Warlands in Southampton

Edward Henry Warland (also shown as 'Em Warland' in the 1861 census), the son of John and Ann Warland of Wimborne, married Mary Fry Hatchard (1828 - ?), on 10 December 1849 (see link for more information and they had the following children.

1861 census

It seems that Edward Warland was working as a plumber in the Southampton, Hampshire area on the night of the census. His wife Mary Warland, then aged 33 and the 'wife of a painter', and her five children were in Dorset. The census noted that all the children were born in Wimborne Minster.

1865 - Birth of George Fry Warland

George Fry Warland was born in September 1865.

1868 - Death of Edward Henry Warland

It seems that Edward brought his family to Southampton.

Edward Henry Warland died in late 1868 in Southampton leaving a wife and seven young children. His wife Mary was pregnant at the time; she gave birth to their daughter, Mary Julia Warland (bap 12 July 1869, Tarrant Keyneston, UK - ?) after his death. Life must have become very difficult for the family.

1871 census

There is no obvious sign of Mary Fry Warland or her children Constance, William and Charles in the 1871 census. The children that were recorded in Hampshire as follows (the census records will show who they were living with - TBA):

1873 - Mary Fry Warland re-marries

Mary Fry Warland (nee Hatchard) re-married in 1873 in Southampton.

1876 - Constance Fry Warland marries

Constance Fry Warland married in Southampton in 1876.

1881 census

In 1881, Martin Warland (aged 24) and Lenard [sic] Warland (aged 19), 'brothers', are recorded living at 7 Lower Marsh Lane, Southampton St Mary, Dorset.

Their brother, John Warland, aged 20, and a 'builders carter' is recorded as lodging with the White family at 1 Broad Street, Southampton St Mary.

Their brother, Charles Warland (now 26), is not present in the 1881 census.

1881 - birth of Edgar John Warland

An Edgar John Warland was born, but not in the UK (it appears) in 1881. In the 1911 cenus, Edgar Warland is reported living in South Stoneham, the same location as Charles Warland. Was Edgar the child of a previous marriage or relationship?

1884 - Charles Warland marries

Charles Warland married a woman named Kate in Southampton in 1884 and they had several children, all born in Southampton - see below.

1888 - Mary Julia Warland marries

The youngest daughter of Edward and Mary Warland, Mary Julia Warland (1869 - ) married in 1888.

1889 - Death of George Fry Warland

Edward and Mary Warland's youngest son, George Fry Warland (born 1865) died in 1889.

1891 census

By the time of the 1891 census, Martin Warland (aged 37) was recorded as a labourer in Wimborne, Dorset. He may not have married.

John Warland, aged 31, was recorded living in Hampshire with a wife named Sarah who he married in 1883. Based on the 1891 census, their children were:

Leonard Warland, now 30, was recorded as a 'fireman and ship sea', also in Wimborne. He married Ellen (surname not yet known, born 1854 in Jersey, Channel Islands) in 1889 in Southampton. Another Mary E Warland, aged 37, is linked with a Leonard Warland in the census. (details TBA)

Charles Warland, now 35, has re-appeared in the 1891 census as a general labourer in Southampton. Charles Warland married a woman named Kate in Southampton in 1884 and they had several children, all born in Southampton. The family appear in the 1891 census in Southampton, Hampshire as follows (with additional details from the birth registers):

Edgar Warland, now 10, does not obviously appear in the census.

Charles and Kate Warland had three other children after William:

Two other Warland families were recorded in Hampshire in the 1891 census:

A young Willie Warland aged 16, a photographer born in Scotland (to his mother from Dorset, appears in the 1891 census. Willie was William Warland, born to Mary Emma Warland (1859 - 1887) and an unknown father. He would later migrate to South Africa.

1893/4 - birth of Queenie Baker (later Warland)

Queenie Baker was born in the June quarter, 1893, at South Stoneham - ) to a J F Morris (Baker?) (1872 - ), a Ships Steward, and Anne L Baker (1870 - ), who were both born in in Gosport, Hampshire.

1899 - Death of Kate Warland

Kate Warland, the wife of Charles Warland, died in 1899.

1901 census

In 1901, Charles Warland and his young family were recorded living in Smith's Buildings in South Stoneham, St Mary Extra, Hampshire. The children recorded were:

Charles Warland was recorded as a widower at the time, so it seems likely that his life was quite difficult.

In the 1901 Census for South Stoneham, Grave Road, St Mary Extra, Hampshire, the following children are recorded in the Baker household:

One Charlotte D Cox, married sister in law aged 23 (born 1878, Gosport) was also present in the household.

1905 - Marriage of Edgar John Warland

Edgar John Warland (born 1881, location not known - died 1964, Winchester, Hampshire) married Minnie Ireland (born 1876, South Stoneham) in South Stoneham in 1905. There is no obvious birth for an Edgar Warland in the UK. Note that another Minnie E Ireland was born in 1881 in Southampton. She died in 1965 in Southampton.

Edgar and Minnie had one child:

See also the 1911 census below.

1910 - Constance Louisa Warland marries

Constance Louisa Warland, the daughter of Charles and Kate Warland, married in Southampton in 1910.

Warlands in Hampshire in the 1911 Census

There are a lot of Warlands in Hampshire in the 1911 census, in Alverstoke, Fareham, Christchurch, New Forest, Portsmouth, Southampton, and South Stoneham.




New Forest

Portsmouth - presumed to be a family group

South Stoneham - presumed to be a family group


The Bakers in the 1911 Census

The 1911 Census for 138 Avenue Road, South Stoneham, Hampshire, shows the following Bakers:

1915 - Frederick Warland marries Queenie Baker

Queenie Baker met Frederick (Fred) Warland (1895 - ), the son of Charles Warland (1856 - ) and Kate Warland, before 1915 in South Stoneham. Fred was a general labourer.

Fred Warland and Queenie Baker married in the September quarter of 1915 at South Stoneham in the County of Hampshire. (Ref Vol. 2c, pages 38, 49, 271). They had at least two children:

At some point, Fred Warland decided to move to the United States. For information about Queenie and Fred Warland in the United States, click this link.

1939 Register

Edgar J and Minnie Warland both appear in the 1939 register, still in Southampton.

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