Arrival in Victoria, 1884: Albert John Warland

Albert John Warland (29 August 1869 - 6 March 1936) was the younger child and son of Henry Warland (1830 - 1876), and Elizabeth Dodson (1835 - 1871). Albert John Warland's two older surviving siblings were:

For details of the life of Albert John Warland before 1884, and the movements of his two brothers, go to this page, or the links for his two brothers, above.

1853 - 1869 - Migrations to Australia

Albert Warland's uncle, Edward Warland, migrated to New South Wales (Australia) in 1853. Albert's father Henry and Edward Warland's first cousin Henry Warland arrived in Melbourne, Australia around 1855. His uncle, Philip Christopher Warland migrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1867.

1871 - Death of Albert Warland's mother, Elizabeth Warland

Albert's mother Elizabeth Warland died at The Village, Bexley, on 22 April 1871 of congestive fever 'with abortion'.

The 1871 census shows Henry Warland's family, less Elizabeth Warland, in High Street, Bexley Village, Kent. The boys are shown as: Henry T Warland (aged 6), William Warland (aged 5), and Albert Warland (aged 1), their birthplace showing as Gloucestshire. Henry's mother Anne Warland (now aged 71) is also recorded in the same location. One Alice Warland, aged 59 from Oxfordshire, is also recorded, but she is not believed to be connected with Henry's family.

1876 - Death of Albert Warland's father Henry Warland (born 1830)

Henry Warland died at the age of 46 at 49 Jewin St, London on 16 March 1876, of acute pneumonia (for 10 days). This left the three young boys without parents. Albert's older brothers Henry and William moved to 19 Buckingham Street in Brighton to live with their grandparents Henry and Anne Warland and aunt Anne Warland. Albert, on the other hand, went to live with the Powell family in Bourne Lane, Bexley, Kent.

1877 - Death of Albert's grandmother Ann Warland (nee Roberts)

Ann Warland (born 1800) died at her home in Brighton, Sussex, in December 1877. The two older boys continued to live with their grandfather Henry and aunt Anne.

1881 - Henry Warland (born 1797) dies

Henry Warland (born 1797) died soon after the 1881 census. By this time, Henry Thomas Warland was 17, William Edward Warland was 16, and Albert 12. With only their aunt Anne to take care of them now, it seems likely that their uncle Philip Christopher Warland in Australia made the suggestion for Albert Warland to go to Australia with him.

1884 - Albert John Warland travels to Australia

Philip Christopher Warland, a shopkeeper in Australia, travelled to England in 1884, probably for the purpose of taking his young nephew Albert Warland to Australia. Philip Christopher Warland's granddaughter, Gladys Warland, writing in 1986, said that it was believed that 'Uncle Bert' suffered from asthma and they thought that the drier Australian climate would help that. This, and the fact that Albert and his brothers were teenage orphans, may partially explain why he was brought to Australia.

Albert John Warland, recorded as being 20 but actually only 15, arrived in Australia on board the Iberia in September 1884 with a Mr and Mrs Warland, both aged 30. It was always assumed that the 'Mr and Mrs Warland' was Philip Christopher and Miriam Warland, although PC Warland was 44 in 1884. Could this 'Mr and Mrs Warland' be another relative taking Albert to Australia - perhaps.

One clue, as no other Mr and Mrs Warland aged 30 in Australia fit the bill, might be the presence of Philip Christopher Warland's cousin (the late Henry Warland)'s wife Mrs Sarah Warland at Philip Christopher Warland's address at 68 Ferrars Place, South Melbourne, in 1884. It seems quite possible that Philip and Miriam Warland decided to return to England and leave their children in the care of his late cousin's wife and possibly some of her children.

Albert Warland was very likely incorporated into Philip Christopher Warland's family which included his cousins - Philip Warland (1867 - ), Kate Warland (1870 - ), and May Warland (1879 - ). The family recalled that Albert John worked in his uncle's store, then later as a grocer. Albert would also have met his second cousins, the children of Henry Warland who arrived in 1855, includng Augustus Warland and the 'Misses Warland'.

1887 - Philip Warland a storekeeper in Clifton Hill, Melbourne

According to Margaret Jean Warland, the wife of his grandson, Philip George Warland, in a record of interview on 21 August 1986, it is believed that Philip Christopher Warland was a shopkeeper in Heidelberg Road, Clifton Hill, Victoria, in 1887. This has yet to be confirmed.

1887 - Arrival of Albert's brother William Warland

Albert Warland's 22 year old brother William Edward Warland (1865 - 1955) arrived in Melbourne in April 1887 on board the Aberdeen as an unassisted migrant. He would have obtained his father's legacy the year before (or possible that year) and so it could be that he decided to use that to travel to Australia. William may also have lived with his uncle's family for a short while.

1891 - Death of Anne Warland

Albert Warland's aunt Anne Warland died in the third quarter (Jul - Sep) of 1891. She had been living in the family home of 19 Buckingham Street until her death. Her will indicated that her nephew Henry Thomas Warland was to sell the property and then disburse the funds.

1893 - Albert Warland marries Mary Stark

Albert John Warland, recorded on the marriage certificate as a grocer living at Canterbury Road, Middle Park, married Mary Terrace Stark (1864 - 1907), a milliner of Port Melbourne, in Castlemaine, Victoria (Vic BDM Ref 880) on 2 March 1893. The Argus (Melbourne) of 8 April 1893 and also the Australasian (Melbourne) of 15 April 1893 carried a notice of the wedding: 'On the 2nd ult., at the residence of the bride's parents, Wheeler Street, Castlemaine by the Rev A.S.C. James, Bendigo, Albert John, youngest son of the late Henry Warland, Kent, England, to Mary Terrase [sic], only daughter of George Stark, Castlemaine. Mary was the daughter of George Stark, an engine driver, and Jessie Mackay. Mary's siblings were:

Albert and Mary Warland had three children.

1899 - Albert Warland, Manager

In 1899, Albert John Warland was noted as Manager of the company Hershall Co in Melbourne. Albert John was a commercial representative, travelling extensively throughout Victoria by train selling products.

1904 - Philip Christopher Warland's business

An extract from the accounting books for 31 March 1904 shows that the business was doing well. The accounts include a payment to Mrs M Warland of £800, one to his son Philip Warland of £50, and four payments of £25 to each of Philip George Warland, May Warland, Kate Warland, and Albert John Warland.

1907 - Death of Frank Warland and his mother Mary Warland

Frank Dodson Warland (born 1895), died on 6 January 1907 aged 12.

Albert's wife Mary Terrace (nee Stark) died on 3 December 1907, aged 43. Her death certificate recorded that she died of acute pleurisy and pneumonia, and exhaustion. The Argus of 4 December 1907 carried the death notice: 'On the 3rd December at 'Bexley', Deakin Street, Malvern, Mary Terrace, dearly loved wife of A J Warland and only daughter of the late George and Jessie Stark, of Castlemaine, aged 43 years'. She was buried at Boroondara Cemetery. Albert's support network probably included the family of his uncle Philip Christopher Warland, as well as various other friends according to his granddaughters in 1986. See also below.

1909 - Albert John Warland travels to England

Albert John Warland departed Melbourne in March 1909 on board the China bound for the UK. He may have disembarked at Adelaide or Sydney on the return trip as there is no obvious sign of him in incoming passengers records for Victoria from 1908 to 1914.

1910 to 1916 - Albert's travels

Postcards sent to his daughters from 1910 show where they were living while he was away. From 1910 to April 1912, they were at living with Mrs Marden, Mitchell Street, St Kilda. From April 1912 to 1918, they stayed with Mrs Matheson, 285 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne. They then moved to their new house in 1918 - see below.

1913 - Herbert Warland arrives in Melbourne

It was noted above that Albert Warland's brother William Edward Warland arrived in Melbourne in 1887 but returned to England by 1891. William Edward Warland's son Herbert Warland migrated to Australia in 1913. He was photographed with his uncle Bert and possibly also met his other Warland relatives. Herbert enlisted for World War One in January 1916 and saw action in France. He returned in June 1919.

1918 - Death of Philip Christopher Warland

Philip Christopher Warland died on 18 March 1918. The death notice in The Argus of 20 March 1918 read as follows: 'On the 18th March [1918], at his residence 'Brixton', 23 Huntingtower Road, Malvern, Philip Christopher, the dearly belowed husband of Miriam and loved father of Philip, Kate, and May (Mrs McLeod, Sydney), managing director of P Warland Pty Ltd, Flinders Lane, and a colonist of 50 years (Interred privately, Brighton Cemetery)'

1918 - Purchase of house in Auburn

Albert Warland bought a house at Rathmines Road, Auburn in 1918. His two daughters (Lilian Jessie - 'Lil', and Elizabeth Mary - 'Bess') continued to work in their great-uncle Philip Christopher's company in Flinders Lane, Melbourne until it closed in the early 1920s.

1923 - Albert Warland and daughters travel to England

In March 1923, Albert John Warland and his two daughters departed Melbourne on board the Narkunda bound for the UK via Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and India (Bombay). While in Bombay, Albert met his cousin, Thomas Graham Warland in Bombay. Bess Warland kept a diary of the trip, details of which were provided in 1988 by one of her descendents. Her diary entry in India notes:

We arrived in Bombay Harbour at 7 AM on Friday 20th April. ... We had received a note from Aunt Ada ... We found Aunt Ada home and proceeded to discuss our plans.'

Thomas Graham Warland (born 1872), Lilian Warland, Ada Warland, Albert John Warland

Fanny Warland, the wife of Albert's brother William Edward Warland, died on 7 May 1923, just before Albert and his daughters reached London. Bess Warland's diary states:

At Plymouth where we arrived on May 11th we received the terrible news of Auntie Fanny's death. It was a great shock to us. We berthed at Tilbury at 8 AM Saturday May 12th. The Brighton train left at 1 o'clock and started off on the train journey. We arrived about 1/4 to 3 to find no one there to meet us. We went straight to Uncle Harry's place. After tea at Uncle Harry's we went over to Havelock Road [William's residence]. We found uncle Will and the girls waiting at the gate. They were bearing up wonderfully. May 13. After lunch we went over to Uncle Will's place and met Ern and his wife Nan.

While in Brighton, Albert Warland and daughters stayed at Alexandra Villas, within walking distance of 165 Havelock Road and uncle Harry's house. The photograph below may have been taken at that location.

Albert and his two daughters (Lilian (right), Bess (left)), in the UK in mid 1923.

According to Bess' diary, on 3 June 1923, Albert John and his girls went from Brighton to Bristol to see and stay with Albert's aunt Emma in Belmont Road. Emma, who has not been identified (Albert had no actual aunt with that name so it may have been his former wife's aunt), was very frail at the time, suffering from advanced 'creeping paralysis', but OK mentally and well cared for by her daughter, Mrs Sellis.

Albert and a daughter in front of the Railway Hotel.

On 6 June they travelled from Bristol to Bourton-on-the-Water. Bess' diary states: We put up at the Railway Hotel and trotted down to the village to interview Archie Collett, and old school fellow of dad's, now a jack-of-all-trades, boot repairer, photographer, bee-keeper, and dog fancier. We took two photos, one near the quaint bridge crossing the Windrush and the other in front of the cottage where dad lived after his mother's death [seeming to confirm that Albert John did in fact spend some of his school days at Bourton on the Water]. We went to the Troughton's place, another old school chum who made us very welcome.

Albert and his daughters on the bridge over the Windrush.

On 8 June 1923, they travelled from London to Luton to see Albert's second cousin Nell Hillhouse on her farm (possibly at Shopsley). Nell Hillhouse was Eleanor (Sarah) Warland, the daughter of Thomas Warland (1838/1840 - abt 1881). Nell married Adrian Paton Hillhouse in 1896. Her siblings were Thomas Graham Warland (who Albert and his daughters had met in Bombay) and Gertrude Mary Warland, who married Ernest Vickery Tull in 1893.

Albert and his daughters travelled to Europe in August 1923.

Albert with Tom Warland.

On 4 September 1923, Albert and his daughters visited a Mr Martin (not further identified) at Woking, in London. On 12 September they travelled to Windsor where they were met by Thomas (Tom) and Edward (Ted) Warland, the sons of Thomas Graham and Ada Warland in Bombay, and Fred Tull, the son of Ernest and Gertrude Tull; these three men were Lilian and Bess' third cousins. Tom was apparently already an officer at sea. Photographs taken at the time show the families at Tull's shop or house. Keith (?) Tull took the family to (Windsor) Castle where they ate 'Uncle Ernest's delicious ices'. Bess' diary noted that May Tull joined them at supper, and Tom later returned to his ship.

On 14 September 1923, Albert and his girls travelled to London and took the tube to Finsbury Park, then on to Enfield where they visted a Mr and Mrs Banyard. They then returned to Finsbury Park where they looked at Albert's old home there. On 25 September 1923, Bess noted something amiss with their cousins Elsie and Cicely Warland: '... waiting for Elsie and Cicely. At their non-arrival went on to the house and found great upset. Eventually went to Ern and Nan's place for tea and the evening'. Exactly what the problem was at their cousin's house was not mentioned. (Whether related or not, Cicely Warland went missing on Sunday 27 December 1925 at Hove and was never seen again.) On 26 September 1923, they met an old friend of Albert's from Brighton Grammar School.

Ernest Edward Warland (1896 - 1984), Lilian Warland, Albert Warland, Ern's wife Agnes Nairn (nee Davidson)(1896 - 1981), Bess Warland, and Albert's brother William Edward Warland.

Albert Warland and his daughters arrived back in Melbourne in November 1923 on board the Mongolia. In 1988, both daughters said that their father was a very caring and considerate family man and father.

1925 - Lilian Warland marries Colin Steele

Lilian Warland married Colin Lindsay Steele in 1925 and they had the following children.

1928 - Elizabeth (Bess) Warland marries Charles Macgibbon

Elizabeth (Bess) Warland married Charles Macgibbon in 1928 and they had the following children.

1929 - Albert Warland re-marries

Albert John Warland married Alice May Moss at Deepdene, Victoria in 1929. (Vic BDM Ref 8712).

1936 - Death of Albert John Warland

Albert John Warland died on 6 March 1936. His death certificate noted that he was a 'whitework manufacturer (retired)'. His death was brought on by a cerebral tumour (glioma) over nine months, followed by medullary failure in his last two days. He was buried at Boroondara cemetery with Mary Stark and their son Frederick.

1941 - Death of Alice May Warland

Alice May Warland (nee Moss) died on 19 April 1941, according to The Argus newspaper, 'at her residence 10 Coleridge Street, Kew'. It was noted that she was 'the loved sister of William I G Moss, Marion C Moss and Isabel M Moss'. She was also noted as the 'loved friend of Lilian (Mrs C L Steele) and Bess (Mrs C B Macgibbon), Albert's two daughters.

1979 - Death of Lilian Steele (nee Warland)

Lilian Jessie Steele died on 15 January 1979.

1981 - Death of Elizabeth Mary MacGibbon (nee Warland)

Bess MacGibbon died on 4 September 1981.

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