Arrivals in South Australia, November 1839: William and Robert Warland

William Warland (1803 - 1867) and his brother Robert Warland (1807 - 1868) were the sons of William and Ann Warland and brothers of William Henry Warland who arrived in Australia in 1823.

William Warland arrived with his wife Alicia (nee Ferris, 1809 - 1867) and their children, while his brother Robert arrived with his wife Eliza (Hordern) who he married in 1839 in the UK before departing. The ship carrying all of them, including some of Eliza's family, the Barque Singapore, arrived on 11 November of that year. The journey to Australia was not pleasant - according to one story, there was an outbreak of typhoid on the ship, and an attempted mutiny because of the poor conditions.

Note:Some of the information on the linked pages comes from the book "Echunga" by Jack Whimpress, who gave his permission to use material from his book in 1988.

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