The family of Henry Warland (1791 - 1842) and Letitia (1786 - 1873)

Henry Warland, (1791, Bletchingdon - 1842) was the son of Thomas Warland (1753 - 1831) and Ann Clark. He married Letitia Turnbull (sometimes shows as Trumbull) (1786 - December 1873 at Bicester) in 1819 at 'T St James, Westminster'. Henry's occupation was listed as 'Trade' or 'Turner' at the birth of the children. Henry Warland is recorded in the 1841 census but, given his death the following year, is not recorded in the 1851 census. His wife Letitia Warland is recorded in the 1841 census but with a birth date of 1791. She is recorded in the 1851 census with a birth date of 1788.

Henry and Letitia Warland appear to have first lived in the London area and were located in Oxfordshire by the date of the 1841 census. They had the following children:

Letitia Warland was recorded in the 1871 census living in Oxfordshire, aged 84.

The family of Maria Letitia Warland (1820 - 1895)

As noted above, Maria Letitia Warland, a 'female servant', is probably the same person recorded in the Oxfordshire census under the name of 'M Warland' aged 21 (born 1820 'out of Oxfordshire'). Maria gave birth to a son, Ernest Warland, born in 1842 at Bletchingdon, Oxford. The father of Ernest is not yet known - perhaps there is a connection with her job as a servant and/or with Bletchingdon (knowing her address in 1841 might provide the clue).

In the 1851 census, Maria was recorded as a dressmaker. Her mother (born 1788) is recorded as her relation and her son Ernest Warland is aged 8. Maria Warland married Edmund Bancks Whitcombe (1821 - 24 May 1869) in September 1859. The marriage was recorded in the 20 August 1859 of the British Medical Journal, the journal of the British Medical Association as follows:

WHITCOMBE, Edmund B., Esq., Surgeon, of Cleobury Mortimer, to Maria Letitia, eldest daughter of the late Henry WARLAND, Esq., of Bury St. Edmunds, at Bletchingdon, Oxon, on August 10th.

Source: accessed 29 January 2011.

The family of Maria Letitia Warland's son, Ernest Warland (1842 - 1929)

Maria Letitia's son Ernest Warland married Elizabeth (surname not known) probably in around 1865, and they had the following children.

1881 Census

The family is recorded in the 1881 census at Cambridge, 159-161 East Road (Barnwell Coffee Place), as follows:

1891 - Marriage of Ernest George Warland

Ernest and Elizabeth's son Ernest George Warland, (March 1866 - 17 March 1924) married Eliza Arthurs (1867 - ) in June 1891. Eliza was the daughter of Eber Arthurs (1838 - 1931) and Louisa/Luiza Smith (1836 - 1880). Eber, with several siblings including Reuben Arthurs, was the son of Samuel Arthurs (1802 - ) and Margaret Dix. Samuel was the son of George and Mary Arthurs of Old Sodbury, Gloucestershire. Samuel's wife, Margaret Dix was the daughter of a 'coachman' Dix and a Sarah Barker who eloped; the coachman 'went on to be the coachman to Lord and Lady Scrape of the Manor, Castle Coombe where Mrs S Dix ran the 'Dame School'. Samuel Arthurs had three siblings:

Eliza Arthurs had several siblings:

As noted above, Ernest George Warland was recorded as a Coffee Palace Assistant in 1881, a Shop Manager in 1891, and a Commercial Traveller in 1901. He and Eliza had the following children, details from the Blott and Brimson site on

1929 - Death of Ernest Waland

Ernest Warland died in March 1929 in Hereford.

Ernest Roy Warland of the Adventist Church

The magazine 'Messenger', the journal of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in the UK and Ireland, Souvenir Special Volume 111.7 carried the following information about Ernest Roy Warland:

Ernest Roy Warland was born in 1898, joined the Adventist Church in 1913 and went to Stanborough College the following year. While Ingathering he received the highest ever donation from a lady wanting to finance a missionary for two years. He took this as a call to mission service and, with his wife, went to Kanyadato in East Africa in 1921 to work with W. W. Armstrong and W. T. Bartlett. He served at Kamagambo Training School from 1926 to 1936. He lost two daughters in Africa.

A PhD thesis titled The Contribution and Influence of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in the Development of Post-Secondary Education in South Nyanza, 1971 - 2000, by Eric Nyankanga Maangi, noted the following about Warland:

Roy. E. Warland, a graduate from Stanbrough College, England was posted to Kamagambo in 1921. Warland was the chief spokesman for Kamagambo Training School, and for Adventist Education work in Kenya from 1921 to 1936. Additionally, he was the administrator and principal of the institution. ... Roy Warland led Kamagambo in a manner that made the institution very attractive to the Kenyan government and the Department of Education. Warland made several applications to the Department of Education for the grantsin-aid. The Adventist leaders appeared before the Director of Education in Nairobi with copies of typewritten vernacular textbooks. As a result, the Director of Education gave them the grants-inaid in 1925. The total amount given was 2859 shillings, which was used to secure the equipment for the school. ... Under Roy Warland’s leadership as the first head of Kamagambo Adventist School, it emerged as the Adventists’ chief centre of education. Warland also acted as the head of Adventist education in South Nyanza and Kenya.

The previous article from the Messenger continues:

Following his return to Britain, Warland served both Conferences and the British Union, giving, at various times, excellent leadership in the areas of Youth, Sabbath School and Personal Ministries. For years he battled a distressing illness. He died on 6 February 1976.

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