. The potential connection with the Maryland/Kentucky Worland family is the name Verlinda, but this curiously is the name of the wife of Thomas Worland. Note that one of their descendents has the name Bacquelin.

The first Worland (to) come to Shelby County from Kentucky in 1826 (was) Thomas Clement Worland and (his wife) Anna Louise (Lulie) Roberts. This would appear to indicate that Thomas Clement Worland came first, followed by his brother Leo N Worland. As noted above, Thomas O Worland had a son named Thomas Livers Worland (born 1805). Perhaps this is the same man?

In 1825, Leo N Worland, the second son of Thomas O Worland (1774 - 1850) and Verlinda Hardy (1780 - 1861) of Scott County, Kentucky, and his wife (Margaret) arrived in Shelby County, Indiana and settled permanently in 1826. His parents, Thomas and Verlinda Worland followed. In 1828, the holy Sacrifice of the Mass was offered for the first time in Shelby County in the 'rude log cabin' of Thomas Worland. The land for St Vincent's Church and cemetery was donated by Thomas and Verlinda Worland. In October 1839, Mass was first celebrated in St Vincent's Church, which was the mother church of what is now the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.(Submitted by Noell Worland Krughoff).

According to the same source, one of the other sons of Thomas O and Verlinda Worland, Arnold Worland (born 1804), was '... the first person buried in St Vincent's Cemetery. Most, if not all, of the Worland families in this area are descended of this line. (Submitted by Noell Worland Krughoff).

In 1828 the first Catholic Mass in Shelby County was offered in Thomas' log cabin. The land for St Vincent's Church was donated by Thomas and Verlinda Worland in 1840.

1830 - George Washington Worland marries Ann Spalding

George Washington Worland (17 November 1800, St Mary's County, Maryland - abt 1849, Washington County, Kentucky), married Ann Lucretia Spalding (1807 - 1855) in Washington (now Marion) County, Kentucky on 22 March 1830. The surety was Arnold Bickett. This marriage is recorded in Marriage Book #2 in the County Clerk's Office in Springfield, Kentucky. See below for details from 1830. (Source: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/110324448/george-washington-worland)

George and Ann Worland had the following children:

George Washington Worland died in 1825. According to the findagrave website above, 'his burial entry on page 773 of St. Rose Parish Register III calls him Washington Worland and says he was buried Feb. 11, 1849.'

1839 - (George) Sebastian Worland marries Elizabeth Newton

George Sebastian Worland (5 November 1812, Scott County, Kentucky - 27 November 1858, Shelby County, Indiana), the son of Thomas O Worland (1774 - 1850) also moved to Shelby. He married Elizabeth Matilda Newton (usually known as Matilda Newton) (21 March 1816, Scott, Kentucky - 21 August 1849, Shelby County, Indiana) in 1839.

After Matilda died in 1849, Sebastian Worland re-married Elizabeth Allen Navin (1831 - 12 October 1906, Jackson County, Missouri) and had more children:

1843 - William Theophilus Worland (1818 - 1861) marries Cornelia Logan

William Theophilus Worland (1818 - 1861), the son of Charles Brooks Worland (1781 - 1863), married Cornelia 'Cornely' Ann Logan (4 January 1821 - 1 March 1913) the daughter of Henry C Logan (1797 - 1873) and Sarah Ellen Quick (1800 - 1874)) on 4 May 1843 in Montgomery City, Montgomery, Missouri.

William and Cornelia Worland had nine children, eight of which are listed below. Only two are listed in the findagrave website:

Cornelia Ann Worland's obituary in 1913 sheds some light on their life:

An Old Resident Gone. Mrs. Cornelia Ann Worland was born in St. Louis county, Jan. 4, 1821 near Florissant. Her parents, Henry Bass Logan and Sarah, his wife, moved to Montgomery county in 1825. She lived in this county 88 years. She was married to Wm. Theophilus Worland at the age of 25 years. They built them a home 1 1/2 miles west of Montgomery City where was born to them 9 children. The first, Patsy Ann having died when a child; Chas. Henry who lives at Worland, Wy, John Noble; who lives in this county, Sarah Elizabeth now Mrs. J. W. Hopkins, Willis Anderson who lives ono the old home plast, Mrs. Maria Gereaux of St. Louis; the late Mrs. Susan Jane Snodgrass and Mrs. Mary Ellen (R. W.) Hopkins. All of her children were with her when she died except Chas. H. of Worland, Wyoming who was kept away by sickness. She had 27 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren, these with many relatives, neighbors and friends, she leaves to mourn her death which occurred Saturday March 1, 1913 at 2:30 p.m. at the old home place at the age of 92 years, 2 months and 1 day. "Granny" as she was called by so many, lost her husband in 1861 thus leaving her a widow to fight the battle alone and win bread for her house full of children. She proved herself equal to the great responsibility. She learned how to plow and sew and taught her boys to work. She carded, spun, knit and wove and thus by hard licks, she kept the wolf from her door and lived to see her children comfortably situated, her oldest being nearly three score and ten at the time of her death.

1871 - Vincent Bacquelin Worland marries Sarah Ann Hay

Vincent Bacquelin Worland (9 November 1847 - 12 November 1905, at Rushville, obituary in The Shelby Democrat of 16 November 1905), the son of George Sebastian Worland (1812 - 1858) and Elizabeth Matilda Newton (1816 - 1849) married Sarah Ann Hay (20 December 1852 - 9 August 1938, obituary in The Shelbyville Republican on 10 August 1938) in 1871.

Vincent and Sarah Worland had 11 (?) children.

1881/1882 - Deaths of Leo H/N Worland and Margaret V Worland

Leo Hardy Worland was the son of Thomas O Worland (1774 - 1850) and Verlinda Hardy (1780 - 1861). He married Margaret V (surname not known) in 1823. Margaret Worland died in May 1881. The Shelby Democrat of 26 May 1881 ran the following notice for his wife: 'Mrs. Margaret V. Worland, wife of Leo H. Worland, died at her late residence in this city, at four o'clock Saturday evening. Mrs. Worland was born in Bourbon county, Kentucky, February 14th, 1807, was married to her surviving husband in 1823, and for fifty-six years has lived with the man she chose in the days of her youth. She was taken sick last March a year ago, and has been confined to her bed almost all the time until her decease. She leaves six sons and one daughter, the latter being the wife of William Morgan, of this city. The funeral services were held at the Catholic Church in this city, at 8 o'clock a.m., after which the remains were taken to St. Vincent's, four miles east of town where the interment took place.' Leo died in January 1882. His death notice in The Daily Evening Democrat of 25 January 1882 noted that his remains were interred at Vincent Cemetery that morning.

1894 - Obituary for Mary Worland (? - 1894)

The Shelby Democrat of 27 December 1894 noted the death of Mary Worland in December 1894. It stated 'Word was received here Monday of the death Sunday night at the residence of her son, Stephen Worland, in Shelby county, Illinois, of Mrs. Mary Worland, widow of the late Stephen D. Worland. Deceased moved to Illinois seven years ago last September and was eighty-four years ...'

From 1900 - Charles Henry Worland - Wyoming

According to the 'Wyoming Tales and Trails' website, with photographs, the town of Worland in Wyoming 'was named after Charles Henry Worland, who in 1900 built a dugout saloon and stage station on the west side of the Bighorn River near the present site of the Worland Ranch. Worland, although born in Missouri, had been a stock grower in California before coming to Wyoming'.

The website continues: 'Worland is one of those towns which from the beginning was inhabited by perennial optimists who, no matter what obstacles arose, pitched in, overcame them, and hoped for a better tomorrow. Thus, as discussed below,when the town found itself on the wrong side of the river, no problem. The town was put on skids and moved across the frozen river in the dead of winter. Plagued by bad roads, the residents took their shovels on the annual 'Good Roads Day' and fixed the roads themselves, even taking the shovels to the top of the Big Horns to open the road to Buffalo when the snow finally melted. The town endured years of a flickery electrical system which seemed to always breakdown. But, nevertheless, there remained a spirit of optimism.'

'In 1903, C. F. Robertson began the construction of an irrigation canal, the Hanover Canal, named after Hanover, Indiana, the hometown of the county prosecuting attorney, John Pollock Arnott. The Lower Hanover Canal was completed in 1906, the Bighorn Canal in 1907, and the Upper Hanover Canal in 1910. The effect of irrigation is indicated in that in 1900 less than 1,000 acres was under irrigation and this soon grew to over 40,000 acres. With the resultant land boom, a post office was established with Worland as its first postmaster. Worland, himself, additionally began putting together with government patents the Worland Ranch which ultimately grew to over 800 acres (see photo of land patent at bottom of next page). Most of the buildings on the ranch were constructed about 1917. A newspaper was established and when the town was incorporated in 1906, Robertson became the first mayor.'

1903 - Obituary for Robert V Worland (1847 - 1903)

The Shelby Republican of 6 January 1903 ran a death notice for Robert V Worland, who died in early January 1903. It stated: ' Robert V. Worland, whose death occurred Wednesday night at 10:45 o’clock, was born in East Shelby township near Prescott, and at the time of his death was aged fifty-six years, ten months and fifteen days. He was married in 1870 to Elizabeth Farrell, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Farrell, two children being born to this union both of whom are dead. He was an old soldier, having served in the war of the rebellion.

1903 - Obituary for William L Worland (1834 - 1903)

The Shelby Republican of 21 July 1903 ran a death notice for William L Worland, who died on 20 July 1903. It stated: 'William L. Worland died at 2:15 a.m. Monday, July 20, after an illness of several weeks. He was born in Kentucky September 6th, 1834, his age being sixty-eight years, ten months and fourteen days. He leaves six sons; Charles, Albert, Lewis, Elijah, Frank and Morris; and three daughters; Mary, Nora and Lillie.'

1903 - Obituary for John W Worland (1833 - 1903)

The Shelby Republican of 27 November 1903 ran a death notice for John W Worland who died in Kansas on 26 November 1903. It stated: 'John W. Worland died at his late home in Addison township at 11 a.m. Thursday, November 26, aged 69 years 11 months and 25 days. He leaves a widow, three sons, George, Samuel and Lewis and five daughters, Mrs. Joseph Fisher, Mrs. John Cross, Mrs. Frank Henricks and Mrs. Bert Sutherland, all of this county, and city, and Mrs. James Henricks, of Tipton, Indiana; also four brothers, Stephen, Leo, Matt and Barney, and one sister, Mrs. Mary Short, who resides in St. Louis, Missouri.'

1904 - Obituary for Sebastian Worland (1876 - 1904)

The Shelby Democrat of 23 June 1904 ran a death notice for Sebastian Worland who died in Kansas that month. It noted that 'Mr. Worland is an old resident of this county, having gone to Kansas in 1876. He was a brother of Austin and Robert Worland and has many friends and relatives in this county.'

1905 - Obituary for Vincent Bacquelin Worland

Vincent Worland's obituary was carried in The Shelby Democrat of 16 November 1905.

From 1913 - Shelby history continued

According to the Shelby Family History book:

On Easter Sunday 1913, Tom Worland met Louise Roberts. She was born July 20 1891, Switzerland County and moved to Shelby County with her parents, George and Mary Lucy (Anderson) Roberts. Tom and Louise were married June 30, 1914, at St Vincent's. They initially lived at Boone County where their first daughter was born, but soon returned to Shelby County. Tom started as a farmer; later worked at the Great States and International Harvester. He suffered the first of several strokes at age 64 and was unable to work for any company thereafter. He died on April 5, 1967, at the Waldron Nursing Home where he had lived for six years. Louise was mother, homemaker, mid-wife and Avon lady during the earlier yeras. She also worked at Cunningham's Restaurant on Broadway and during WW2 at Camp Atterbury and the Kennedy Car Liner. From 1950 until her death on June 16, 1957, she resided in a small house on her son's property.

Shelby County has evidently been good for this branch of the Worland family. Tom and Louise had eight children, one son Thomas Clarence Worland [born 1929], died in 1932. The other children gave Tom and Louise 19 grandchildren, 38 great-grandchildren, and nine great-great-grandchildren. Obituary submitted by Sarah W Davis - see also Thomas Clarence Worland's obituary below.

1919 - Death of George W Snodgrass, husband of Sarah Jane/Jennie C Worland

Susan Jane Worland (10 April 1856 - 22 October 1883, Montgomery County, Missouri) was the second youngest child of William Theophilus Worland (1818 - 1861) and Cornelia 'Cornely' Ann Logan (4 January 1821 - 1 March 1913) who married on 4 May 1843 in Montgomery City, Montgomery, Missouri. Susan Jane married George W Snodgrass (1852 - 1919) on 13 April 1879 and they had one daughter, Mary C Snodgrass. In his obituary recorded below, Susan Jane is erroneously recorded as Jennie C Worland.

Death of George W. Snodgrass. Mr. George W. Snodgrass was born in Kentucky near the Virginia line April 19, 1852 and died very suddenly at his home in Montgomery of heart trouble August 15, 1919, aged 67 years, 3 months and 26 days. His parents both died when he was quite young, leaving him an orphan boy; his uncle took him to his home and so George found again a pleasant home in his boyhood days, but the Civil War coming on, his uncle enlisted in the army and was killed in battle and his home broken up, so George was again deprived of a home; he remained in Kentucky working wherever he could find work, until he was eighteen years old. He then went to St. Louis and after remaining there some months he came to Montgomery and found a pleasant home with Mr. and Mrs. Warren Goodrich, in and around Montgomery where he spent the greater part of his life. On April 13, 1879 he was married to Miss Jennie C. Worland; their married life was happy but very short, his wife only living about three years and six months after their marriage. This union was blessed with one daughter, Mary C, now Mrs. Lee Pemberton of St. Louis. His second marriage was to Mrs. Mollie W. Cobb of Columbia. This marriage occurred in Columbia, June 2, 1904 and he lived happily until the close of his life. Mr. Snodgrass was a kind and loving husband and father, a good neighbor, an excellent citizen. The funeral services were held at the residence Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted by Rev. S. F. Taylor and Rev. R. E. McQuie in the presence of a large company of relatives and friends, after which his remains were laid to rest in the Worland Cemetery. Unknown newspaper August 1919. (https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/41510813/george-w_-snodgrass)

1935 - Obituary - Florence Zobel nee Worland (1865 - 1935)

The following obituary for Florence Zobel (nee Worland)(15 June 1865, Shelby, IN - 18 February 1935, Shelby, IN) appeared in the Shelbyville Republican on 18 February 1935. Flora may be the daughter of John M Worland who married Clara Trees, and possibly the sister of Carey T Worland (below). Note that she had several siblings including Charles Worland.

FLORA ZOBLE DIES AT HOME. Woman, 69, Was Resident of Addison Twp.; Funeral Wednesday. Following an illness of ten weeks due to asthma of the heart, Mrs. Flora Worland Zobel, 69, died at her home east of Shelbyville in Addison township Monday morning at 4:00 o'clock. She was born in Shelby county June 15, 1885, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Worland. On August 10, 1886, she was married to Frank Zobel, who survives. Other survivors are three children, Mrs. Carl Roell and Mrs. Frances Roell, both of near Shelbyville, and Mrs. Ethel Thibo, of near Waldron; one brother, Charles Worland, of Shelby township; four sisters, Mrs. Susia Lux and Mrs. Georgianne Farrell, both of Shelby county and Mrs. Peter Spieker and Miss Cora Worland, both of Indianapolis; fourteen grandchildren and one great grandchild.

1947 - Obituary - Carey T Worland (1870, Shelby - 1947, Shelby)

The following obituary for Carey T Worland appeared in The Greensburg Daily News of 12 September 1947.

Funeral rites for Carey T. Worland, 76, resident of Shelbyville for the past 49 years, will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday at Shelbyville. Burial will be made in the Forest Hill cemetery there. Mr. Worland was born near Middletown in Shelby County on Aug. 28, 1871 and was the son of John and Maggie White Worland [?sister of Flora Worland/Zoble?]. Early in life he became a member of the old Vienna church near Waldron. The widow, three children and four grandchildren survive.

1950 - Obituary - Mary Margaret Worland (1860, Shelby - 1950, Boggstown)

The following obituary for Margaret Worland appeared in The Shelbyville News of 8 February 1950.

Mary Margaret Worland. Succumbs at Boggstown. Seriously ill for the past several months, Miss Mary Margaret Worland, 89, whose address was 226 W. Locust St., died at 8:00 o'clock this morning at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Marsh at Bogstown. She had been at the Marsh residence since December. Miss Worland was a liflong resident of Shelby county. She was a member of the St. Joseph Catholic Church and a charter and oldest member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Knights of St. John. She was born in Shelby township on July 5, 1860, the daughter of William L. and Nancy Ellen (Barnes) Worland. The survivors are two sisters and three brothers, Mrs. Elnora Simmonds of Franklin; Mrs. Eugene Worland of Denver, Col.; Frank Worland of this city; Charles [Worland] of Adams and Maurice [Worland] of Greensburg.

1954 - Obituary - Anna Worland (nee McFarland) (1872 - 1954)

The following obituary for Anna Worland appeared in The Shelbyville News of 5 April 1954.

Mrs. Anna Worland, 82, Succumbs In Detroit. Mrs. Anna [McFarland] Worland, 82, former resident of this city, died Sunday afternoon at the home of a daughter, Mrs. H. M. Arzet, in Detroit. A native of Decatur county, Mrs. Worland was the daughter of William E. and Amanda McFarland. In 1888 she was married to Albert Worland, who preceded her in death in 1945. She was a member of the First Christian Church in this city. Surviving with the daughter at whose home she died are a sister, Mrs. Wallace DeMoss of Greensburg and four grandchildren, Mrs. Jonathan Combs, Fred Arzet, and Mrs. Helen Lewis of Indianapolis, and Richard Arzet of Detroit.

1957 - Obituary - Anna Louise Worland (nee Roberts) (1891 - 1957)

The following obituary for Anna Louise Worland appeared in The Shelbyville News of 17 June 1957.

Mrs. Anna Louise Worland, 65, 616 Seventh St., died at Major Hospital at 3:55 p.m. Sunday. She was taken there by the emergency ambulance after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage at her home at 9:40 a.m. Sunday. The daughter of George W. and Mary (Anderson) Roberts, she was born in Switzerland county July 20, 1891, and had been a resident of Shelby county since childhood. She was united in marriage with Thomas C. Worland of Shelby county on July 30, 1914, and was a member of the St. Joseph Catholic Church. She is survived by the husband and the following children: Mrs. Laura Starling, Vincent W. Worland, Anna Worland, Mrs. Clara Dwigans and Mrs. Sarah Cecil, all of Shelbyville; George B. Worland of Mooresville, and Mrs. Mary Wainscott of Waldron. Other survivors include a nephew, Ernest Woods of Shelbyville and 18 grandchildren. A son, Thomas Clarence, and a sister, Mrs. Clara Woods, preceded in death.

1963 - Death of Margaret Worland and grandchildren in explosion

Margaret May Burkher (born 13 August 1882), the wife of Claudius Sebastian Worland, her daughter-in-law Irene (Dietzen) and and three of their grandchildren Dietzen (8), Margaret Worland (15) and Susan Worland (14) were at the State Fairgrounds Coliseum in Indianapolis on 31 October 1963, when a 'violent exposion' occured. The Kokomo Tribue - The Kokomo Dispatch, Vol 114, No 52, of 1 November 1963 recorded the event:

Three members of a prominent Kokomo family were killed Thursday night (October 31, 1963) when the State Fairgrounds Coliseum at Indianapolis was ripped by a violent explosion. Victims of the blast were: Mrs. Margaret Worland, 1009 W. Taylor St. Ann Worland, 15, and Susan Worland, 14, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Worland Sr., 1719 W. Mulberry St. The dead woman was the girls' grandmother. Three other members in the party of eight were injured. In Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis are Mrs. Irene Worland, mother of the two girls, and Dietzen Worland, 8, brother of the two teen-age , victims. Mrs. Worland received broken ribs and possible fractured hand, and is in fair condition. Young Dietzen suffered cuts tnd bruises. KOKOMO TRIBUNE - THE KOKOMO DISPATCH VOL. 114 No. 52 CITY EDITION FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 1963

1967 - Obituary - Thomas Clarence Worland (1879 - 1967)

The following is the obituary for Thomas Clarence Worland (14 March 1879, Shelby County, Indiana, USA - 5 April 1967, Waldron, Shelby County, Indiana, USA):

Thomas Worland, 88, former Shelbyville resident, died early today at the Waldron Nursing Home where he had been a patient for the past six and one-half years. Services will be at the St. Joseph Catholic Church, of which he was a member, at 11:00 a.m. Saturday with Rev. Bernard Burgert officiating. Burial will be in St. Joseph Cemetery. Friends may call at the murphy Mortuary after 7:00 p.m. Thursday. The Rosary will be recited at the mortuary Friday at 7:30 p.m. Mr. Worland was an employe of the International Harvester Co. Indianapolis, before his retirement. He was born in Shelby County March 14, 1879, the son of Vincent L. and Sarah (Hay) Worland. On Jan. 30, 1914, he married Anna Louise Roberts, who died June 16, 1957. One son also preceded in death. Surviving are seven children, Mrs. Laura Starling, Miss Anna L. Worland, Mrs. Clara L. Dwigans and Mrs. Mary C. Wainscott, all of Shelbyville, Vincent W. Worland, R.R. 5, George B. Worland, Mooresville, and Mrs. Sarah Davis, Oxon Hill, Md.; 19 grandchildren; nine great -grandchildren; a sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Bacon, near Thorntown, and a brother, Ira Worland, Shelbyville.

The following text is from the findagrave.com website:

(Thomas Clarence Worland) was born in Shelby County March 14, 1879, the son of Vincent L. [Bacquelin] and Sarah Worland (nee Hay). On 30 January 1914, he married Anna Louise Roberts, who died 16 June 16 1957. One son also preceded in death. Surviving are seven children, Mrs. Laura Starling, Miss Anna L. Worland, Mrs. Clara L. Dwigans and Mrs. Mary C. Wainscott, all of Shelbyville, Vincent W. Worland, R.R. 5, George B. Worland, Mooresville, and Mrs. Sarah Davis, Oxon Hill, Md.; 19 grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren; a sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Bacon, near Thorntown, and a brother, [John] Ira Worland, Shelbyville.

1968 - Obituary - Kenneth E Worland (1920 - 1968)

The following obituary for Glen Worland appeared in The Kokomo Tribune of 3 September 1968.

Kenneth E. Worland, 48, co-owner of the L and K Shoe Store in Peru died at 1 p.m. Monday while working in the store. Death was attributed to a heart block. His home was at 201 E. 2nd St. Born in Shelbyville, April 22, 1920, he was the son of Clarence and Pearl Moore Worland. On June 20, 1940 he was married to Betty Sunday, who survives with his mother, Mrs. Clarence Worland, Chicago, and two sisters. He had served in the U.S. Army during World War II in the European Theater. Funeral services will be at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Eikenberry-Murray Funeral Home here with the Rev. Paul E. Steele officiating. Ken Burial will be in Mount Hope Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home after 7 p.m. Tuesday.

1970 - Obituary - Glen B Worland (1899 - 1970)

The following obituary for Glen Worland appeared in The Shelbyville News of 10 August 1970.

Glen B. Worland, 71, 816 W. Washington St., died at 11:00 a.m. Sunday (9 August 1970) at Janie's Nursing Home in Franklin where he had been a patient three years. Services will be Wednesday at the Ewing Mortuary, where friends may call after 4:00 p.m. Tuesday. Burial will be in Forest Hill Cemetery. Mr. Worland was a retired farmer and had spend [sic] most of his life in Shelby County and Shelbyville. He was born in this County April 27, 1899, the son of Cary/Carey T. Worland (died 1947, see obituary above) and Ida (Ewick) Worland. Survivors are a daughter, Mrs. Martin J. (Barbara) Roman, and a brother, Elmer Worland, both of Shelbyville.

2012 - Obituary for Pauline Worland Buckley

The following obituary appeared on the findagrave site: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/84310833/pauline-buckley

Pauline Worland Buckley, 102, passed away January 29, 2012 at Greenwood Village. She was born May 20, 1909, to the late John Ira and Susan (Wheeler) Worland of Shelbyville, Indiana. Her father passed away at 104. Pauline was married to Leonard Buckley for 55 years. Leonard preceded her in death in 1989. Pauline is survived by her sister, Sr. Noel Marie Worland (100); daughter-in-law, Pamela Buckley Fox; three grandchildren; five great grandchildren; and two great-great grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her son, John Buckley; brother Vincent Worland; and three sisters, Mary Pollard, Dorothy Duvelius, and Gertrude Worland. She also is survived by nieces and nephews Noell Krughoff (Tom), Sue Ann Torelli, Paula Buckley Cleary (Larry), Millie Sue Hutchings (Tom); Peter Worland (Carol); Tom Duvelius; Charles Ira Duvelius. Pauline belonged to Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Evansville, for a number of years and was a member of the Little Sisters of the Poor Auxiliary. She was a member of Our Lady of the Greenwood Catholic Church. Friends may call on Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Wilson St. Pierre Funeral Service & Crematory Greenwood Chapel, 481 W. Main St., Greenwood. A Mass of Christian Burial will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday at Our Lady of the Greenwood Catholic Church, 335 S. Meridian St. Greenwood, Indiana. Burial will be at Calvary Cemetery in Indianapolis, IN.

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