The story of Nanny/Nancy Ann Warland, Elias Barnes and the Barnes family

Christopher Warland (25 June 1736 - 17 February 1816) was the son of Robert Warland (1694 - 1758) and Ann King (1701 - 1784). Christopher Warland's younger brother Henry Warland (1742 - 1819), who married Ann Ayers/Eyers, also appears in this story.

Christopher Warland married Sarah Willis/Welles (c. 1750 - 11 May 1812) in Hampreston on 10 July 1792. They had one daughter:

Sarah Warland (nee Willis) died on 11 May 1812.

Nanny Ann Warland married Elias Barnes (1784 - 20 November 1870) of Sturminster Marshall on 9 March 1815 at Hampreston, Dorset. The marriage certificate lists her father as Christopher Warland and her late mother as Sarah Willis. The witnesses were Henry Warland (almost certainly her uncle) and Rachel Barnes, probably Elias' sister.

Christopher Warland died on 17 February 1816 when Nanny was 21.

Nanny Ann Warland was named in the will of her father Christopher Warland '... of Lt Canford in the parish of Hampreston, gentleman'. (1814 P.C.C) The will stated that she was to '...inherit all lands and dividends solely and separate use, exclusive of any Husband/Husbands.'

Nanny Ann's uncle Henry Warland died in 1819 when she was 24. She was named in the the will of 'Henry Warland of Lake in Gt. Canford, gentleman' (her uncle) as follows: 'Niece Nancy Ann (wife of Elias Barnes) £50'.

An Elizabeth Roberts Warland was born to a Christopher and Catherine Warland on 4 May 1825. It is not yet known who this family is. There is only one Christopher Warland aged 45 (born 1796) in the 1841 census in Dorset and no Catherine or Elizabeth who might match in terms of dates.

A James and Jane Warland had a daughter Louisa Warland, baptised on 28 August 1831 and a son Henry Warland, baptised 23 December 1832 in Hampreston. This is almost certainly James Warland (1804 - ?), the son of John Warland (1763 - 1843) and Mary Dolan, who married Jane Foot. James appears in the 1841 as a dairyman aged 35 (born 1806); his wife is also 35, their son William is 11, and Louisa is 9. Henry is not recorded, suggesting he had died.

It seems fairly certain from the lack of any documentary evidence that Elias Barnes and Nanny Ann (nee Warland) did not have any children. From the 1841 census onwards, it is clear that Elias and Nanny had separated, but were not (apparently) divorced.

1841 census

Little Canford

Another Christopher Warland, born in 1796, had married an Eliza (1791 - ) and were living in Hampreston in 1841 according to the census of that year aged 45 and 50 respectively. The other people living at the same address were: Ann Eyers (80, independent), Elizabeth Hiscock (75, servant), and Mary Seare (34, servant). Ann Eyers was the wife of Henry (1742 - 1819).

West Parley

The 1841 Census also has one Henry Barnes, a 12 year old scholar from outside the county, attending a boarding school at St James in Poole. This ties in as Henry was born at Ringwood in the County of Hampshire and not Dorset where Poole is situated. See below for more details of Henry Barnes.

The widower and carpenter of Corfe Mullen, William Warland, son of John Warland (a farmer), married Jane Measher (1818 - ) of Longham, daughter of Robert Measher, a bricklayer, on 16 June 1851. William's first wife was Mary Griffen (?1801 - ) who appears to have died by 1851. William and Jane Warland had one son, noted in the 1861 census:

Jane Warland, aged 54, appears in the 1871 census in Dorset along with her then 11 year old son Thomas Warland. She appears in the 1881 census as a glove knitter from Corfe Mullen. Her son Thomas is not registered.

Barnes in the 1851 census

Little Canford

West Parley

Henry Barnes goes to Newfoundland

Sometime after the 1851, Henry Barnes appears to have travelled to Newfoundland and possibly met his wife to be, Esther there. Two children were born there before they returned in around 1860, when their third child was born.

Death of Nanny Ann Warland

According to her death certificate, Nanny Ann Barnes (nee Warland) died on 13 November 1856, aged 63yrs. The certificate notes that she was '... wife of Elias Barnes, Yeoman. Informant, William Baker, present at death, of Pidford Bottom Hampreston.' William Baker appears to have been a friend, living nearby. She was buried on 18 November 1856 at Little Canford.

Elias Barnes remarries in 1857 - noted in 1861 Census

Seven months after the death of Nanny Ann, Elias Barnes married Ann James, his former servant, in June 1857. (Recorded at Wimbourne, Vol. 5a page 577.)

The 1861 census has Elias and his second wife Ann living in Hamworthy (R69/1342), as follows:

Death of Elias Barnes - 1870

Elias Barnes died on 20 November 1870 at Union Buildings, Poole. His death certificate notes the following: Date and Place of Death 20th November 1870 at Union Buildings, aged 87 yrs. Informant Esther Barnes, present at the death, of Towngate Street Poole.' Esther was the wife of Elias' son Henry F J Barnes (see below).

David Warren has an extract of the register of the Will of Elias Barnes from the England & Wales, National Probate Calendar 1861-1941 and this gives his death 20 November 1870 at Poole, proved by the oath of Henry Fitz James (otherwise Fitz Barnes) of Longfleet in the Town & Country of Poole, the sole Executor. The will was registered 8 December 1870. Elias' effects were under One thousand five hundred pounds.

1871 Census

The 1871 Census has Henry Barnes as follows for St. James, Poole, Towngate Street:

The 1881 census for Towngate Street, Poole, St. James, Dorset has the following details (RG11, Folio 2095 / 70 Page 37.):

It is interesting to note that the 1871 census gives an entry of Henry F. J Barnes but it is not until the 1881 census that his full name of Henry Fitz James Barnes is revealed. The prefix Fitz is often used to signify illegitimacy, or “son of” so we can be sure that he was certainly Henry “son of” (Ann) James & Barnes.

Esther Barnes died in the June quarter 1898, age 72. (Registered at Poole, Vol. 5a, page 158).

Henry F J Barnes died in the December quarter 1901, age 81 (Registered at Poole, Vol. 5a, and page 141.)

There is no apparent record to these Barnes in the 1891 census. Perhaps they were not in the UK at that time.

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