John Warland (1798 - 1865) and Ann Marie Stickland

John Warland (23 September 1798, Corfe Mullen, Dorset, England - 12 December 1865, Wimborne Minster, Dorset, England) was the son of William Warland (28 October 1765, Canford Magna, Dorset, England - 12 June 1838, Spettisbury, Dorset, England) and Ann Harbin (1769 -1843).

John Warland married Ann Marie Stickland (1797 - 1855) on 13 August 1818 in Corfe Mullen, Dorset, England. His brother Christopher Warland and Ann Lesly were witnesses. Note, for additional links to Sticklands, see the Almer page. Interestingly, John and Christopher Warland were the only two brothers who did not migrate to Australia.

John and Ann Warland had the following children:

John and Ann Warland and their children above except for Henry are recorded in the 1841 UK Census in Dorset. Henry Warland appears to be recorded as a painter in London in 1841.

In the 1851 census, John Warland, a 'plumber employing 2 labourers' of Corfe Mullen, and Ann, are shown living with three of their children, Edward Henry Warland (a plumber, by then married with Mary Hatchard)), Samuel Warland (a painter), and Matilda J Warland (a dress maker).

Children of John and Ann Warland

Edward Henry Warland (1819 - 1868), listed as 'a bachelor of full age, plumber of Wimborne Minster and son of John Warland, glazier', married Mary Fry Hatchard (1828 - ?), 'a spinster of full age of Tarrant Keyneston [a village a few miles north west of Wimborne Minster], daughter of William Hatchard, publican' on 10 December 1849. Edward Warland's youngest sister, Matilda Jane Warland, was a witness.

Edward and Mary Warland had the following children. All the children except the last were baptised at Wimborne, and that Edward died just before his youngest daughter Mary Julia Warland was born and baptised at Tarrant Keyneston, her mother's home village. This suggests that Mary Warland (nee Hatchard) returned to her home village, after Edward died, to give birth:

Click this link for more information about the life of Edward and Mary Warland in Southampton.

William Warland (1820 - 1893) does not appear to be listed in the 1851 UK census. Perhaps he had already left England. He arrived in Australia in 1863 and married Mary Ann Carter (1836 - 2 June 1878, Springdale, Ipswich, Qld), the daughter of George Thomas Carter and Ann Campbell, on 22 September 1869 in Brisbane, Queensland. Click the link above to read more about William and Mary Warland's life in Australia.

Henry John Warland (1822 - 1883). Like his father, Henry was a plumber and glazier of Wimborne Minister. He married Sarah Foster Reynolds (1825, Shooters Hill, Kent - 13 September 1864, Sth Chelsea, Middlesex), the daughter of James Reynolds, on 16 January 1844 at the Parish Church of Great Canford, Dorset (note that the marriage was by licence; Sarah was a minor when she married). Henry and Sarah had one daughter

Sometime after his marriage, Henry was tried and convicted at Dorchester Assizes for the rape of his 16 year old servant girl. His trial was 16 July 1845, when he was 23. He was transported to Norfolk Island aboard the 'China' for life, leaving from Woolwich between 4 - 6 January 1846, arriving at Norfolk Island on 16 May 1846. His sentence was commuted to 7 years. In 1848 he was transferred to Van Diemans land (now Tasmania).

In the 1851 census, the 26 year old Sarah Warland is almost certainly recorded at Shorters Hill, Dorset, with James and Cath Warland (her daughter). Her daughter Catherine Warland is also recorded, aged 6. It is not clear who James was, perhaps a brother. Catherine Warland died the following year, 1852. Sarah Warland does not appear in the 1861 census.

It is understood that Henry somehow made his way back to England by 1867, where he lived at 12 Waterford Road, Walham Green, Fulham, SW. He married Elizabeth Thomasin Adams (1838 - 1881), the daughter of Joseph Adams, on 3 August 1867. Henry and Elizabeth had the following children:

Henry J Warland appears in the 1871 census for London with his wife Elizabeth and son Alfred Henry Warland. There is one Annie Warland and one Annie E Warland, both aged 2 in the 1871 census. It is not known if this their second child. Henry and Elizabeth Warland, and their children Alfred, Jesse and Matilda, appear in the 1881 census living at 12 Waterford Road, Falham, London. Elizabeth died after the census was taken, in 1881 when her children were still young. Henry Warland died in 1883 leaving the children orphans.

Alfred Henry Warland, then 23, does not appear to be in the 1891 census. Perhaps he was in Scotland where he met his wife to be. His sister Jessie L Warland is listed as an assistant draper at Fulham, Surrey, Dorset. Matilda Warland is recorded in Middlesex. Her occupation is not known.

Alfred Henry Warland married Louisa Clara (? - 1942, Scotland) in 1896 and they had two children:

Alfred Warland again does not appear in the 1901 census, but his wife Louisa and two children Charles and Hilda are recorded living at Richmond, Surrey. In the 1911 census, Louisa Clara Warland, John Alfred Henry Warland, Charles Alfred Henry Warland, and Hilda Louise Warland are all recorded living in Fareham, Hampshire. Emma Matilda Warland (aged 33), Jessie Louisa Warland (aged 31) and Minnie Warland (aged 46) are also recorded at Fareham, Hampshire. See the Hampshire page for more information.

Samuel Warland (1825 - 1883) lived at 22 Burden's Buildings, Commercial Road, Weymouth and was a painter. He is recorded in the 1851 census living with his parents.

Samuel Warland, a 'house painter and glazier', married Elizabeth Goff (1827 - before 1881), the daughter of James Goff, and a schoolmistress, on 11 July 1852 at Wimborne Minster, Dorset, England. They had the following children:

All Samuel and Elizabeth Warland's children except Alexandra, are recorded in the 1861 censusin Dorset. They are all recorded living in Dorset in the 1871 census.

Samuel and Elizabeth Warland's daughter Mary Emma Warland (1859 - 1887) gave birth to a son, William Warland, on 20 July 1875/1876? in Aberdeen, Scotland. William was given his mother's surname as his father was never identified.

Elizabeth Warland had died by the time of the 1881 census. Samuel Warland, his daughter Mary Emma Warland, Mary's son William Warland ('grandson'), and his youngest daughter Alexandra Warland (a dressmaker) are recorded living at 22 Burdons Bgs, Melcombe Regis, Dorset. Their sister Helen may be the Helen Warland recorded as a nurse at the Workhouse Infirmary, Queen's Road, Croydon, Surrey in the 1881 census.

Samuel Warland died in 1883. It is not yet known if this was before or afer the marriage of his daughter Alexandra Warland to Stephen Hood on Christmas Day in the same year. Mary Emma Warland, the mother of William, died in 1887.

Mary Emma Warland's son, William Warland joined the army in 1894. He served in Malta and Crete in 1897, and Egypt in 1898. He married Ellen Johannah Campbell (17 June 1881 in Kroonstad, Orange Free Stage, South Africa - 8 December 1935 in South Africa) about 1900 and continued to serve in the British Army there in 1902 and 1903. For the details of this family in South Africa, click here. William Warland died on 28 October 1963 in Transvaal, South Africa.

Emma Ann Warland (1827 - 1867?) married (Dr) Alfred William Hayles (abt 1828, Newport, Isle of Wight - 5 December 1865, Chelsea, London, England) on 18 December 1852 in Wimborne Minster, Dorset, England. Emma and Alfred Hayles were recorded in Hanging Rock, New South Wales, in 1854. (see this page for further information). Alfred and Emma Hayles had the following children, all born in New South Wales:

The website link above contains quite a few references to Alfred and Emma Hayles and their relationship with Emma's uncle William Henry Warland who died in 1859. Emma and Alfred Hayles appear to have moved to Uralla/Rocky River by March 1860 (and possibly before 1855). The Empire (Sydney) ran an article on 13 March 1860 stating that their young daughter Clara Ann Hayles, died aged 14 months 'suddenly of brain fever'. In February 1863 (or January 1862?) Emma gave birth to a son in the same location. In November 1863, Alfred was recorded in Uralla as the Agent for the Maitland Mercury.

With the sale of William Edward Warland's property, it appears that his wife Susannah, along with Alfred and Emma Hayles and their children, decided to return to England. The Sydney Morning Herald ran a notice on 23 January 1865 stating that the wife of Alfred W Hayles, of 2 Sydney Place, Onslow Square, London, gave birth to a daughter (the name of whom is not noted in the list of children above). Emma's husband Alfred died on 5 December 1865 in Chelsea, London. On 23 July 1866, the Sydney Morning Herald ran an article stating that Mrs Alfred William Hales, of Uralla Villa, Edith Grove, West Brompton, London, gave birth to a 'posthumous daughter' on 27 March 1866.

Emma then married Edwin Elmes (abt 1834 - ?), son of John Elmes, on 11 December 1866 in Chelsea, London, England. They had the following children:

Susannah Warland, aged 65, appears in the 1871 census in Hampshire, and again (aged 75 and born in 1806) at Poole, Dorset in the 1881 census. Susannah died in 1888.

Matilda Jane Warland (1829 - abt 1886) married John Clifford Elmes (1827, Wareham, Dorset - ?), son of John Clifford Elmes, in 1853. Matilda and John had the following children:

Ellen Sophia Warland (1832 - 31 May 1847) died at the age of 15.

Life of Elizabeth Warland (1852 - 1943)

Elizabeth Warland (1852 - 1943) married Harry Moss (1 March 1847, Abingdon, Berkshire, England - 12 November 1921, Wallington, Surrey, England), the son of John Moss and Elizabeth Leonard, on 2 March 1878. They had the following children:

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