Warland families in Almer - 1630 to 1783

The following information has been derived from a number of sources, including information provided by Steve Argent, a descendant of the Stickland line and still living in this area in the UK, the OPC Dorset website, and additional reearch.

Almer is located west of Wimborne Minster and Canford Magna. Richard Warland, probably born around 1630 - 1635 to unknown parents, married Mary Sebury in 1655 in Almer. They had the following children, at least one of whom appears to have been baptised in Wimborne, suggesting a connection of some sort:

These Warlands were based in Almer and may have been the 'Cowgrove' group shown in the Hearth Tax in 1662. They may be the same as the children below born to (possibly) Richard and (possibly) Elizabeth Warland, as established through the details provided in the wills of James and Richard Warland (below):

The Family of Richard Warland

Richard Warland, probably the one born to Richard and Elizabeth Warland above, was recorded as the Churchwarden of Almer in 1730. He married Joanna (?) probably before 1730. Their children were:

James Warland dies - 1733 - Will (5 February 1733)

Richard Warland's brother James Warland died in 1733 around the time that his nephews and nieces were born. In his will of 5 February 1733 he left the sum of 20, 30,or 40 shillings to his brothers, Richard and George, and his sister, Mary. He left some items to his mother, but it is unclear what these were. The will contains no mention of a wife or his father.

Richard Warland dies - 1753 - Will

Richard Warland was buried on 5 November 1753 in Almer. The following is the text of his will.

Richard Warland of Almer, 1754; In the name of God Amen, this is the last will and testament of me Richard Warland of the parish Almer in the County of Dorset,Yeo. That is to say, I give and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth, the sum of one Hundred Pounds, Lawful English money and to my daughter Joanna the sum of Eighty Pounds, like Lawful English money. To be paid to them respectively within one year after my death. And to my son Richard all my land late ? in the parish of Almer aforesaid with the appearances the ? to belonging. And lastly I appoint my Wife Joanna and my son Richard as Executors of my last will and testament dated the 29th October 1753 unto which I have put my mark and set my seal. And it is signed."

Richard Warland's wife Joanna Warland was probably the Joanna Warland who was buried on 15 February 1763 in Almer.

Lives of the children of Richard and Joanna Warland

Joanna Warland(early to mid 1730's - ), daughter of Richard and Joanna Warland, married Thomas Stickland on 10 August 1756. Thomas was born 14 April 1731 in Mordern, and was the son of Thomas Stickland and Ann Filliter (married 1728);Thomas senior was born in Bloxworth in 1702 to Phillip Stickland and Mary (nee unknown). Joanna and Thomas had at least 5 children, all christened at Mordern.

A Thomas Stickland was buried on 17 January 1798. This is believed to be the Thomas born in 1762. Thomas senior, the father of the above children died on 16 April 1809 (the death notice states that he was 81). Joanna Stickland (nee Warland) was buried on 21 July 1809. All of these deaths were in Mordern.

Richard Warland, the son of Richard and Joanna Warland, married Mary Dashwood of Winterborne, Zelstone, by licence on the 27 June 1757. They had the following children:

Richard Warland (senior) was buried on 3 May 1797 in Almer. A Mary Warland, possibly Mary Dashwood, was buried on 25 November 1813, aged 79, making the date of birth around 1734 (and putting Richard's in the early 1730's also).

Other links between Warlands and Sticklands

Two other Warlands married Sticklands. The family lines are, in outline, as follows.