Warlands in Cambridgeshire

1841 Census

The 1841 census of England includes a group of Warlands that do not appear to be connected (yet) with either the Oxford (see Noke or non Noke) or Dorset Warland families (see this link). However, not all lines of either family is yet documented and, based on the similarity of names (e.g., Thomas, Sarah, Jane) there may be a connection.

It is also worth keeping in mind that some Warlands in the 1841 census may in fact be Worlands - for example, 'Abbis Warland' is almost certainly a Worland as the name Abbis is common to that group, as is Joseph. Further research and examination of census records is required to confirm family arrangements.

Warlands in Cambridgeshire in 1841 born before 1800 are as follows. Note that exactly the same names and dates, but with Worland instead of Warland, appear in the 1841 census for Cambridge as well, so the details below need confirmation:

The birth place of both Thomas Warland (1796 - ) and Sarah Warland (1796 - ) is not stated so it is possible that they came from Oxfordshire to Cambridge. However note that in the 1841 census, Thomas Worland and Sarah Worland with the same birth years also show that they were not born in Cambridgeshire.

The relationship between Thomas Warland (born 1806, Cambridgeshire, aged 35) a farmer, and Jane Warland (born 1809, Cambridgeshire, aged 32) in the 1841 census is not known. They may be husband and wife and their children may be listed but cannot yet be confirmed. The names do no appear to be connected with the Worland side and do not appear in the 1851 census. Perhaps they left England before 1851.

Thomas and Jane Warland should not be confused with the known family of Thomas Warland (1794 - 1845) and Elizabeth Warland (nee Duvall) (1797 - 1877) who moved from Oxfordshire to Cambridge by around 1820. Thomas and Elizabeth Warland had the following children, all of whom except Sarah (who was working as a servant in Berkshire at the time) appear in the 1841 census:

1851 Census

The 1851 census shows relationship and this would appear to confirm that Joseph and Sarah Warland were married, and there there are two other couples namely Henry and Susanna Warland and Joseph and Mary Warland. It is not clear if Joseph Warland (born 1796) is still alive; there is another Joseph Warland (born 1801) with a relation of 'Sarah' but this may refer to Joseph's daughter Sarah (born 1823 in the 1841 census, who does not seem to be present in 1851).

The family groupings appear to be as follows:

Joseph (born 1801, aged 50) and Sarah (born 1806, aged 45) Warland

Henry (born 1821, aged 30) and Susanna (born 1819, aged 32) Warland

Joseph (born 1808, aged 43) and Mary (born 1815, aged 36) Warland

Two probable daughters of Thomas (born 1806, aged 35) and Jane Warland (born 1809, aged 32) are also listed:

The following individuals are also listed:

1861 Census

By the time of the 1861 census the Warland presence in Cambridgeshire was still quite large. There are also indications of connections with Oxfordshire Warlands. The oldest Warlands in Cambridgeshire are as follows:

The family groupings appear to be as follows:

Charles (born 1822, aged 39) and Charlotte (born 1819 in Bedfordshire, aged 42) Warland . Charles Warland with a date of birth of 1822 does not appear in the 1841 census.

Henry (born 1821, aged 30) and Susanna/Susana (born 1819, aged 32) Warland. Susanna Warland may have died after the death of Elen as she is not recorded at all in the 1861 census. Henry Warland may be the one recorded in 1861 as being born in Hertfordshire in 1820, now aged 41.


1871 Census

By 1871, the census shows only eight Warlands in Cambridgeshire, and several Warlands in other locations with Cambridgeshire as their place of birth. The Warlands who were still located in Cambridgeshire were as follows (oldest to youngest):

It is not known what happened to Henry and Susana Warland's children Martha S Warland or Joshua W Warland. Martha may have married (she was 20 by 1871) and Joshua may have died.

1881 Census

The 1881 census is the first to show actual addresses. This helps to identify the Warland families more accurately. There were four main families.

Cambridge, 159-161 East Road (Barnwell Coffee Place). Ernest Warland, born in Bletchingdon, Oxfordshire in 1842 (but not yet connected with that location, and his wife Elizabeth Warland, born in Walsall, Staffordshire, in 1843, and their children are living in and running the Barnwell Coffee Place in 1881. The birth location of their children suggest they traveled around before settling (or resettling) in this location.

Cambridge, Victoria Cottage. The following are recorded as living in Victoria Cottage. Emily G Warland was recorded in 1871 as the likely daughter of Henry Warland (born 1821). However, Emily is shown in this census as the daughter of George and Emily J Warland.

Cambridge, 91 Fitzroy Street. George H Warland was recorded in the 1871 census as the son of Henry Warland. Helen appears to be his wife, and Georgiana their daughter.

Cambridge, 60 Bateman Street. A Julia Warland, born in Pimlico, Middlesex in 1857, is recorded as this address as the servant to the Barrett family.

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