Thomas and Rebecca Warland - Oxford/London/Australia

Thomas Warland (born abt 1803) was the son of Edmund Warland (1771 - 1839) and Elizabeth Warland (1781 - ). Thomas Warland met and married Rebecca Mary LeMare (born abt 1801) sometime before 1828 (based on the birth dates of their children). Thomas and Rebecca Warland appear in the 1841 census in London, where Thomas is shown as a clerk. They had a number of children, one of whom was born in Oxfordshire, the remainder possibly in Stepney, London. The names listed below were provided by Warland family members and an attempt has been made to match these with 1841 census records:

Thomas Warland (born abt 1803), his wife and children all migrated to Australia sometime around 1845 - see this page for more information.

Edmund and Elizabeth's youngest son Edmund Warland (abt 1808/1809 - ) also left the UK and migrated to Tasmania, Australia. (See this page for more information.

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